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  1. rF2 European Hill Climb Championship Round 08 LOCATION (START AREA) Dobšiná Dobsinsky Kopec PROGRAMMA - TIME TABLE 27/09/2021 free practice 20:00 (CEST) start of qualify 22:00 (CEST) start of the first car (warm up session) - first stage - second stage (restart warm up session) -*third stage (restart warm up session) - end of race In round 08 in 3 heats race, ALL HEATS will count Round 08 will broadcast GTR24h
  2. Applus IDIADA Dry Handling track
  3. Circuit Nogaro Update details: Download size = 1.5 GB Client version = Client BuildID = 7369857 Dedi version = 78.0.1328 Dedi BuildID = 7369871 Changelog: New track release: Nogaro (Circuit Paul Armagnac) - Known issue : HUD trackmaps are misaligned and will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix. New layout for Nuerburgring : Muellenbachschleife (free upgrade to all owners of Nuerburgring) Added logging to further investigate reports of crashes at the end of Multiplayer race sessions Fixed a game crash that could occur when switching the game from one monitor to another Paul Ricard - Red and Blue runoff material properties are now simulated Formula RaceRoom U.S. - Car setup polish Tatuus F4 - Car setup polish to make it less edgy AI - Porsche 964 - Reduced AI pace a bit in high speed turns AI - Volkswagen Scirocco - Reduced AI pace a bit in high speed turns AI - Spa-Francorchamps AI tweaks AI - Monza GP AI Tweaks Controllers - Default profile for Fanatec CSL DD now uses the deviceID for the wheelbase while it’s set to PC mode instead of CSW Compatible mode
  4. NEW BUILD 1.49 September 13th, 2021 - fixed manufacturer potential code interference with Reiza DLC - fixed refmap for outside windows
  5. Sachsenring 2020 v1.0 UPDATE conversion to rfactor2 with some improvements by digga
  6. Update details: Download size = 2.7 GB Client version = Client BuildID = 7330489 Dedi version = 77.0.1325 Dedi BuildID = 7330164 Changelog: New layout for Dekra Lausitzring : Banked turn 1 as raced in DTM 2021 New layout for Motorland Aragon : WTCR Fixed FFB going wild when wheels were lifted in the air during a pitstop Shared Memory - Changed wheelrps and speed to more accurate values regading wheel speed differences in 3rd party applications Fixed a broken options menu that could occur while using certain controlsets Fixed an occasional micro-freeze at the end of a single player race caused by large aiadaptation.xml files. Fixed an engine sound issue that was triggered by activating Instant Replay while refuelling with engine off during a pitstop Sounds - Fixed some loud gearshift sound sample that was still playing even though the car is electrically powered Audi V8 DTM 1992 - Fixed jolted upshifting Canhard R51 & R52 - +5mm front ride height, adjusted default tyre pressures Formula RaceRoom X-17 - Complete physics overhaul (leaderboards are cleared) Formula RaceRoom U.S. - Complete physics overhaul (leaderboards are cleared) KTM X-Bow RR - Fixed a collision box issue that could see the car hit very low objects and curbs with its undertray. VW ID.R - Increased power consumtion in all engine modes Nordschleife - AI improvements in pitlane on the Nordschleife-only layout Nordschleife - AI improvements on the 24H layout Road America - AI improvements in pitlane Zandvoort - Fixed pitlane exit detection that was still not perpendicular to the track and led to small advantage when driving close to pitwall Zolder - AI improvements in pitlane
  7. v1.15 -IBL Shader support -new trackside pit objects (S397) -new terrain textures (S397) -performance improvements
  8. andre

    KartSim Pack

    KartSim Tillotson T4 Series Introduced in 2019 as a cost-effective entry level motorsport series for drivers new on the kart racing development ladder, the Tillotson T4 Series boasts an impressive 225cc Tillotson 225RS four-stroke racing engine, HW diaphragm carburettor, series specific tyres and a maximum rev limit of 6,500 rpm from the TPP-225RS engine. The kart runs on the European designed and built T4-C1 chassis, using many parts common with the much more expensive CIK karts, but with key design decisions introduced in order to ensure costs are kept to a minimum, and the karts themselves remain accessible to new and inexperienced drivers. Capacity: 225cc 4 Stroke Power: 15HP Engine Weight: 17 kg Overall weight 69 kg to reduce fuel consumption and provide a more nimble driving experience PVL Digital Ignition limited to 6,500rpm Tillotson HW Series carburettor calibrated for the TPP-225RS engine Engine is sealed, so no tuning is permitted—only adjustment to the valve clearance is allowed Up to 30 hours engine life without maintenance Billet CNC machined connecting rod/flywheel for improved strength and reliability New design Tillotson crankcase with extra support for the higher power output steam
