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  2. Latest Build Update rFactor 2 - 1.1114 Now Available! Steam Build IDs client: 4122083 dedi: 4124026 Note: Admins must update all dedicated servers Release of Build 1114 Releasing a new rFactor 2 build is typically something we do with a classic bulleted changelog, but this time we felt it deserved a bit more than that. During our recent rF24 event, technical issues cropped up that left us no alternative but to red flag the race. We decided to immediately regroup and redirect our priorities towards dissecting and fixing what turned out to be long standing issues. It was not a simple task, but we rolled up our collective sleeves and dug in. With a lot of help of the participating teams, we analyzed all the problems and for the first time were able to reproduce most of them. Their cause turned out to be very specific edge cases in ‘rejoins’ and ‘driver swaps’ so we proceeded by focusing on trying to break these features in as many different ways as possible. So of course, much of the findings relied on intense and focused testing over the past weeks. Having to go back and test multiple scenarios repeatedly and working to find fixes and workarounds required a well-thought-out approach with a solid understanding of the issues from all involved, both on the testing side and the development side. This intense focus has given us an insight into the many ways things can go wrong in the heat of racing. Thankfully, we also had the massive support of the rFactor 2 community through post-race feedback and stories, as well as logging – this was invaluable and an enormous push to help find the root cause of many of these issues people have in online events. As a team, we meticulously went over each of these reports and looked for any specific details that could point us in the right direction. Car Selection and Upgrades One of the main areas we focused on was issues related to rejoining after getting disconnected during a session, for example when the network connection goes down for a moment. rFactor 2 has always allowed for a driver to rejoin a race after a computer crash or network issue, but in some cases on rejoining the server, the driver would end up with a DNF (Did not finish), a DQ (disqualification) or their name would show at the bottom of the list as simply ‘pending an open session’. Of course, these outcomes are incorrect and the question for us was: what triggers these scenarios? Our research and testing quickly showed that, in most cases, these issues were related to rejoining and either a) picking a totally different car from the car selection, b) picking the right car with the wrong livery from the car selection, or c) picking the right car and livery but with a different upgrade package. You might ask, “Why is this a problem, I always pick the correct options”? Whilst that might be true in 99% of the cases, it’s the 1% that hurts us here in the end. It’s hard to be sure a team of multiple drivers always chooses the correct options. Making a mistake, it turns out, causes problems for more people than the driver rejoining, so we needed to make sure this could no longer happen. To tackle this problem, we first looked at the core code of the rejoin process to make sure all options regarding car and upgrades are inherited and stay with each driver, regardless of disconnections or previous driver swaps. This means when you join with car A and upgrade X, it will be logged in a more robust way that prevents the driver history getting lost. Next, we worked on making this process more user friendly, so that it’s actually impossible to make a mistake on rejoin. We enhanced the network protocol to communicate to your client what car, livery and upgrades were used before, so we can choose the right car for you. For example, if you join with a ‘BMW M8 GTE’ with the ‘Le Mans package’ and ‘my-team-livery’, and you have a network issue during the race and are booted, instead of seeing the whole list of cars, team liveries, and upgrades on rejoin, you only see your BMW M8 GTE, and the option to change upgrade package is no longer available. You simply get your car back! This brings us to another important point and side effect of rejoin errors. Rejoining with the wrong car or upgrade would often cause lags and freezes for all other drivers already on the server as everyone was forced to load a different car in real-time while on track (instead of the car that got parked in the garage when you disconnected). “AI Take Over” and Driver Names Stuck in the Pit Menu A recurring issue we’ve seen is when a driver swap takes place, the AI would suddenly take over the car without warning. This was caused by trying to hand over the car to a team mate that was no longer a passenger or even on the server at the moment of the pit stop. By default rFactor 2 was then configured to let the AI take over. This turned out to be a bad idea