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    KartKraft Build – Updated engine to Unreal Engine 4.26.2 – Genk: time trial laps which travel through the pit area are now invalid – Genk: racing line improved – Minor lighting changes – Minor bug fixes
  3. V1.2.4.3 CHANGELOG CONTENT Added BMW 2002 to Vintage Touring Cars Tier 1 class GENERAL Split Mini 1965 & Lotus 23 into a separate Vintage Touring Car tier from Corvette C3 and BMW 2002 Fixed source of CTD when going into the pits with Copa Truck Updated recent Real Weather data UI & HUD Fixed issue that resulted in stale status data being displayed on pre-race leaderboard. Fixed camera toggle incorrectly displaying on pre session leaderboard Fixed pre session multiplayer chat issue Pre-session screen now foces camera to player PHYSICS & AI Minor tire tread adjustments to BMW Procar, Group A, Group C, Vintage Touring Cars, Opala 1979, Opala Old Stock, F-Vee, F-Classic Gen3, P1 Slightly reduced slick tires tread adhesion with water Revised crankshaft mass of all cars for more accurate engine speed inertia Revised wheel bearings for street cars Mclaren 720S GT3: Revised aero; minor weight distribution & engine torque curve correction BMW Procar: Moved default brake bias slightly rearwards Adjused LSD differentials fos C3 & C3-R Revised brake torque for F-Trainers, F-Vee, Lotus 23, Mini 1965 Adjusted steering lock range for high steering rotation cars (same default setting from before, lower minimal setting) F-Vintage: Adjusted default final drive for Gen 1 model 1 Adjusted FFB Max force for Corvette C3, BMW 2002, Mini 1965 Revised Lotus 23 chassis inertia values Group A: AI callibration pass Further decreased AI Strength in the 70-100% range Monza 1991: Adjusted AI performance AUDIO Fix redundancy causing double entries for water splash sound TRACKS Monza 2020: Performance optimization & LOD pass; Added drain material to curbs for Livetrack functionality: Increase track limits at t3 runoff of Monza Junior layout Monza 1991: Performance optimization pass, LOD pass, Minor fixes; Updated trackside cameras Monza 1971: Move 10k rolling start location to mid point oval back straight; Fixed S/F Score Tower Z-fighting Curitiba & Londrina: Rebuilt concrete walls to sort strange collisions
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  5. A small update to our Norma M30 has been released, adding Goodyear tyre sidewalls (visual only) and a new livery: Norma M30 LMP3 2017 v2.23 - Added Goodyear branded tyre sidewalls - Added O-Rouge livery
  6. Internet connection / Recommended network settings
  7. changelog v1.6 -fixed wrong aiw garage rotation -fixed first drs zone -new second drs zone -new trackside sponsors -new trackside objects -in some places astroturf replaced by asphalt -some texture/material update
  8. Changelog V1.43: - fixed ctd issue after latest rF2 update - rearranged atmospheric infos to .gdb file
  9. V1.2.4.1 CHANGELOG CONTENT Added Monza featuring Modern GP, Junior, 1971 GP, 1971 Junior, 1971 10Km, 1971 10Km without chicane, 1991 GP layouts (all part of the Monza DLC Package) GENERAL Added support for Thrustmaster SF1000 Implemented Real Weather API for 5 days in the past and 4 days in the future from today Improved status messages related to real/historic weather availability Fixed real historic weather for circuits that lay in half-hourly timezones Real Weather now uses real/forecast data for wind speeds. Added Real Weather databases for Monza and Salvador Updated recent historic weather data for all other locations Fixed error in Curitiba Real Weather that was causing weather data to not be found by the game Fixed valid weather API response failing to parse in some cases Fixed a case where a weather API call wouldn't be made when it should Fixed Championship Editor not persisting mandatory stop setting correctly UI & HUD Reorganized and refreshed session overview and pre-event leaderboards to increase number of rows and allow grouping by class. All in-game environment information (time/temp etc) is now updated live on all screens. Added event session information, current vehicle setup, and current pit strategy to session overview and pre-event screens. Fixed lobby page starting in wrong state Fixed Per Vehicle FFB input on setup screen not capturing mouse movement Fixed pedal bar overlap on telemetry HUD Adjusted loading screens to show real weather icon when appropriate PHYSICS Further minor tire tread adjustments for GT3, GTE, StockV8, F-Ultimate F-Reiza, F-V12, F-Classic, DPi & P1 cars StockV8 2019: Minor aero revision F-Ultimate: Added custom track ERS maps optimizing boost for straights in all GP layouts Corrected extreme weather tire tread for F-Reiza & F-Ultimate Ultima GTR Race: Revised default setup Adjusted parked FFB forces for several cars to reduce rattling while standing still Increased default steering lock setting