  9. Latest Updates. Version Fix a crash on start up if nAudio devices fail to initialise AMS2 - added some missing content mapping iRacing - added some missing content mapping GTR2 - updated VR plugin, improved Driving School support and added some additional features Version R3E - updated WebHub to latest version with new data iRacing - updated track landmarks data to add more tracks and correct some existing ones (thanks to Jacob Klein for the hard work here) RF2 - pit menu manager improvements GTR2 - VR improvements Version Hotfix for broken chat macros (sorry it took so long) GTR2 - added windscreen wipers support and wired up formation lap logic Version Remove references to GoogleDrive in auto-updater data Chat macro fixes iRacing - added Spa Combined, Limerock Classic 2019 and Hockenheim GP corner mappings ACC - added "how many laps on tyre set [x]" voice command (reports the number of laps this tyre set has been used for) ACC - added "[pitstop / box], select best tyres" voice command - uses the tyre usage data to select the least used tyre set in the pit MFD (just in terms of number of laps) ACC - damage threshold tweaks R3E - fix some car class handling bugs when server use rolling start qualifying A few minor bug fixes Version Change all links to thecrewchief.org to use HTTPS Added option to disable frozen order (full course yellow / formation lap) messages (property "Enable frozen order messages") Fix an app crash when some option files are corrupt or empty Some fixes to the macro editor ACC - fix some pit menu interactions - the app will always assume that the "Strategy" option is show so you'll need to ensure your current setup has at some pit strategies defined R3E - use the tyre temperature ranges sent by the game instead of CC's internal ranges GTR2 - added simple flatspot implementation Version Updated to include hotfix for macro crash bug Added support for Assetto Corsa rally tracks (use Assetto Corsa Rally game option) - puts the app in 'rally mode' Added support for modifier keys in macros - prefix the key with modifier+ to hold down that modifier while typing the key (e.g. LSHIFT+KEY_X, RSHIFT+KEY_X, LCONTROL+KEY_X, ALT+KEY_X, etc) Added an optional HOLD_TIME modifier to macro keys to specify how long that single key will be held down (e.g. "{HOLD_TIME,4000}KEY_A" hold A down for 4000 milliseconds) Added message playback resample option for nAudio - specify a resampling rate in Hz with the "nAudio playback resample rate" property - 0 disables resampling (the default). The sound files are recorded at 22050Hz so there's no point in going above that, values below 5000 may make the messages difficult to understand Prevent key bindings activing macros multiple times after restarting the app; Some error logging improvements Updated track landmark locations for a couple of tracks (thanks to the users who submitted these) Fixed a few bugs and crashes RF1 / AMS - experimental implementation of pit box in use warnings (still lots of work and testing to do here, enable this with the "Warn about opponents sharing player's pit box (RF1 / AMS 1 only)" property, note this relies on participants making practice pitstops during practice / qual) AC - fixed some incorrect tyre wear thresholds ACC - wired up tyre pressure and weather data (including weather forecast data) ACC - first cut of a pit menu manager (this will need updated macro definitions, please delete Documents/CrewChiefV4/saved_command_macros.json so the app can recreate it with the required content). The ACC pit menu manager uses cursor (arrow) keys and "P" to navigate the pit menu and can be a bit slow (to reduce the risk of presses being ignored by the game). Supported voice commands include "add fuel, [x] litres", "fuel to the end", "box, change tyres", "box, don't change tyres", "box, wet tyres", "box, dry tyres", "box, tyre set [x]", "box, change [front / rear / left front / right front / left rear / right rear] tyre pressure, [20.3 -> 35]" (note that changing tyre pressures can be a bit hit and miss). In each case the app has to find and change the 'change tyre set' option to work out the menu state - it should revert the change it makes Version iRacing crash hotfix Version Added option to prefer driver names over car numbers for frozen order calls (full course yellow / rolling start) Added suspension velocity histogram data to R3E, AMS2 and pCars2 chart data (default voice command "show me suspension velocity") Made Windows speech recognition the default Shared memory, added phraseIsPlaying to tell if a phrase is currently being