and we altered the code to no longer do this. This means that from now on, if the driver taking over is no longer present, you will retain the car at the end of the pit stop. This will allow you to keep racing and retry a driver swap with your team mate without AI taking over and ruining your race. When selecting a driver in the pit menu, names of any passengers would stay stuck in the list and would be select-able regardless of whether they had left the server or stopped riding with you. This meant you select your team mate in the pit menu, they leave the server or stop riding with you, but their name stays in the pit menu and can be selected. This caused multiple issues: On disconnection/rejoin you would often end up with a DNF, and if a name of a driver was selected that was no longer riding or had left the server, the AI would take over. We’ve fixed this issue by simply removing any drivers from the pit menu list that are no longer riding with you (as should have been the case all along). Disconnection/Rejoin with Passenger(s) Disconnections while another driver is riding along, either waiting on a driver swap or having just completed one, would end in a DNF on rejoin. For example, you’re driving on track, your team mate is riding with you and you get a disconnection. On rejoin, you’re not able to race again and your team mate’s name is now showing in the list as a driver with a DNF. We fixed this by making sure that on disconnect/rejoin only the current driver retains the car, all other teammates simply stay registered as ‘passengers’ and are not considered a driver until an actual driver swap takes place. Pit Menu Parameters Locked After Rejoin Yet another issue we looked at and were able to fix was the sudden inability to toggle pit menu options after rejoining. This was particularly a problem if you experienced a disconnect with very little fuel and could not request more fuel in the subsequent pit stop, ultimately you would run out of fuel and end the race with a DNF. All allowed in-car pit menu options should now be open to selection on rejoin. Steam Integration Improvements As part of our ongoing profiling process based on logs sent to us by users, we have also discovered that the “real-time” API functions that Steam provides could cause small hiccups. We technically solved that by internalizing the original plugin and making sure we execute such functions on a background thread so they can never interfere with our physics loop. This change is done both client and server-side and it means you will no longer see a SteamPlugin.DLL in your plugins folder (and we’ve made sure that if it is still there by accident, it gets ignored from this build onwards). Faster Loading Times Last but not least, we also spent some time profiling and optimizing the track and car loading process. Internal tests have shown improvements in the range of 30-50%, which should help people in general. Faster loading obviously also means you can rejoin quicker, losing less time overall. What’s next? Build 1114 is the first of two scheduled releases to address the issues we found. We decided to split the process in two, concentrating on the major bugs first and then addressing the smaller ones. We thought it was important to get an update into everybody’s hands as quickly as possible, but only after making sure we could not break this build anymore. As always we encourage people to update both their dedicated servers and clients and report any issues. We are heavily committed to getting this right and continue to improve the online experience in rFactor 2. We expect to have an update on those issues next month, but again, we’ll take as much time as we need to ensure these minor issues are also completely gone.
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  4. To ελαστικό πρέπει να φτιάξουν. Στις χαμηλές ταχύτητες λες οδηγιέται το αυτοκίνητο μόνο του, κάνει ότι θέλει γυρνάει από εδώ από εκεί... Θέλει φτιάξιμο γιατί έτσι όπως είναι δεν οδηγιέται και είναι κρίμα γιατί φαίνεται ότι έχει potential.
  5. Πρέπει να το δοκιμάσω για να δω διαφορές με το KartKraft.
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    @troffeo έλα να σου δείξω πως οδηγάνε kart !
  7. DiRT Rally 2.0 Estering Rallycross Track Released Finland and Greece Headline DiRT 2.0 Season 3 & 4 DLC Season Three will begin from August 27th and is set to contain the returning and refreshed rally events in Greece and Finland, plus the debut of the Yas Marina WRX venue alongside the usual mix of new cars and liveries - details of which can be seen below. Week 1: SUBARU Impreza (2001), Ford Focus RS Rally 2001 Week 3: Argolis Greece, Special Livery Pack Week 5: Peugeot 306 Maxi, Seat Ibiza Kit Car Week 7: Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, Special Livery Pack Week 9: Peugeot 206 Rally, Volkswagen Golf Kitcar Week 11: Jämsä Finland, Special Livery Pack Once all that new content has dropped, Season Four will begin on November 19th and looks set to heavily focus on the World Rallycross portion of the title, we a new venue based in South Africa joining up with the returning and popular Lydden Hill circuit. Week 1: Killarney International Raceway, South Africa Week 3: Lydden Hill, UK, Special Livery Pack Week 5: Renault Clio R.S. RX, Renault Megane R.S. RX, Ford Fiesta Rallycross (MK8), Special Livery Pack Week 9: Peugeot 208 WRX, Ford Fiesta Rallycross (STARD) Week 11: Ford Fiesta RXS Evo 5, Audi S1 EKS RX quattro, Seat Ibiza RX, Special Livery Pack
