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  1. Updated to 2.058.29 Added championship option "Show points sum column on the left side of standings tables". Default "Off". Added championship option "Reverse race order display in standings tables". Default "Off". OP updated
  2. Δεν το λες όμως. Πάντως το "Πατάω κουμπί τρέχω online" νομίζω είναι από τους πιο σημαντικούς παράγοντες(factors) στο sim racing. Αν το είχε αυτό το (rFactor) θα ήταν το κορυφαίο με διαφορά και με την περισσότερη πελατεία.
  3. Τελικά τρέξατε με σλικ στη βροχή, τρέξατε με γουετ που σας τα έβαλε αυτόματα , τρέξατε με σλικ αλλά είχαν πρόσφυση γουετ. Δεν υπάρχει log να δεις ρε mad τι έγινε; Thanks για τα αποτελέσματα.
  4. Κάτι μου θυμίζουν αυτά. @mad_dog Θέλω πλήρη αποτελέσματα. Έλα μη ντρέπεσαι, κανε σωστή παρουσίαση. @panosdimip Και τι έγινε τελικά. τρέξατε με σλικ στη βροχή;
  5. INTRODUCING THE GT PRO & CHALLENGER SERIES 2020 https://www.studio-397.com/rfactor2-gt-series-2020/
  6. Update details: Download size = 312 MB Client version = Client BuildID = 4695656 Dedicated server version = 58.0.1083 Dedicated server BuildID = 4695721 New Content: Zhejiang International Circuit Changelist: Reputation - Incident points cooldown has been increased from 3 seconds to 4 seconds to limit escalation after being pushed out of the track. Reputation - Player now receives one incident point for invalidating a lap. Reputation - Just after a 4 seconds cooldown, we are now ignoring further incidents for track object collisions, going off-track and losing control until the car has rejoined the track. Option - The headrests of the cockpit seat were reportedly annoying for VR users as the camera was clipping through, so we added an option to toggle the rendering of the driver seat. Controllers - Added a profile for the Xbox gamebad when connected through bluetooth Controllers - Thrustmaster and Logitech wheels - Tweaked force exponent, max output and front wheel grip exponents to increase FFB feel in subtle effects Fixed controller profiles for Bodnar cable and Fanatec CSW 2.5 to prevent some detection issues. Fixed controller profile for the Thrustmaster T500 that was missing lines for Flatspot effects Fixed Car Setup menu that wasn't hiding the differential settings for cars that do not allow changing them. Fixed Car Setup menu not saving the differential setting for frontwheel driven cars Fixed puffs of smoke and brake marks left by players with high latency Fixed blinking of high latency opponent cars in multiplayer. It will now only cease to render the car if the opponent's latency is consistently above 1 second. Fixed AI control in pitlane that could sometimes accelerate the car above the pitlane speed limit. Fixed free flight camera that wouldn't work under certain conditions in the race monitor. Content updates: Smoothed revlimiter and pit speed limiters logics for a selection of cars that were problematic. Red Bull liveries that were urgently replaced last update now have an updated image in menu and website. Audi TT cup - AI tuning Audi TT VLN - Added more gear ratio options BMW M3 GT2 - Fixed the rear camber that was asymmetrical in default setup BMW M6 GT3 - Fixed two esport liveries that had swapped renders in menu. Canhard R52 - Fixed Launch Control that was wrongly available for this car GT4 cars - AI tuning KTM GT4 - Tweaks to damage, tweaked its clutch for better standing starts Porsche 934 RSR - Added more gear ratio options WTCC Chevrolet Cruze - Fixed a wrong tyre file WTCC 15/16/17 - Updated suspension to improve toe control Imola - Modified cut corridors a bit to try and get rid of a wrong cut detection on the start/finish area.
  7. Changelog v1.3.6 - Fixed AI cars repeatedly pitting in race weekend game modes. - Fixed occasional stuttering using the opponent visibility setting against AI cars. - Setup UI and functionality bugs and fixes
  8. Circuit de Catalunya by Hellboy AC-Barcelona-v1.50
  9. iRacing New Damage Model
  10. Top 10 HillClimb Monsters || Buzetski Dani 2019 Τα δυο ελαφρύτερα με τα λιγότερα άλογα στις δυο πρώτες θέσεις. @mad_dog είπες τίποτα;
  11. The Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedal set is available for pre-order at a very affordable €199.99 / £179.99 / $199.99. The product is scheduled to be released on March 26. Features: Magnetic Technology The H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) system — contactless technology without any potentiometers — ensures an unlimited lifespan and optimal accuracy in racing sessions: up to 16-bit resolution, representing 65,536 values per pedal. Adjustable Mechanical Brake Force The included set of 6 springs allows for a multitude of quick adjustments, allowing you to customize the feel on the brake pedal to your liking. Adjust the pressure force for the best fit with your racing setup (desk or table, Wheel Stand Pro, GT cockpit, F1 cockpit, etc.). 100% Metal Materials Mounted on a stable, sturdy structure designed with the most experienced racers in mind, the 100% metal pedal heads, attached to 100% metal pedal arms, ensure a good grip in order to optimize the feeling of control while racing. Up to 220 LB / 100 KG of pressure on the Load Cell sensor The brake pedal in the T-LCM Pedals adjusts to your gaming intensity and driving style. You’ll get the perfect amount of braking power according to the force applied on the brake pedal. Independably adjustable pedals The positions of the 3 pedals are adjustable in terms of height, inclination, and spacing. The calibration software also lets you electronically adjust the brake force, along with the dead zones for all 3 pedals. Compatibility * In PC games (via the USB cable): 16-bit resolution per pedal * In PS4™ games (via the RJ12 cable): 12-bit resolution per pedal * In Xbox One® games (via the RJ12 cable): 12-bit resolution per pedal
  12. Ε, βάλτε και αποτελέσματα να βλέπουμε.
