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  1. Why Haven't I Been Racing For The Last 2 Years?
  2. TinyPedal 1.3.0 (2022-05-16) [New]Stint Widget Show realtime stint data, includes: front & rear tire compound index, with customizable letter. total driven laps. total driven time (min:sec). total used fuel in liters or gallons. total average tire wear. Show "last stint" data bar that displays last full stint. Note: All current stint data resets when player makes a full-serviced pit stop (either refueled or tire changed). Current stint data will only be transfered and displayed in "last stint data" bar, if player makes a full-serviced pit stop. ESC & restarting in a session or race will not have stint data transfered to "last stint data". This is to prevent incomplete or useless data from overriding normal last stint data. Currently, stint data is not saved to external file. Misc Updated customization guide with new configurable setting for Stint Widget. Updated features.md with Stint Widget info.
  3. v1.2 Release: — Added engine onboard starter; — Adjusted tyres physical model; — Adjusted suspension model; — Fixed tyres ffb clipping.
  4. V1.3.6.2 CHANGELOG PHYSICS Ginetta G55 (both models): Adjusted front splitter height sensitivity & reduced rear wing efficiency (both models) McLaren 720S GT3: further adjustments to default setup to reduce low speed cornering instability, particularly when tires are overheating; increased 6th gear length; adjusted default traction control & engine braking (setup reset required) Porsche Cup (both models): Revised tire model to more closely simulate Michelin N2 Hard slicks; Slightly raised rear roll center by adjusting rear upper suspension arm angle; minor adjustments to stiffness distribution and low speed damping; minor differential adjustment (setup reset required) Ultima GTR Race: Minor FFB adjustments AI Improved AI paths for Oulton Park (all layouts) Cadillac DPi: Adjusted AI suspension rate multipliers causing poor AI performance on updated physics AUDIO Porsche 911 Cup (both models): Fixed engine pitch discrepancy between external / chase cam view sound and cockpit audio TRACKS Oulton Park: Minor optimization to garage building interior; Minor track cut limit adjustments Rebuilt bollard physics export to fix excessive damage to player car at Oulton & Cadwell Park VEHICLES Metalmoro MRX P3 / P4: New & updated liveries Stock Car Pro 2022: Updated Bruno Baptista Toyota Corolla livery Added dirt maps to F-V10 Gen2, F-V12, Ginetta G40 (both models), Sigma P1 & Opala (all models) Revised functionality of analogue gauges in F-Vintage, F-Retro Gen1 & Lotus 23 F-Retro V8, V12, Lotus 72, McLaren M23: Updated gauges texture F-Retro V8, V12, Lotus 72, McLaren M23: Corrected oil and water gauges Brabham BT26: Fixed gauges issue F-Vintage G1/2 M1/2: Fixed gauges issue Lotus 23: Fixed oil and water gauge issue Ultima GTR Street: fixed graphical height offset causing car body to sit high over the wheels
  5. Αγγίξαμε την τελειότητα
  6. May Update Released | New Content Now Available Steam Build IDs: Client: 8703241 Dedicated Server: 8703245 General Updated Safety Car added to Retail and ModDev. Old Safety Car removed. Added a visual driving line feature, this can be toggled from settings. Removed texture cache to simplify loading. Added an option to set the amount of water on roads at the start of a session. Increased the rate of RealRoad calculations by approximately x4. Added a server option to disable faster real road calculations, as this adds approximately an extra 4KBps per client to server overheads. Improved real road update rates. They’re now separate per real road property, with wet road having a higher update rate. Minor update to default weather conditions for different profiles (Rainy/Overcast/Sunny etc). New algorithm for wet road calculations effecting how quickly surfaces get wet and dry, taking into account drainage, humidity, ambient temperature and sky weather conditions. Updated tyre grip calculations on rubbered in areas when surfaces are wet. Updated how road and rain conditions are reported. Old percentage values now snap to a set percent for each tyre of condition, masking the true absolute condition in the game. The Default HUD has been updated to show a text description. Corrected Rear Flap System default wet weather disable point to work with new weather ranges. Fixed an issue where Cameras constrained to specific paths would not work correctly in replays. Extended Freelook mode to allow control via joypads as well as adjustments of exposure, aperture, sensor size and focus. Graphics Added spark effects. Decreased interval of Static Mapper updates from 5 minutes to 10 seconds. This should result in smoother lighting changes at dawn / dusk and as weather conditions change. Corrected Sky Colour to remove Cyan effect. Slight adjustments to exposure for sky colour adjustments when sun at it’s highest. Minor Atmospheric Corrections, including linking AirMass to AirPollution. Reducing fog brightness slightly. Reduced Exposure a touch when the sun is around 10 degrees of altitude. Improved cloud selection at different weather settings. Minor cloud texture improvements. Fixed an issue where Clouds would disappear at really high altitudes. Fixed issues with lighting interpolation in