  8. Kart Racing PRO: Release9 fix: karts in the wrong pit during connection fix: pit position when joining as a spectator fix: karts pit state fix: multiple race info chat messages fix: server restart fix: challenge mode fix: connection bandwidth usage optimization fix: mods folder fix: crash when an Arduino Micro is connected as joystick fix: B karts clutch paddle animation fix: trees, wire fences and 3D grass rendering new: detailed data mismatch information new: VR in replay
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    Kartkraft – New Build – Shifter Karts Available New Features: Added KZ2 class with 125cc IAME KZ Screamer (Due to licensing restrictions, PFi does not support the KZ class) Added chain-link simulation Added auto-upshift and auto-downshift assists Added track map to HUD with different tracking modes Added overhead vehicle HUD radar similar to ‘Helicorsa’ Added ability to ‘discard’ previously purchased vehicles Added ability to rename setups Fixes/Tweaks/Tuning: Tuned MG Yellow tyres to reduce mid-corner snap oversteer Improved AI behavior to respect the player. Fixed problem of not being able to cycle through the different gameplay cameras and groups during the replay Added setting to control the number of notifications displayed in-game. Fixed the bug where FFB could remain at a non-zero value after the vehicle is no longer being driven Enabled the recent laps HUD widget in the leaderboard events Fixed the kingpins not attaching correctly to the vehicle Fixed bug where not all players would be able to be viewed in the post-race replay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAIP7tlZ44A&feature=player_embedded
  10. Hotfix Changelog: GENERAL: Added enable TrackIR camera setting. Disabling the plugin eliminates possible view-related issues caused by tracking devices used in other games. Possible fix for localVelocity in shared memory struct. GAMEPLAY: Fixed inconsistent AI skill levels when reloading a saved game. GRAPHICS: Removed slow convolution bloom from intro sequence cameras in Monza that caused massive performance drop and possible crash on ultrawide screen resolutions when entering a session.
  11. Lol. that's why i love csgo! This game will be actual for a long time!
  12. Introducing: The Two Strong Pack When it comes to Motorsport, Great Britain can easily be identified as a key player. It´s not just the home to many renowned racing teams in different series, it´s also the nation with the most winning Le Mans 24h drivers, an achievement that does not come easy. When you’ve got a lot of talented and respected drivers in your country, there is a natural urge to also deliver some of the most thrilling sports- and race cars to show the rest of the world why Motorsport is at home in the UK. And true, it´s also the home to our very own Dom Duhan, who might consider that the greatest achievement of his home country Powerful engines, sophisticated suspensions and aerodynamics that let their work seem magical, that´s what is needed to create a race car that can take on the world. Some might say there are even cars that are too strong – welcome to our Two Strong Package! No matter if you want to take on the future of sports car racing and build a new legacy with the McLaren Senna GTR – a car that not just looks out of this world- or you want to strap yourself into the Aston Martin Vantage GTE to claim victory in a class filled with top notch manufacturers – this is the right pack for you. Get it now on Steam: Two Strong Pack McLaren Senna GTR Born from a legacy that has already shaped our minds as motorsport enthusiasts for years, this 4.0l V8 twin-turbocharged beast takes you from zero to the future in just a blink of an eye. Be at the forefront of what might soon become the pinnacle of sports car racing in the endurance world, and take on the challenge of your life while maneuvering through race traffic that seems to be frozen in time while you head towards your podium. Aston Martin Vantage GTE Built to conquer one of the toughest classes in all of motorsport, this 4.0l V8 turbocharged Grand Tourer means serious business. Created by AMR, the motorsport experts of Aston Martin, this car doesn’t just look fast, in the right hands it’s meant to be on the front row, collecting more trophies a season than a normal household could ever fit. Are you ready to lead the charge?