played R3E - fixed ratings retrieval R3E - increase app tick-rate during start lights to reduce delay in reporting countdown / green flag state to other apps GTR2 - fix some VR rendering issues ACC - fix free chat macros Various bug fixes and improvements Version Fixed some issues in gap reporting that could result in incorrect gaps or unwanted messages Some internal speech recognition improvements Automatically tune the speech recogniser's confidence thresholds - should improve recognition accuracy and consistency (this behaviour is enabled by default and can be disable by unchecking the 'Auto-tune speech recognition thresholds' property) GTR2 - some plugin and VR rendering improvements RF2 - some pit menu fixes Version Added a configurable delay after releasing the speech recognition button before finishing speech recognition - may help users who tend to release the button too early ('hold button' mode only, property name 'SRE delay after button release') Allow keyboard and button assignments to trigger macro functions and extended the Macro Editor UI to support key / button assignments Speeded up free-chat macro functions Extended mid-stage rally stage notes correction feature to include many more call types UI enhancements (console context menu and other stuff) AMS2 - use separate command macros for AMS2 rather than reusing pCars2 macros GTR2 - VR rendering enhancements and support for more message types including rolling start RF2 - pit menu fixes Version Some error handling improvements - the app should show a popup window with error details instead of silently crashing and writing to the Windows Event Log Command line parameter rework (note that the "RF2_64BIT" parameter has been changed to "RF2") iRacing - some car class fixes iRacing - fix some issues with off track penalties Version Added speech recogniser debug function (enable with 'Write speech recognition debug data' property) - writes recognition information and captured audio as a .wav file to Documents/CrewChiefV4/voiceRecognitionDebug/ RBR / Dirt / Dirt 2 - fixed a few bugs in the recce pace notes parser GTR2 - fixed missing speech recognition commands GTR2 - fixed missing reflections in VR RF2 - pit menu manager improvements Minor bugfixes Version Some timing accuracy improvements where opponent data is incomplete RBR / Dirt / Dirt 2 - ensure corner / obstacle modifiers apply to the correct pace note fragment and fixed issue with pace note corrections not working GTR2 - improved plugin handling RF2 - pit menu tyre type matching improvements Version R3E - hotfix for error when the player has no rating data (i.e. has never raced on one of the official ranked servers) Version Added full support for GTR2, see forum post for installation and setup instructions. Note that this also includes full (native) VR support for GTR2 (see the link for details) R3E - added rating-based finishing position expectation messages and voice command ("what's my expected finish position?"). The rating data also affects the race-end messages RBR / Dirt / Dirt2 - rally stage notes creation improvements - added "into", "and" and "then" items, added "tightens to [1/2/3/4/5/hairpin]" command, ensure pace notes are ordered correctly, some other fixes and improvements iRacing - added sanity checks to opponent speed and position data, should reduce the number of spurious stopped-car calls Various bug fixes Version Fixed 'force single class' option (was being ignored by the app) Fix timing issue in multiclass races for some games RBR / Dirt Rally / Dirty Rally2 - added 'Minimum rally distance pace note distance (metres)' property to set how far ahead the next pace note needs to be before the app inserts a distance call and 'Dynamic co-driver look ahead distance' property to shorten the look-ahead distance immediately after a slow corner (should reduce call overload into slow corners, disabled by default) RBR / Dirt Rally / Dirty Rally2 - added a few more corner / obstacle types ('open hairpin left / right', 'go-straight', 'danger / triple caution' and 'trees / logs / rocks inside / outside') and more corner modifiers ('opens', 'very long' and 'plus / minus') to the rally speech recogniser R3E - added "What's the strength of field?" and "What are my incident points?" voice commands iRacing - fixed missing meatball flag message AMS2 - updated car mappings for new classes RF2 - added more tyre types to the pit menu Version Changed 'My name' list behaviour - this UI component use to show the specially recorded 'personalisations' (about 1000 names) and all the opponent driver names in the app (about 10000 names), which made it unreliable for some users. By default it now hides the opponent driver names so you'll