sky rendering at Dusk/Sunrise, which would result in jumps in lighting values. Fixed puddle splashes not setting when rain drops are not used (set to off or scene viewer). Fixed lighting on spray during wet conditions, and tweaked particle profile. Updated reflections on PBR Road and Curb Shaders. Updated Rain Particle settings and fixed rendering on ultra wide screens. Passed through particle settings refining Spray, Dust, Smoke and more. Fixed an issue in VR where the scene would over exposure. Fixed an issue in VR where replay mode would not render correctly. Physics Implemented enhanced cooling system for oil & water. This includes new parameters in the .hdv file. The new model includes: Direct heat transfer between water and oil. Oil radiator. Switchover Thermostat. Separated front and rear brake ducts. Added configurable gear shift protection. AI Added AI Dry Tyre strategy (Random Dry Tyre in Practice, Softs in Qualifying and try to pick an appropriate tyre for race strategy in race). AI now check if to change Tyre Type just before the pit road entry rather than at the start of the lap. Fixed various issues around AI Tyre Selection when session changes and weather changes – such as not switching to wet tyres when it was dry before but now is wet. Fixed an issue with calculating road conditions when changing session where they would not fully compute. Fixed an issue where cars that don’t allow pit stop refuelling would run a full tank in practice and qualifying. Prevent AI from leaving pits in closed session. Fixed an issue where if there was a set of valid wet tyres, intermediate tyres would default to dry tyres. UI Always show official sticky servers in the server list even if filters are active. Enabled “Restart warmup” button also when event is in race session. Updated button layout in session controls and setup summary. Added fading out of screen when leaving event or replay. Added condensing of tire name when too long to fit in event standings table. Added help text when hovering over various settings. Added music to showroom. Changed breaking of long chat lines so they only break on full words. Fixed getting stuck in assign control pop-up after assigning tab key. Disabled user text selection everywhere except in text fields. Added highlighting of assigned control key values when hovering over with mouse. Improved transition between different profiles in graphics and gameplay settings menus. Refined styling of car classes in event screen. Refined styling of car classes in fullscreen standings ticker. Disabled “Default max wheel angle” setting when “Max wheel angle mode” is set to automatic. Disabled “Steering wheel range” setting when “Range set by vehicle” setting is enabled. Hid the car selection list when the drive/spectate pop-up is showing when joining a server directly with a join link. Changed searching for cars and tracks so that the list scroll position is kept at the top after search (clearing the search text will scroll to the selected item). Enabled car selection on server during a practice session. Made it possible to add multiple custom graphics profiles. Made it possible to add multiple custom gameplay difficulty profiles. Always sort “All Tracks & Cars” to the top of the list in singleplayer series selection. Added fallback image for showcase tile in case the actual image cannot be loaded. Updated showcase, news and store tiles background image positioning and scaling. Added option to expand server chat window to full height. Setup notes for the highlighted setup (the one you clicked on in the setup list but not yet loaded) are now shown on the setup summary page. Setup notes can now be typed in the setup summary page (the setup still has to be saved to save the changes). When saving a setup, the folder for the current track will be selected by default (instead of the folder of the loaded setup). Removed automatically expanding all found items in car and track selection after search. Added highlighting of selected opponent filters. Fixed multiplayer screen with drive/spectate pop-up showing too soon when using +connect to join a server, and if and when content install is still in progress. You can now select car upgrades directly from the car selection screen without going to the showroom (both in singleplayer and multiplayer). Disabled singleplayer grid position setting if qualifying is enabled. Added two new gearbox graphs: Top speed per gear RPM after upshift The existing graph, gear spacing, is kept as a third option Fixed occasional blank page in the first launch wizard when going to the exit screen and back. Reordered difficulty settings and sliders. Singleplayer RealRoad settings are now enabled only when the weather preset is set to “Scripted”. Renamed “Steering effects strength” setting to “Force feedback direction”. Singleplayer “Race Laps” and “Race Time” settings are now disabled/enabled based on the “Finish Criteria” setting. A singleplayer session can now also be enabled by clicking on the disabled session button in quick event. The “Drive” button now changes to a “Next session” button when session time runs out in singleplayer. Skipping the first launch wizard now takes you to the content selection page, instead of skipping the whole wizard. You can also skip the content selection from there. You