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  1. WTCR 2022 car class is now available! The FIA WTCR 2022 cars are now available in RaceRoom. Stay tuned for the detailed announcement of the new Esports WTCR season! The 2022 features the latest model of the Audi RS 3 LMS TCR as well as the Hyundai Elantra N TCR, it also has new livery designs for the Honda Civic TCR in a Liqui Moly theme. The class features all the teams of the ongoing 2022 season. Audi RS 3 LMS TCR Cupra Leon Competicion TCR Honda Civic TCR Hyundai Elantra N TCR Lynk n Co TCR Update details: Client version = Client BuildID = 9597519 Dedicated server version = 87.0.1387 Dedicated server BuildID = 9597669 Changelog: Updated Fanatec SDK to V4.05 Nordschleife - Added terrain and grass normal maps, various visual tweaks. Updated several elements (Dorint Hotel new paint, some advertisement banners). Added the Sabine Schmitz Kurve sign. Fixed Group 2 tyre change timing error for changing 2 wheels AI - Fixed "FRX-22 AI's make strange tyre compound choices" Fixed - "MGU values gone from hud when under fixed setup regime" Formula RaceRoom X-17 - Adjusted upshift decay for quicker gear changes from 2nd gear up, general tune of AI behaviour Formula RaceRoom 3 - Baseline setup tweaks, increased mechanical trail and reduced default FFB multiplier Formula RaceRoom Junior - Improved accuracy of the open differential. Tatuus F4 - Baseline setup tweaks, increased mechanical trail and reduced default FFB multiplier Autodrom Most - AI pace improvements Bilster Berg - AI qualifying performance tune Dubai - AI qualifying and overall pace tuned Hungaroring - Improved AI trajectories and pace Nogaro - Fixed some hole in a wall Norisring - Updated to 2022 specs, updated S/F bridge, added new signs (marshall posts, traffic signs, WWII info boards and more), added new lights, normal maps for terrain and road, added some and moved some walls, updated textures, updated track surface (bumps, lines, manhole covers, bricks and more), updated audience and vegetation Slovakiaring - AI pace improvements Update details: Client version = Client BuildID = 9624283 Changelog: Hybrid - Allowed changing MGU Discharge/ Regen rates even in fixed setup situations Added default profile for Moza R9 GTO Classics car class - Updated physics Tatuus F4 - increased mechanical trail some more Bilster Berg - AI improvements Brno - Fixed some bad Qualifying / Race AI pace ratios Imola - Tuned AI behaviour during the opening lap Norisring - Fixed a TV camera that suffered from the new S/F bridge Watkins Glen - Fixed some bad Qualifying / Race AI pace ratios Finally updated the cars featured on both the Startup and Title pictures
  2. TinyPedal 1.6.10 (2022-09-30) Core Extended laptime validation period from 2s to 8s in case of game's new cut detection being triggered. Improved Relative module structure. pyRfactor2SharedMemory library Added numeric validation for every sharedmemory data input to eliminate data reading errors during game crash, freeze or unexpected interruption. TinyPedal 1.7.0 (2022-10-03) This update mainly adds various improvements and a few new indicators that help endurance race. Thanks to DumiBirdF for suggestions and advice. [New]Fuel Module Moved all fuel usage calculation into the new separated "Fuel Module" which runs in a separated thread at a much higher 1000hz refresh rate. Fuel Widget as well as other Widgets now have access to fuel usage info from this module. Ignores pit-in & pit-out lap for more accurate fuel usage report for endurance race. Gear Widget [New]Display low fuel warning beside speed gauge. Default is set to show only for race. [New]Display blue flag warning with customizable text beside speed gauge. Default is set to show only for race. [New]Display sector-based yellow flag warning beside speed gauge. Default is set to show only for race. [New]Added "font_weight_indicator" setting for customizing indicator font weight separately. [New]Added "font_color_speed_limiter" & "bkg_color_speed_limiter" for speed limiter indicator. [New]Added large amount customizable options for new indicators, see Gear section in customization guide for details. Misc Updated customization guide with new configurable setting for Gear Widget. Updated features list.
  3. Updated to v2.1.010. Added option "Show AI driver percentage in session header and AI icons near driver names in session results".