  13. Changelog v1.3.5 - MP: Fixed total driving time counter behaviour in MP. Now total driving time correctly freezes on pit entry and resumes on pit exit. - Minor fix to the time multiplier display on session summary. - Stint timer is now linked to the timing HUD when auto-repositioning. Changelog v1.3.4 - Fixed inconsistent F6 cameras for some of the Evo cars. - Driver stint message now correctly follows if maximum driving time left is shorter than the current stint time. - Fixed "Max Time Left" widget behaviour in single-car sessions. - MP: Fixed visual damage not resetting for swapped cars with repair - MP: Added live electronics settings transferring across swaps (TC, ABS, BBias, Map). - MP: Added new chat command to hand over the car during FP and Q sessions: "§swap X" (where X is the number of the target driver in the team list; 1 selects the first entry). NOTE: the player giving away the car in the garage screen must not press the Setup button! - Rating: Fixed wrong rating data when loading savegames or swapping into cars. - MP: Added server admin handbook v7. Changelog v1.3.3 GENERAL: - Fixed frame drops after a set amount of sessions, causing lower performance after multiple sessions for some users. GAMEPLAY: - Fixed AI tyre wear in saved games. - Fixed a bug related to track surfaces when loading a saved game resulting in pitstop and stint timer issues. - Cutting last chicane in Suzuka now invalidates the next lap. - Cutting last chicane in Suzuka during the first lap after a short formation lap will now trigger the penalty as intended. - 12H race weekend game mode now has a limit of 15 tyresets. - Fixed a bug with Superpole game mode, allowing the player to set more than 2 fast laps. - Wrong lap remaining value corrected for SG penalty for pitlane speeding. GRAPHICS: - Fixed numberplate appearence in gallery replays of MP sessions. - Suzuka reflection map position update to remove unwanted green tint. UI/HUD: - Audiocomms text message category and priority tweaks. - ECU setting changes (TC, ABS etc.) now have their own race comms category. - Time multiplier is now displayed in session summary page both in SP and MP. - Added Championship replay category. - Updates to driver stint messages and message behaviour. PHYSICS: - NSX engine power adjustments. - Mount Panorama grip adjustments. - Suzuka asphalt abrasivity (tyre degradation) adjustments. - Fix for occasional setup corruption that caused a broken car state. - Fixed car spawn issues in certain conditions. MULTIPLAYER: - Server result.json now writes metaData, serverName and sessionType as intended. - Fixed an incompability with the allowAutoDQ setting, causing post race penalties not being applied when enabled. - Re-enabled driver stint time and total driving time rules for non-public MP. - Re-enabled isRaceLocked, so joining races can be allowed again. - Client should now handle all disconnect scenarios properly. - Various improvements for driver swaps and spectator mode: - Stint and driving time rules now work reliably in swap situations. - Mandatory pit stop rules now work reliably in swap situations. - Penalties now transfer correctly across clients in swap situations. - Prevented server misconfiguration that led to join order relevance. - Missing mandatory state update after swaps corrected. - Tyre compound, pressure and brake strategies transfer reliably in swap situations. - Fixed a bug that prevented the player from adjusted pressures when selecting wet tyres in the MFD on track. - Pit crew visibility fixed for spectating client. - Fixed swap widget disappearing for some players in multi-car sessions.
  14. Όποιος έχει Windows 7 και δεν μπορεί να μπει RaceNet πρέπει να κατεβάσει και να εγκαταστήσει τα δυο παρακάτω: (νομίζω ισχύει και για Dirt Rally 2) Ενημέρωση Windows 7 διαλέξτε έκδοση. https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/search.aspx?q=kb3140245 Στη μέση της σελίδας που λέει Download https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3140245/update-to-enable-tls-1-1-and-tls-1-2-as-default-secure-protocols-in-wi **Σιγά σιγά πάμε για W10
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