can now skip the first launch wizard from any page. Modding Added IBL Visualizer Debug tool to Scene Viewer (already present in ModDev). Added Texture UV Mip Debug tool to Scene Viewer (already present in ModDev). Added AI Vocal Strategy Player File debug option for Mod Dev (Pit Strategies, Tyre Changes and when selected what they are doing – can be expanded in future). Fixed overcast preview mode (note: this is not exactly the same as in game). Updated sample wet masks at Loch Drummond. Sound New Sound Engine New 3D rendering. Vastly increased amount of simulataneously playing effects. Environmental effects and filtering system. Proper cockpit filtering. Autodetection of open and closed cockpits for environment effects and filtering. Sound effects such as skid, kerbs, gravel, wind, suspension and many more now work online and in replays. Support for full surround sound setups. HRTF support (Binaural headphone experience). Vastly improved VR experience. Backwards compatible. Many new sound effects. Support for trackside broadcast microphones. Every car causes audible ambient noise around the whole track. Brand new, modern, customisable file format with much more freedom for audio designers. Improved debugging tools for dev mode. Known Issues Sparks cause performance spikes for some users running with uncapped frame rates they can be temporarily disabled by setting specialfx to low (This has minimal impact on other effects) Toggling driver labels doesn’t work in VR Driver labels don’t depth test when MSAA is turned off Spotter may skip words Some terrains may play incorrect scrub sfx
  7. andre

    BTCC cars

    Toyota Corolla BTCC The best of tin top racing the UK has to offer, the introduction of these two outstanding British Touring Car machines is a very welcome addition to rFactor 2, and just the very start of our quest to bring the full 2021 / 22 British Touring Car Championship field to the simulation this year. Initially launching today with the car of reigning champion Ash Sutton in the form of the Infiniti Q50 (V37), as run by Laser Tools Racing, and the potent Toyota Corolla of Speedworks Motorsport, these two cars are a perfect way to experience how top level touring car action can feel within rFactor 2 – and trust us when we say, these two racers feel nothing short of outstanding out on the circuit. Infiniti Q50 (V37) BTCC Somewhat unique to touring car racing, the BTCC features both front and real wheel drive machinery on the same grid, which presents a very interesting opportunity for us to begin our BTCC journey with two very, very different driving experiences. Keeping the traditional front-wheel drive in the Corolla, drivers will need to adapt their driving style significantly in comparison to the more usual real wheel driven machinery found in modern motorsport. Torque steer and a need to understand how to best balance the car on brakes and throttle application will be key to unlocking the most laptime from the Corolla, whereas in the Infiniti, although a real wheel driven car, the fine line between grip and dancing over the edge of adhesion is never far from the drivers mind – which is, to be fair, a wonderful place to find yourself when you are out on the virtual racing circuits of the world. TOYOTA COROLLA BTCC INFINITI Q50 V37 BTCC
  8. Formula Pro v1.19 Added new sound engine compatibility Added Engine and Brake duct cooling Added shift protection Corrected AI tire wear Added Push to Pass Tire refinements
  9. INDYCAR Dallara 2022 v1.43 Added new sound engine compatibility Added engine and Brake duct cooling Added shift protection
  10. Changelog: 2.1.003: Fix for error in Competitions when some log file has empty TeamName tag.
  11. v1.15 Release: — Fixed tyre sets limitation; — Fixed RCD file entries for real drivers performances; — Fixed driver name for Carlos Sainz Jr; — Fixed Zhou Guanyu livery chinese writings; — Fixed upgrade entries; — Adjusted sounds samples; — Added display class override to the upgrades file; — Changed Haas livery base material settings; — Changed all the liveries materials entries; — Added MetallicNoise texture for old UI build; — Added separated classes for all the cars; — Fixed tyres size; — Some adjustments in tyres physical model; — Added steering rake option to limit highest steering rake only for Monaco and Macau.
  12. Updated Sound Engine for rFactor 2 Quality of Life Improvements Coming to rFactor 2
  13. v1.2.0 update - Session Widget (clock, timer, lap number, driver place) TinyPedal 1.2.0 (2022-05-06) ---------------------------- * [New]Session Widget - Show current system clock time, with customizable time format. - Show session timer, accuracy is limited by 200ms refresh rate of rF2 API. - Show driver's current lap number & max laps (if available), with customizable lap number description text. - Displays warning color if driver is about to exceed max-lap in qualify (or indicates the last lap of a lap-type race). Note: if warning color appears in qualify, it means you have already reached max allowed laps. Do not attempt to across finish line, but ESC immediately to avoid DQ. - Show driver's current place against all drivers in a session. * Misc - Updated customization guide with new configurable setting for Session Widget. - Updated features.md with Session Widget info.