only see the 1000 specially recorded personalisations. Enabling the "Allow opponent names in 'My name' list" property will add all opponent driver names to this list allowing the app to generate a personalisation from any of the opponent names (see folder C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\CrewChiefV4\sounds\driver_names). Note that these won't sound as natural as the specially recorded personalisations. If you've requested that your name be added to this list, please check again after updating as it might be shown AMS2 - added missing car class mappings RF2 - fixed tyre selection issues in pit menu manager when selecting some tyre types R3E - fixed some missing incident points messages RBR - automatically install the Crew Chief plugin Various minor bug fixes Version Added rally stage notes creation support - see rally pace notes help page Added support for Dirt Rally and Dirt Rally 2 (user-created stage notes only) Added option to enable scroll bars on main window where necessary (enable with 'Scroll bars on main window' property) R3E - use correct field for player incident points Pit Manager - tyre selection handles in-game tyre compound that is not in PM's list R3E - use correct field for player incident points Version Changed "watch" commands to be "monitor" ("monitor [opponent name / the car ahead / p12 / the leader / etc]" / stop monitoring [opponent name / etc] / stop monitoring all etc) - the word "watch" is too similar to "what's" so was being regularly mis-interpreted by the speech recogniser Fix some issues with macros not applying to the correct application window ACC - fix penalty logic ACC - fix for the app repeating laptime in hotstint mode RBR - subtitles fix R3E - reduced optimial tyre temps for F-Junior Version Hotfix for iRacing crash bug (sorry guys) Version Added some interpolation for car timing positions - should address issues with wildly inaccurate gap messages where stale data (1 lap old) was being used to calculate gaps ACC - fixed player car always being in a separate car class from opponents (should fix at least some of the inaccurate position calls) ACC - workaround for unsynchronised lap distance and laps completed data - should greatly improve car position calls in online races Version Made splash screen optional Some internal sound player wiring fixes Don't attempt to show subtitles when there's nothing to show Pit Manager "Clear all" clears tyre changes, fuel, any penalties and any damage repairs Show separate speech recognition confidence thresholds for Windows and Microsoft speech recognisers on the Properties screen and ensure the thresholds used match the recogniser in use even in cases where the app has to override the user's preferred recogniser. Also added some additional logging to make it clear which recogniser is in use and what confidence thresholds are being applied RF2 - Pit Manager changes tyres as part of tyre type commands (so you don't have to make 2 separate commands to change tyre type) RF2 - Fix tyre selection on Pit Manager for some cars Version Hotfix for startup crash for new users Version Added separate voice recognition sensitivity threshold values for when using the built-in Windows speech recogniser. These are higher (particularly for the 'Trigger word') and should stop a lot of the false-positives (again, especially for the 'Trigger word') when using the 'Prefer Windows speech recogniser' option Fix z-offset not saving for some VR overlays Allow the 'Watch opponent' function to be disabled (added 'Enable watch opponent commands' property, default enabled) Fix bug playing start-listening beep using Trigger Word voice recognition mode and nAudio Added shortcut key bindings to toggle VR overlays Added option to control when subtitles are loaded. If the property 'Lazy load subtitles' is enabled the subtitles are loaded only when needed. This can improve app launch times when using subtitles but may increase app resource use when driving R3E - fix for incorrect session length message with time + 1 extra lap race sessions iRacing - added Meatball flag message and generic pit-to-serve-penalty message (the app doesn't know if it's a drive-through or a stop-and-go penalty) RF2 & RBR - fix app crash when restarting the app Version Fixed some cases where the app would use text-to-speech driver names when it shouldn't when the TTS settings was 'Use TTS only when necessary' pCars3 - always assume races are single class R3E - added support for DTM 2020 rules (push to pass and DRS) R3E - added support for minimum pit stop duration (calculates how long you need to wait in the pitbox and warns you about it - note that this calculation requires you to have driven out of the pits