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  1. GT Pro Series powered by VCO - Season 2, Rd.2: Portland Μετάδοση Παρουσίαση σε υψηλό Level. Ο γείτονας το χαβά του.
  2. changelog V1.1 materials and textures improved added digital flags added new items vegetation rewritten in vertex stamp reflections on the water settled optimization of heavier files tdf exploited better, now there is a difference in friction based on the type of asphalt (you will notice it on bend Squeeze your pc into full track details and you won't regret it, have fun OP updated
  3. Version 1.01 - Fixed various texture & UV - Further adjusted LOD distance for pitlane & various sections, improved framerate slightly - Adjusted trackside cameras - Removed large amount unnecessary invisible walls Version 1.02 - Added fence and direction sign to Signpost Corner - Fixed ambient sounds - Improved trackside cameras - Improved & fixed various textures - Removed a bush collision wall near Bungalow *** Τι έχουν κάνει τα άτομα. Καταπληκτική δουλειά. 14 χρόνια
  4. The Best Version of Nürburgring Just Got Better Και το κορυφαίο σχόλιο στο forum
  5. andre

    WRC 9

    Finland Update Gopro
  6. Latest Build Update rFactor 2 - 1.1122 Now Available! ALL dedicated servers must be updated! Latest Build Update Steam Build ID Client 5720628 Dedi 5720538 NEW UI (public_beta) Steam Build ID Client 5720633 - Bumped the multiplayer version to fix an exploit
  7. andre

    GT3 Pack

    GT3 AI BoP Updates and Minor Fixes AstonMartin Vantage GT3 2019 v1.77 AI: More forward downforce Audi R8LMS GT3 2019 v1.51 AI: Added slightly more grip Bentley Continental GT3 2020 v1.11 Adjustments to aerodynamics to reduce excessive front lift. Fine tuned to ride height sensitivity. Fixed cams Updated brake disc materials Adjusted cokcpit AO Fixed shadow in showroom AI: Added grip, especially front end Callaway Corvette GT3 2017 v2.91 Fixed wet tires starting temp Adjusted collision mesh
  8. Ferrari 488 GTE 2020 v1.83 Fixed onboard cam clipping the curbs Adjusted bonnet cam Fixed clipping TV cams Adjusted rev lights on the rev limiter AI: Slightly improved pace
  9. v2.09 Changelog Comprehensive & Extensive PBR Update to the entire Circuit New Textures for Roads & Terrain New Features on Roads such as dust and improved real road dynamics Reworked outer terrain materials Reviewed trees and treeline objects, materials and placement All new crowds Reviewed night-lighting Further optimisation pass Added “Grand Prix No Chicane” Layout Added Support for up to 90 vehicles on Nords layouts using GP pits. Added New Support Vehicles Various General Fixes Extended white line on lay
  10. Changelog V1.42: - added new Michelin Tower at Start/Finish - added new pitlane tents and crowd tents - added new trucks in paddock
  11. UPDATE HOTFIX V0.851 - Fixed track not loading after latest rF2 build update
  12. Isle Of Man TT with a Group C car? WTF!!!! "Michael Schumacher's" Ferrari F2004 takes Isle Of Man TT
  13. andre

    DIRT 5

    DIRT 5 - The Car List Super Lites Ariel Nomad Ariel Nomad Tactical (Amplified Edition exclusive) Armada Engineering Class 10 Blitzworld Beast Brenthel Industries Class 10 Exomotive Exocet Off-Road Speedcar Wonder Speedcar Xtrem Volkswagen Baja Beetle Volkswagen ID Buggy Rock Bouncer WS Auto Racing Mudclaw (fictional) Formula Off Road WS Auto Racing Titan (fictional) Unlimited Armada Engineering Unlimited Truck Brenthel Industries Class 1 Buggy Br
  14. andre


    Build v0.1.0.2620 Changelog: New Input System. Wheels are now easier to bind and presets have been removed. Added the ability to move and hide HUD elements on the screen. Added Freetrack head tracking option. Available in Settings > Camera. Added a setting for controlling opponent kart audio volumes. Added driver numbers to HUD. Added work-in-progress results screens. Added audio notification when new online session is available to join. Increased accuracy of all live delta values displayed on HUD. Increased default FFB gain setting
  15. Update V0.84 - updated more materials to PBR - fixed terrain visibility in rear mirror Update V0.85 - updated more materials to PBR - fixed terrain visibility in rear mirror
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