  14. Changelog: v.2.1.002 More utf-8 fixes. Some utf-8 symbols from latest xml files were not imported properly before. Now should be imported and displayed correctly. Also user assigned string fields (like race names in championships) that contain umlauts or other utf-8 symbols should now be displayed correctly. (you will have to re-edit that fields in r2la if they will be imported incorrectly from old r2la_setting.json file) OP updated
  15. V1.3.6.0 CHANGELOG GENERAL Fixed an issue that would lead to incorrect session times being applied to non-race session on championship load Fixed incorrect pit window opening lap in custom championships and ensured minimum session scaling accounts for mandatory pit setting Fixed number step issue when changing race 1 session start time in a custom championship Added 'Static Wheel' option to Cockpit Driver/Wheel setting and prevented wheel ever being displayed when 'Off' selected. FFB profiles slots now reset on every return to pits. Clutch damage is now repaired when engine damage is repaired Fixed some cases where clutch could incorrectly receive damaged when autoclutch is enabled Added mandatory FFB "fade-in" on session start / out of pits now applied always after unpausing the game. Fixed an issue that could leave F-Ultimates in a broken state after viewing instant replay Corrected 2022 Stock Car Pro Series Championship calendar Updated shared memory project header to V12 - Adds clutch state and ERS deployment mode info UI & HUD Added Filter functionality to multiplayer browser Updated Imola & Galeao track maps to reflect latest changes Onboard TC/ABS adjustment input messages are no longer displayed when those systems are unavailable changed the text of the four options of the 'Display Cockpit Wheel/Driver' setting to less confusing names PHYSICS Further tire carcass & tread adjutments for GTE / GT3 / GT4 / GT1 / DPi / P1 / F-Ultimate Gen1 / Gen2 Revised all slicks tread sensitivity to wet surface Super V8: Revised tire model, suspension, inertia, included real life setup options for springs, ride height, camber, rear wing, tire pressures, engine inertia and added flexible axles; Added 3.27:1 final drive ratio for Bathurst; Slightly raised rear roll center djusted spring rate range to match RL car springs and options Adjusted heating and inertia slightly in 80s and 90s Formula clutch, and Super V8 Copa Truck: Revised driveline elasticity Reduced flash heating in basic/road & carbon clutches Cadillac DPi: Removed application of slow-to-fast dampers. Remodeled 3rd element. Adjusted suspension travel to add bumpstop functionality (main and 3rd element). Balanced aero/ride height to remove squatting. Adjusted tire pressures to suit new carcass model. Remodeled damping and springs (ready for beta) Revised drafting & dirty air effect model Fixed atmospheric wind not being applied to some aerodynamic surfaces Added Non-linear clutch wear effect on performance Clutch damage is no longer scaled with the damage scale setting Added clutch damage, revised torque capacity, and revised clutch inertia to all cars (except TSI Cup, ARC Camaro) Added flexible axles and revised overall elasticity for GTE, GT3 and GT4 Stock Car Brasil 2019-2022, Copa Montana, P2, Ultima Race, F-Ultimates, Corvette C3, Corvette C3R, Stock car Omega, Group A, BMW 2002 Turbo Globally revised draft / dirt air properties for all high performance cars Added clutch damage, revised torque capacity, and revised clutch inertia to all cars (except TSI Cup, ARC Camaro) Added flexible axles and revised overall elasticity for GTE, GT3 and GT4 Stock Car Brasil 2019-2022, Copa Montana, P2, Ultima Race, F-Ultimates, Corvette C3, Corvette C3R, Stock car Omega, Group A, BMW 2002 Turbo, Porsche Cup Revised engine inertia for Porsche Cup, Cadillac DPI, Ultima Race, GT1, Stock Car Brasil 2019-2022, Copa Montana F-Ultimate (both gens) Adjusted body drag coefficients for more accurate top speeds & overall performance; Revised throttle map, fuel consumption and engine inertia; corrected fuel tank size, increased downshift blip to help drivability; Revised ERS mapping; increased contrast between attack and qual mode; Monza and Spa energy saving to stay within per lap discharge allowed; ERS torque is now applied to beginning of driveline instead of wheels Revised default setups & minor physics adjustments for Metalmoro AJR, Ginetta G58, Porsche Cup, Stock Car 2019, BMW M4, BMW M8, Corvette C8R, Cadillac DPi, Porsche Cayman GT4 Cayman to better suit latest carcass revisions (setup reset required) AI Fixed an issue where Custom AI Driver track specific overrides would only apply to a single model within a class Increased likelihood of AI mistakes in qualifying hotlaps Added dedicated driver names for F-3, F-V10 Gen1, F-Retro Gen1 Stock Car 2019: Corrected Diego Nunes driver name Imola: Updated AI lines & corridors Toned down AI performance with slicks in the wet to match latest physics revisions for player slicks on a wet surface Reduced AI rolling resistance in F-Ultimate (both gens), GT3 AUDIO Porsche Cup: Updated onboard sounds F-Retro G3 TE: Assigned proper interior AI sound; increased volume of turbo whine TRACKS Galeao: Fixed lap not counted when pitting; Added dynamic brake markers, cones, pit signs; Corrected Max AI participants to 31 Laguna Seca: Improved rolling starts Campo Grande: LOD fixes Oulton Park: Minor LOD fixes Jacarepagua: Adjusted garage positions for larger vehicles clipping pitwall on Oval and SCB layouts Donington: Added variable crowd attendance per session; LOD fixes in GP layout Imola: Reduced track cut limits on concrete runoffs; Minor graphical tweaks; fixed innacurate latitude and longitude of Imola (was pointing to the Imola city and not to the Imola racetrack) Updated DRS and S2 trigger points Santa Cruz: LOD fixes Spa-Francorchamps: Fixed a hole in an interior garage wall; Minor LOD fixes Updated trackside cameras for all Hockenheim Historic tracks VEHICLES TC Classic / Hot Cars: Added sponsors to all Passat, Puma GTE, Puma GTB & Fusca liveries Puma GTB: Added dirt map; Adjusted lights materials and textures; Adjusted lights uv maps; Added the cockpit gauge lights; Adjusted the shift gaiter rigging; Adjusted cockpit vibrating mirrors parameters; Adjusted collision (detachable/wobbling hood) Copa Truck: Added dirt map to Mercedes, VW & MAN models Puma GTE: Added dirt map Puma P052: Added dirt map F-Classic G1M2: Added dirt map; adjusted carbon material uv maps ch3 (dirt) on LOD A and cockpit; Redone the suspension animations adding visual camber; Fixed the RR axle mesh skin V1.3.6.1 CHANGELOG GENERAL Corrected Stock Car Pro 2022 championship schedule as per latest adjustments UI & HUD Updated Steering Lock help text Cleaned up empty rows from vehicle assignments list Fixed FFB graph anchor on telemetry HUD PHYSICS Adjusted GT1 soft, F-Ultimate Gen2 medium and hard tread coefficients to atone performance gains from carcass revisions Minor adjustments to Cadillac DPi, GT1, P1 driveline elasticity Revised front wing / splitter draft effects for generally higher downforce loss behind another car Further revisions to tread sensitivity to wet surface in high performance slick tires Minor adjustments to Super V8 & Ginetta G58 FFB parameters Revised engine heating, cooling & wear rates for Stock Car Opalas, Omega, Corvette C3 & C3-R, Camaro SS, F-V10 Gen1 & Gen2, F-V12, F-Classic Gen3, F-Trainer, Puma P052, Sigma P1 & Ginetta G58 F-Ultimate (both gens): Slightly increased rear wing drag from incremental settings Super V8: Further revisions to engine inertia, fuel consumption and fuel mix settings F-V12: Fixed fuel tank size F-Classic Gen1: Revised fuel consumption F-Trainer: Updated clutch type Mclaren 720s: Adjusted default coast ramp diff & preload values AUDIO Fixed relative sound effects volume going out of balance for low master volume settings Porsche Cup: Further adjusted interior sound, added low-RPM gearshift clunk in contrast to more agressive "at speed sound; Fixed loss of engine sound below ~1500 RPM on throttle, djusted upshift volume on higher revs, updated RPM Limiter sound, fixed missing AI sounds F-Reiza: Adjusted gearshift sound for all views. Revised road noise volume for several cars AI Added F-Retro Gen2 & Gen 3 custom AI driver entries Donington: Updated AI lines for both GP & National layouts TRACKS Donington: Re-exported curb bollards to fix excessive damage caused to cars by hitting them VEHICLES Porsche Cup: Updated Liveries F-3: Added dirt map to F301 & F309 F-V10 Gen 1: Added dirt map Copa Montana: Fixed livery override for windscreen

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