at least once since starting the app to record the pit exit position) R3E - added support for maximum incident points on ranked servers before being kicked (warnings about further incidents resulting in a DQ / kick) R3E - reduced some engine temp warning thresholds RF2 - enhanced pit menu manager to support fuel in gallons and some other fixes Version VR overlays: Fixed gazing. Added an option to change tracking space for overlays (Seated/Standing/Follow Head) Added an option to only use sounds which are gender-neutral. The app has, historically, assumed all players are male so contains lots of sounds with words like words like 'man', 'guy', 'he' etc which is a bit silly. If you enable the 'Block sounds which refer to drivers as male' property the app will only use sounds that are gender-neutral ('driver', 'car', etc). Note that this requires the latest sound pack update to work RF2 - tweaked the behaviour of the pit manager system so it only inspects the pit menu layout when it's first invoked, rather than at the start of a session RF2 - added an option to disable the pit menu manager ('enable rF2 pit manager' property) RF2 - fixed initialisation of pit menu manager Version rFactor 2 now needs Vytautas Leonavičius' rFactor 2 Plugin version It's part of this CC version and will be installed automatically but note that any other apps that use it will need to be updated Added Rally mode and support for Richard Burns Rally Added rudamentary pCars3 support Added support for controller 'point of view' buttons (should allow direction-pads to be used for button assignments) AMS2 - A few car class tweaks ACC - added multi-class support RF2 - updated plugin and added a pit menu manager Version Corrected VR overlay default behaviour (should fix the remaining issues with the overlays) Corrected app name being "5" on the Windows Sounds mixer (stupid fat-fingered typo, sorry) Added "what's my oil temp" and "what's my water temp" voice commands R3E - tweaked car class mapping for WTCR Version Hotfix for issues with VR overlay windows Corrected time deltas in multiclass racing on pCars2 / AMS2 R3E - fixed some missing tyre type mappings Version R3E - fixed OtterHud integration Version Some UI tidying up and bug fixes Stockcar Extreme - fix for app trying (and failing) to install plugin on every start (the plugin .dll must be install manually) R3E - download player rating data in background (should improve start up time) pCars / pCars2 - allow finer control over car class mapping using an optional pCarsCarNames field in the car classes JSON) AMS2 - wired up a bit more of the existing pCars2 logic (e.g. weather conditions) Added F1 2020 to games list (spotter only) Version Fixed SteamVR detection on non-English installs Fixed some issues in speech recognition initialisation error handling Fix a crash bug preventing the app from starting when user-defined macros are incomplete Allow existing driver name (opponent name) recordings to be used to generate personalisations (note that these may sound a bit robotic - some will probably be fine, some will be unusable, most will be somewhere in between). If you're waiting for your name to be added to the app check the My Name list again - it might be available Tweaked the My Name list box so you can now type into it (this is needed because there are now about 8000 entries in this list) Added option to force VR overlay windows to be on top A few minor bug fixes Version Added support for Steam VR overlays. Enable this with the 'Enable VR overlays' property (the app can also start SteamVR if necessary by enabling the 'Start SteamVR if detected' property). This will enable the 'VR Settings' button on the main screen which opens a popup window allowing you to select which of your desktop windows to be rendered in VR. You can also move them around, scale them and other stuff from this menu. This supports any desktop window as well as the Crew Chief overlays (charts, console and subtitles). The app will remember your window config and reapply them when you next start it. If you want the VR overlays to be started with the app, enable the 'Enable VR overlays when app starts' property Reworked help and documentation into proper HTML pages accessed from the app's toolbar menu Overhauled button handling to reduce delays and fix some issues Some pace notes improvements - better multi-lap pace notes handling and add better audio feedback (pace notes specific voice message and a different radio beep when recording mode is enabled) Added feature to 'watch' opponents - use the voice command 'watch [opponent last name]', 'team mate [opponent last name]' or 'rival [opponent last name]' to mark a driver as watched. The app will give updates