for several cars with high steering rotation AI Improved AI overtaking logic Improved AI behaviour when behind a slower car in Practice/Qualifying sessions. Adjusted AI lateral movements for smoother / more natural reactions Decreased AI performance in 70-100% Strength range Improved AI blue flag behaviour Adjusted AI brake power & grip Various adjustments to AI overtaking parameters AI corner & straightline callibration passes Adjusted AI wet launch performance for GTs & F-Ultimate Taruma: Adjusted AI line to keep AI from leaving the track at T7 entry Fixed duplicated F-Ultimate driver (Patrice Daigneau) Minor GT Classics AI adjustment AUDIO Updated grass roll sample Fixed issue where skidding on grass at high speed could trigger tarmac skidding sounds F_Ultimate: Fixed missing exhaust sound for local reverb Opala (all variants): Fixed missing startup sounds. Passat HC: fixed low RPM sound mixing F-Retro: Adjusted startup sound F-Classic G2M1: Improved sound loops, fixed missing startup sound Montana: fixed missing startup sound Fixed recently introduced issue with interior engine sound on late 70's DFV engined formulas & polished some loops Porsche RSR '74: polished all engine loops Sauber C9 Increased backfire off throttle, polished some loops BMW M1 Procar: Polished all engine loops TRACKS Montreal: Minor LOD adjustments Various 3D crowd LOD adjustments Hockenheim 1988 GP/Short: Moved rolling start location VEHICLES F-Vintage (all models): Detached the cockpit gear shift; Adjusted the driver feet position on cockpit view; Adjusted hand animations during gear changes Mini JCW UK: Detached cockpit gear shifter; Adjusted hand animations during gear changes Iveco Truck: Added driver animations; Fixed cockpit camera; Detached cockpit gear shifter; Fixed driver outfit assignment. ARC Camaro: Added dirt/damage texture; Added dangling damaged parts; Changed the driver model; Detached the gear shifter on the cockpit; Adjusted the driver shifting animation; Revised collision models; Changed wiper position and Changed the bonnet model to allow the bonnet to be detached when damaged; Added the inner bonnet bits on cockpit view; Merged the boot with the rear wing; Adjusted the cockpit view to match the driver model position; Changed the cockpit interior to make room for the driver legs; fixed driver LODs; Fixed cockpit rear view camera Metalmoro AJR: Fixed missing gear indicator in LCD display Stock Cruze & Corolla 2021: Added livery overrides Porsche RSR 74: Fixed cockpit steering wheel´s pivot position F309: Fixed RPM lights MetalMoro AJR: New display layout; Fixed car thumbnails BMW M8 GTE: Corrected rpm lights Ginneta G40 GT5/CUP: Add gauges glow Corvette C3: Added gauges lights V1.2.4.2 CHANGELOG GENERAL Updated recent Real Weather data UI & HUD Fixed tire temperature status widget not updating on some in-game screens Fixed last session status being displayed on pre race leaderboard Fixed championship round editor incorrectly altering session start hours when propagating race date changes Fixed center column of drivetrain tab unelectable on setup editor Fixed practice weather slot4 of in game session settings block referencing qualifying slot4 PHYSICS & AI Minor tire tread adjustment for F-Vintages Minor brake torque adjustment for all GT & Prototypes AI callibration pass for F-V12, F-Vintage G1 Adjusted AI brake power & grip Adjusted AI Grip multipliers for Monza 1991 & Modern Adjusted AI to start passing routines sooner Slightly increased parameter to reducing AI propensity to cut corner to avoid a crash TRACKS Monza 2021 GP: Slight increased width of green runoff at Lesmos 1 and 2 Monza 1971: Increased road noise on banked oval first draft; Optimized terrain shadows, new shadow dummy for banked track structures Increased grid spacing General art updates to all Monza versions
  10. Changelog 1.7.15: - Fixed an issue with Logitech TrueForce steering wheel LEDs. - Fixed an issue with TrueForce preventing ACC from shutting down properly on Steam after exiting. Changelog 1.7.14: - Updated Fanatec SDK. - Fixed an entry issue when playing the 2020 Championship. - Various minor livery-related fixes.
  11. Λίγα λόγια για την beta. H πίστα είναι μεγάλη με 128 άτομα. Στην ουσία πρέπει να υπάρχει συννενόηση με την ομάδα σου αλλιώς τρέχεις μόνος σου. Για τα όπλα δεν μπορώ να πω πολλά, πολύ λίγα για να επιλέξεις, μπορείς όμως αν πατήσεις το Τ στο game να κάνεις customisation on the fly δηλαδή να αλλάξεις σκόπευτρο, σιγαστήρα ή όχι κτλ. στο game. Αυτό είναι θετικό. Δεν μπορώ να εκφέρω γνώμη, περιμένω το portal, δεν έπαιξα ποτε BF με οχήματα (φανατικός οπαδός του BF BC2, team vs team, δηλαδή 4vs4 στο hardcore). Τα γραφικά είναι τα τυπικα για BF (προσωπικά του CoD τα θεωρώ ρεαλιστικότερα και πιο ζωντανά), ο ήχος καλός. Ένα πολύ θετικό είναι που αλλάζει ο καιρός στο game dynamic, δηλαδή ξαφνικά βροχή, αυτό είναι πάλι θετικό.
