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Tim Wheatley - προγραμματιστής του rFactor 2 Telemetry actually says our Silverstone is quite accurate, and has a very similar feel (feel being a dirty word in modelling) to laser scanned ones. I

@marmagas  @panosdimip  Με ψήσατε .  Στο steam κάνω πρώτα λογαριασμό και μετά αγορά; 

Ξερουμε,,,παλι τα σπασες χτες το βραδυ...............................

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Mε πολύ λόγια τι ακριβώς είναι το rF2:

If you want a game with the best graphics, get another game.
If you want a game with a campaign/stoty, get another game.
If you want a casual driving experience, get another game.

But if you want to feel what racing is all about, with hardcore physics, realistic weather, the most complex tire model and on and on, get this game as soon as possible.
Best physics and FFB of any racing sim.

Worth every penny (even with DLCs)

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GT3 holiday hotlaps

While the holiday season is upon us, it´s time to dust of the wheel (or even attach the new wheel you got for Christmas). Join us in a multiple day challenge, each day a new track is waiting for your fastest lap.

Time to warm up for our Q1 competitions that is waiting in 2019.

Important links:

Instructions on Joining:
Buy the full game
Buy the 2 GT3 DLC´s


To enter go to our competition page rFactor2, make sure you login to Steam, fill in all your details, and subscribe to the session!

Click on 'Join Session'


Important - Check your desktop back ground for the Steam pop up!


Click OK and you're in!

Please note that if it takes more than 3 minutes to load the track the first time you enter, it will fail - you will then have to reconnect.


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