on watched drivers. The watch list can be cleared with the 'cancel watched drivers' command (or 'stop watching [opponent name]' to remove a specific driver). Note that the watch list is cleared on session start so drivers watched in qualifying won't be on the watch list for the race (you need to re-add them) R3E - added support for R3E driver rating data. When approaching an opponent with low reputation you may get a warning about him. Opponents' ranking, rating and reputation can be accessed with the voice command 'whats [opponent last name]'s ranking / rating / reputation' R3E - updated various vehicle classes and their tyre temperature thresholds and added Daytona track mapping (running on the oval should now activate the oval spotter and logic) Various bug fixes Version Reworked pace notes functionality to allow pace notes to be recorded over multiple laps and to add some speed and direction filtering (e.g. you might want a particular pace note to only play when the car is going too fast) - full documentation still to be done added option to make pace notes play automatically when starting a practice session (disabled by default, enable with 'Play pace notes automatically in practice' property) added option to mute other messages when pace notes are playing (enabled by default, disable with 'Mute messages when playing pace notes' property) improvements to the subtitle overlay replaced existing 'fuel in gallons' property with more generic 'Use metric' property which applies to fuel and speed calls added option to disable pit speed limit warnings ('Enable pit speed limit warnings', defaults to enabled) iRacing - fix some pitstop commands AMS2 - fix command line wiring R3E - fix broken opponent position messages when asking "where is [opponent name]" R3E - added some missing tyre types to the pit menu code R3E - tweaked tyre wear warning messages so the app isn't as conservative ACC - fix for broadcast API change Version Fix some subtitle issues when using personalisations for some users Allow sounds to be played back in stereo when using nAudio for playback (enable with the "Play messages in stereo" property) - should fix cases where the app's sound only plays through one speaker ACC - changed deprecation warning so it's just a console message rather than a popup Changed default subtitle overlay colour scheme (this can be changed manually by editing the Documents/CrewChiefV4/subtitle_overlay.json file - the recommended value for the "activeColorScheme" property is "CrewChief") Version Added subtitles. Subtitles can be shown as an overlay from Crew Chief (enable with the 'Enbable subtitle overlay' option in the Properties screen) or can be written to a shared memory file for use in 3rd party overlays or dashboards (enable with the 'Enable shared memory' option). See sample for an example project which uses this shared memory file. Massive thanks to Nolan Bates for a frankly astonishing amount of work transcribing all of Crew Chief's phrases Initial Automobilista 2 support (work in progress). To use this set the Shared Memory mode to Project Cars2 in the in-game System menu ACC - removed pit window messages ACC - added deprecation warning. We're stopping work on ACC support and might remove support entirely in the future various bug fixes and tweaks Version Better handling of corrupted settings files on startup Improved detection of on-track incidents R3E - tweaked suspension damage thresholds iRacing - improved session state detection when racing against AI iRacing - fix pit limiter warnings Version Fixed a couple more start up crashes Fix some queuing issues in more complex rally-style pace notes RF2 - added Nurburgring corner mappings R3E - work around some odd behaviour in the pit menu for races with more than one pitstop A few minor tweaks and fixes Version Fixed a couple of crash bugs on start up with broken profile settings Tweaked pace notes feature to allow a set of sounds to trigger instead of a single sound (to better support complex rally-style pace notes) iRacing - some AI session restart logic fixes R3E - updated some car class data Version Reworked cut track messages to make them more appropriate to how often you cut or violate track limits - note that if you cut persistently and frequently the app will (eventually) start to ignore these cuts R3E - auto-select 'serve penalty' in the pit menu when you issue the 'box this lap' command with an outstanding penalty (requires the R3E pit menu key bindings to match the ones the app is expecting) R3E - fix crash bug caused by null or empty driver names when sending WebHud data iRacing - allow the app to manage disk telemetry handling (enable with 'Enable automatic telemetry disk