  12. rF2 European Hill Climb Championship Round 09 LOCATION (START AREA) Trento RACE DAY 11 OCT 2021 Round 09 Trento Bondone [ITA] Qualifying session starts at 20:00 (CEST) Race starts at 22:00 (CEST) All sessions will have Live Weather ENTRIES CLOSE SUNDAY 10 OCT 18:00 (CEST) -All drivers must have read the general rules -Unregistered for Race09 drivers can't join race Race09 will be broadcasted by GTR24h In round 09 in 2 heats race, the best heat will count
  13. Zandvoort V2.58 Zandvoort V2.58 Update Notes Updated Curb and Run off colours Corrected Pit Exit location Updated DRS Zones AI Fixes: Adjusted T3 Lines Reduced chance of touching curbs at T5 Improved Block Paths Fixed AI error on start finish straight Added missing brake markers Added missing road lines on GP circuit cut through Fixed some assets which were sinking into the terrain or floating over the terrain Fixed an issue where roads would not reflect over the start finish line Fixed Pit Object groupings so fixtures only rendered when a car is present Fixed missing wheels on Food Trucks Some minor optimization fixes
  14. Roadmap Update – September 2021 Release Candidate Update Notes: Game Loading Optimizations to Game Loading and Series switching. Optimizations to Texture Loading. Added the ability to load cached track files from the component to improve loading times. Improved shader loading and added pre-built shader cache to improve loading times. UI Fixed an issue where Exaggerate Yaw would default to -80% GFX Minor pass on cloud texture balancing. Adjusted PFX settings to allow for more exposure in low light conditions. Audio Updated minimum number of audio effects to 32. Modding Updated ModDev to save and load CBASH and RRSHD files into track folders so that they can be packaged with content. Detect if VisGroups affect collision and log this occurrence and in ModDev only show a pop up.
  15. This is the story of the greatest circuit ever made for sim racing. A passion project made by a talented team of artists, developers, designers and motorsports fans. The Targa Florio was an impossible project, brought to life thanks to the dedication of this small group. Developed between 2005 and 2009 for Grand Prix Legends, its release pushed the bounds of what many thought Sim Racing could be. Racing the Targa Florio is in part reliving a legend. Understanding, even somewhat what it was like to push a legendary sportscar through the hills of Sicily. Learning all 72km, a reward unlike any other.
  16. andre


    The International Circuit of Genk is here! International Circuit of Genk, Belgium added to the track line up in this eagerly anticipated update for the award winning KartKraft. The 1.36-kilometer, 0.85-mile circuit in Belgium, that is historically tied with Formula 1’s Max Verstappen, is live! Verstappen was able to hone his racing skills growing up competing at the venue, and we wanted to give you the same opportunity.
  17. To provide you with a roadmap, delivery, and refunds schedule, I need to request a final decision about the preferable option from each of you. For instance, some have ordered a Feel VR Wheel & Pedals Bundle, and you may ask to get Pedals shipped and Wheel refunded or got a refund in full. I will contact you via email and ask you to fill in the form with the best option for you. I will share the results on October 8, 2021. Best regards, Roman Kravchenko Angel Investor of Feel VR Founder of IoT Hub
  18. andre

    iracing iRacing

    iRacing today announced a licensing deal with Mercedes. You can read the whole thing below, but here are the main bits of information: – 2021 Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance licensed – 2022 Mercedes F1 car (with the new F1 regulations met) already licensed – “multiple vehicles” coming in future builds – Feedback from the Mercedes team improved iRacing physics overall, with those developments already deployed I wouldn’t expect to see the 2022 car until at least half way through the season next year. Mercedes may be wary of their car going into a product during the season and/or before the official F1 game from Codemasters releases it.
  19. Drive Ford's all-electric Mustang Mach-E 1400 now in RaceRoom! Projecting more than 2,300 lb. of downforce at 160 mph from its seven motors, the Mustang Mach-E 1400, is an all-electric road rocket.
  20. rF2 European Hill Climb Championship Round 08 LOCATION (START AREA) Dobšiná Dobsinsky Kopec PROGRAMMA - TIME TABLE 27/09/2021 free practice 20:00 (CEST) start of qualify 22:00 (CEST) start of the first car (warm up session) - first stage - second stage (restart warm up session) -*third stage (restart warm up session) - end of race In round 08 in 3 heats race, ALL HEATS will count Round 08 will broadcast GTR24h
  21. Applus IDIADA Dry Handling track
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