  4. PRO RACING WHEEL Features: Intuitive Wheel Design – Buttons and dials are precisely located in a “thumb sweep” so racers never have to take their hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. Magnetic Gear Shift Paddles – Designed with a magnetic system that uses contactless hall-effect sensors, and additional tactile magnets, resulting in a realistic, mechanical feel that accurately simulates a professional race car, coupled with the durability for millions of gear shifts. Dual Clutch Paddles – Analog paddles deliver a perfect tactile response for a variety of racing functions. When configured as a dual-clutch setup, they offer the perfect advantage when launching from the starting grid. Alternative configurations include a handbrake and two additional axes, so racers can program paddles as gas and brake, affording analog control for different racers. Customizable Settings Display – Whether racers need different settings for different racing titles, or for different cars within the same title, they can easily configure important wheel settings within five different onboard racing profiles on the fly. Quick Release Mounting – Redesigned clamping system lets desk-based racers easily mount and remove their wheel while retaining standard bolt holes for those mounting to a racing seat. Alongside the G PRO wheel, Logitech also introduced the new Logitech G PRO Racing Pedals, featuring a load cell brake pedal, and magnetic hall effect sensors on the throttle and clutch. The space between the individual pedals is adjustable, and the pedal pressure can be dialed in with a set of alternative springs and elastomers. The Logitech G PRO Racing Pedals are compatible with PCs with Windows 10/11 through a USB port, and if connected to PRO Racing Wheel: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation5, or PlayStation4 consoles. PRO Racing Wheel for Playstation, Xbox, PC | Logitech G
  5. Version 1.10 - New Ultra-Smooth AI Waypoints fully reworked by DJCruicky for 72km layouts & all rally stages. BIG THANKS to DJCruicky for his great contribution & hard work! - Adjusted AI drop off location for rally stage 3, stage 4, and drag strip. - Fixed AI DQ issue with drag strip.
  6. v1.2 - new layout Grand Prix Circuit Oval T1 - IBL Shader update for some materials
  7. changelog v0.99b -some aiw fixes by Sim Experience SA
  8. chancelog v1.5 - digga - IBL/PBR Shader/Material update - add curbs turn 1 and 12
  9. changelog v1.1 (added last updates of Assetto Corsa version) -Wasserwerk, Hänel BTM - new texture -Alter Turm - new 2021 skin texture -adjusted banking of apex curb in T2 -adjusted width of green asphalt area at Queckenberg -Wasserwerk track side object -2021 GT-Masters skin -Info Container at the ADAC-Turm -Ralf Waldmann memorial and banner at T12 -new some antennas in the distance and a few other objects -Penalty Zone after T1 (visual) -Venue name changed to 2021
  10. Bahrain International Circuit Coming To RFactor2
  11. The Formula RaceRoom X-22 The V6 Turbo Hybrid engine delivers over 1000 HP and the elegant aerodynamic design defining the beautiful silhouette of the car has been purposely built to allow close racing. The car features adjustable Engine Maps and MGU-K modes, as well as 3 different tyre compounds and Halo visibility options, so nothing stands in your way to your next victory on track. 1.6L V6-T Hybrid Engine Turbocharger 8-speed paddle shift gearbox 769 kg Weight 1050 HP No ABS, No Traction Control, No Launch Control Update details: Download size = 3.9 GB Client version = Client BuildID = 9421882 Dedi version = 86.0.1385 Dedi BuildID = 9421904 Known issue: Some new MGU bindings are missing english localization, we'll push a hotfix asap. Changelog: New Content - Formula RaceRoom X-22 Added support for hybrid engines, MGU-K modes switches, Overtake mode, HALO visibility setting, new bindings and car setup menu elements, all featured in the Formula RaceRoom X-22 Added support for trackside animations (wind turbines, planes near airports, birds, etc) Added support for dirt buildup on the vehicles during long driving sessions, off road excursions, etc. Added support for normal maps on track textures Formula RaceRoom X-17 - Physics updates, suspension and tyre tweaks to give more force at low speed, less at high speed. Base setup improvements, improved differential settings, tweaks to engine heat and cooling, increased mechanical trail for increased self-centering steering forces, better tyre heating behaviour, reduced lap time performance differences across the tyre compounds and increased the differences in wear rates and reduced fuel tank capacity to 140 L. Equalised AI/player tyre wear rates as well as improved AI’s fuel use estimations. Bilster Berg - animated wind turbines Daytona - Updated chicane curbs to 2022 specs, added normal maps for grass and tarmac, added animated planes and added blinking neons to the ferris wheel Motorland Aragon - Brushed up AI corridors so they have increased respect for track limits Motorland Aragon - Added penalty lap area, normal maps to road and terrain, updated sausage curbs. Nogaro - Extended the pit entrance gate, added grass and tarmac normal maps, added small planes activities at the aeroclub. RaceRoom Hillclimb - Animated blimp and balloon Watkins Glen - Redone some curbs in 3D, added normal maps to road and terrain, added a missing tyrewall Zolder - animated wind turbines
  12. Version 1.09 - Added a new full-length layout "Targa Florio 1967 Summer", with all dry grass field as frequently requested. Over a hundred textures has been adjusted to fit the new summer theme. - No more generic flowers from summer layout.
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