recording' property) iRacing - fix some issues with the track map on chart overlays iRacing - improved cut track detection Version RF2 plugin hotfix Added track map to charts when zoomed in (uses car position data) - visible area is hightlighted in red Version Chart controls hotfix Version Added overlays for console output and telemetry charts. See Overlays section in Help or Readme, or detailed forum post for more info Some audio caching improvments some minor tweaks and fixes RF2 - new plugin Version Hotfix for app startup issues using nAudio where device names aren't unique Version Reworked nAudio playback path to improve stability and fix some app shutdown issues; added option to play sounds using WASAPI output device when using nAudio playback (set with the 'nAudio Output Interface Type' property). This has significantly lower playback latency and can make the app sound more natural and responsive - definitely worth trying (remember to enable nAudio playback first). If the audio pops or crackles with this enable try increasing the 'nAudio WASAPI latency' property a bit Added option to make the app respond to voice commands as soon as it recognises them in 'Hold Button' mode, rather than waiting until the radio button is released (enable this behaviour with the 'Respond to voice commands immediately' property) Allow closing CC from command line by passing C_EXIT command parameter ACC - ensure penalties are cleared properly AC - some car class tweaks to better map GTE and GT3 iRacing - more robust pit entry detection (should reduce the likelihood of the all not refuelling after a mess pit entry) A few bug fixes Version Prevent fuel consumption estimates being skewed by full course yellow flags Reworked damage reporting logic to make it more natural Some message queuing improvements Disable opponent pit exit position estimates during full course yellow flag Allow pace notes to play even when the app is in 'keep quiet' mode Play a beep when releasing the radio button in 'Hold button' mode (disabled by default, enable with 'enable_on_hold_close_channel_beep' property) When spotter messages interrupt the chief or you press the radio button, any sound currently playing is interrupted immediately (only works with nAudio playback enabled and, for voice communication interrupting, 'Block messages when talking to the Chief' enabled) Fix 'toggle mode' speech recognition button press issues caused by the app seeing multiple presses when activating speech recognition Fix nAudio device indexing when changing default devices ACC - added driver stint time messages, more penalty messages and some other missing data F1 2019 - use correct property value for UDP port (was using the value for the F1 2018 property) R3E - improved detection of hot-lap qualifying sessions to prevent spurious spotter messages R3E - fix missing tyre wear messages when multiplier is 2 or more R3E - fix incorrect DRS messages Version Final hotfix (fingers crossed...) for the remaining speech recognition initialisation issues Version Another hotfix (sorry guys) - fix broken speech recognition with non-English versions of Windows, added more sanity checking for user profiles Version Hotfix - fall back to Microsoft speech recognition engine implementation if the System speech recognition engine doesn't have the required language support Hotfix - fix a crash bug when initialising the speech recognition system for nAudio users Hotfix - fix plugin location error Version Reworked speech recognisers to allow it to use the built-in Windows speech recognition, which may benefit from being trained to you voice. To enable this, enable the 'Prefer Windows speech recogniser' option in the Properties screen Added experimental free-text chat feature for Raceroom, pCars2 and iRacing only - enable with 'Enable free dictation chat messages' property. To use this you must have Windows speech recognition enabled and you'll need to delete Documents\CrewChiefV4\saved_command_macros.json before launching the app (so the app can add a couple of new macro definitions). Read what out you want to say as you would with any other command, starting with "chat" - e.g. "chat, hello everyone" or "chat, this is a test chat message". The app will start the chat by executing the "start chat message" macro which presses C (raceroom) or T (iRacing / pCars2), type in the recognised text after "chat", then end the chat by executing the "end chat message" macro (which just presses enter). Note that this may produce some weird results if the speech recogniser doesn't accurately interpret what you're saying Added a voice command to disable most of the complaining messages for the remainder of the current session - "stop complaining" / "stop grumbling" / "f*** off". This will prevent the app berating you when you're doing badly, which may be useful in long sessions Limit the number of times the app will complain at the player during a session (default is 50 times, configurable with 'Max complaints per session' property) Fixed app crash when using pCars network data button assignments Version ACC - fix stale opponents not being cleared from internal state (should fix incorrect incident calls when players disconnect) ACC - mapped corner positions for Spa and Barcelona, corrected Monza mapping R3E - added missing WTCR 2019 class (this is now correctly grouped with WTCR 2018) Version Fix for updates requiring 2 restarts in order to correctly load the user's settings ACC - fix various issues including multipler bugs, missing pit exit / entry messages, incorrect mandatory pit stop window messages, missing flag messages, missing track landmark mappings (not every track yet) and a few other bits and bobs iRacing - fixed a nasty bug where a particular set of unexpected car class data from the game could make the app unresponsive
  10. 1.52 changelog: just updated to SOCHI track gear that replaces AUSTIN 1.51 changelog: updated SEASON 2021 liveries
  11. V1.2.3.1 CHANGELOG GENERAL Fixed refueling option of pit strategy applying incorrectly in non-race sessions when refueling is disabled UI & HUD Fixed mis-aligned help texts on Event race settings page Added translations for recently added options Fixed car HUD damage text defaulting to 100% when damage is disabled PHYSICS & AI Minor tire tread adjustments to GT Classics cars Corvette C3 R: Small adjustment to front and rear track width; Fixed clutch slipping in some circunstances Minor adjustment to AI lateral movement rate Fixed an issue where AI would qualify with too much fuel on board when refueling is disabled Fixed an issue where AI would add too much fuel in the second stint of practice/qualifying AUDIO Mini Vintage: Fixed chase cam view having discrete front / rear sound in live play BMW M1 & Group A: Corrected surface sounds Corvette C3 Vintage: Minor adjustment to high RPM interior mix TRACKS Added or adjusted pit entry & exit cones for all tracks Interlagos: Further Z-fight fixes on GP temp stands VEHICLES Corvette C3 & C3 R: Tweaked the damage model; Adjusted the bonnet vibration effect in cockpit view; Adjusted driver position on cockpit view Camaro SS: Cockpit view bonnet vibration effect adjustment MCR2000: Added driver animations; Detached the gear shifter in the cockpit; Added under the bonnet bits in cockpit view; Added damage models; Added dangling damaged parts. Lotus 23: Fixed the graphic artifacts Corrected Bridgstone Potenza 01 tire normal map texture
  12. andre

    iracing iRacing

    NEW CONTENT // Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020 NEW CONTENT // Hickory Motor Speedway
  13. andre

    WRC 10

    Patch Notes - Version Previously if you had corrupted game files this would cause a crash. You are now given a message box. Bug fix FFB pre-stage (force feedback was launched before the start of the race) Bug fix on device Thrustmaster SF1000 Fix Sounds (tunnel reverb sounds were appearing outside of the tunnels in some areas) Fix Career wrong message about low reputation (when having low reputation the player was receiving the message at the end of every event even if the reputation was increasing) Patch Notes - Version Fix Crash when generating Driver Coach proposals Fix Leaderboard scrollbar Fix Crash when changing Tyres in Career Mode Fix Game not launching in fullscreen through large resolutions Fix crash at launch with Thrustmaster old firmware
  14. Porsche 911 GT3 Cup v1.41 – External cam position tuning. – Minor fix to AI driving line to help avoid hitting curbs and flipping.
  15. Released | Zandvoort 2021 V2.50 Complete update and rebuild of Zandvoort to track state in July 2021, including curb colours and reported DRS zones at the time. Any adjustments since July 2021 will be addressed in a post release update. Major rework of terrain to conform to point cloud data. All major assets rebuilt from scratch including Pit Building, Grandstands and more. Barriers remodelled and updated to the latest state. Added various grandstands and props to simulate a reasonably large event. All new foliage objects and materials. All latest new PBR materials. Added new spectators, marshals, rescue vehicles, generic vehicles, tents and more. New Night lighting Configurations including lit up Grandstand, Pit Building and Town Centre. Added 2021 National Layout. New Camera Files. New AI Files. Packed extra files for upcoming loading optimizations.

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