  13. rFactor 2 and World’s Fastest Gamer team up with Rudy van Buren! Following a successful race in the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany last week during the ADAC GT Masters in Zandvoort, Rudy van Buren will once again step into the cockpit as part of the Black Falcon team for the upcoming Nürburgring race. Studio 397 decided to support Rudy van Buren further and teamed up with World´s Fastest Gamer for upcoming race. Rudy is considered to be one of the fastest simracers around and after winning the rFactor 2 qualifiers and going on to also take the World’s Fastest Gamer title in 2017 he became an official McLaren F1 simulator driver and made the jump to real racing. If you want to have a go at becoming this year’s World’s Fastest Gamer and win one of the great prizes attached to this championship, then hurry and read this article on their website, simply follow these instructions to get started! Foto: Gruppe C Photography; #4 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, BLACK FALCON Team Taxtar: Rudy van Buren Rudy’s recent success in the Porsche GT3 Cup not only shows his potential, but also proves once again that racing craft and skills developed and honed in rFactor 2 can easily be transferred to the world of real racing. As Rudy gains more and more experience, Studio 397 is proud to support him through his challenge to take on the top drivers of the series. Join us and cheer Rudy on as he races at the well known Nürburgring GP, or if you can’t be there in person, follow the live stream and timing here: http://content2.eu.porsche.com/motorsport/pccd/livestream/livestream-en.htm The schedule for the races this weekend is: Friday, August 16th, 14:55-15:55 CEST, free practice Saturday, August 17th, 10:10-10:45 CEST, qualification for both races, where the second fastest time for each driver determines their grid spot in race 1 and the fastest time in race 2. Saturday, August 17th, 16:25-16:55 CEST, race 1 Sunday, August 18th, 11:40-12:10 CEST, race 2 We will certainly keep you up to date on our social channels and Discord as we follow Rudys adventures during these sessions live!
  14. Warning: I'm not affiliate just a Fan just a Recommend! And the game going be about $20 to $30 check it out!
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    Endurance Pack

    Latest Endurance Pack Updates! Porsche 991 RSR GTE v1.93 - BoP (Balance of Performance) - Fixed headlight glass reflections Chevrolet Corvette C7.R GTE v2.01 - BoP (Balance of Performance) BMW M8 GTE v1.73 - BoP (Balance of Performance) Oreca 07 LMP2 v1.69 - Made the car a bit heavier to better correspond with real data. - Further adjustments to correct engine power/torque output - Adjusted downforce overall - Further improvements and adjustments to Le Mans aero package - Corrected engine inertia - Corrected gear changes that were slightly too short (gear shifts)
  16. Αυτό όμως που με εντυπωσίασε στο ελαστικό είναι η φθορά του ελαστικού. Επιτέλους φθείρεται και δεν είναι σαν το Assetto Corsa που βγάζεις αγώνα LeMans χωρίς να χρειαστεί να αλλάξεις ελαστικά. Τώρα πρέπει να επικεντρωθεί η ομάδα ανάπτυξης στην συμπεριφορά στις χαμηλές στροφές γιατί ότι αφορά την θερμοκρασία και το grip είναι στην σωστή κατεύθυνση. Αν πετύχει το ελαστικό και προστεθούν και οι ζημιές σε ρεαλιστικό επίπεδο το sim είναι επίσημα από εμένα έτοιμο για αγώνες. Και για να μην ξεχνιόμαστε δεν έχει καμία σχέση με το Assetto Corsa το οποίο για εμένα είναι ένα απλό simcade.
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  18. Έτρεξα και τους δύο αγώνες με VR Ο κάθε αγώνας είχε διάρκεια 15min σύνολο 30min To VR δεν με κούρασε καθόλου ίσα-ίσα με πόρωνε περισσότερο
  19. v1.0.7 Changelog General: CPU optimization on the game thread resulting in less CPU usage with AI. Added all cars’ locations to shared memory. Added electronics channels to shared memory, in particular, TC, TC Cut, ABS, fuel cons, engine map, exhaust temps, lights and wipers stages. Added initial TrackIR plugin implementation. NOTE: a specific profile is required to be set up, please follow our forums for more information: https://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/trackir-how-to.59489/#post-1079785 Texture memory optimization. Gameplay: Mid-session saving is re-enabled. NOTE: 1.0.7 adds a new version of saved games and will make any saved games from earlier releases obsolete. The feature will require saving in the most recent game version to function currently. Added ability to save multiple games and load then individually. NOTE: Championship and Career can still only have a single saved instance. Now save games correctly handle car damage. Fixed bug with brake ducts and brake temperatures in saved games. Fixed a bug with loading incorrect brake bias and other setup values in saved games. NOTE: it will only work with new saved games. Fixed a bug where restarting the engine was not possible in certain cameras. Fixed a bug with championship status when starting a new championship with another season in progress. Fixed wrong blue flag when only one car remains on the track. Reworked driver stint logic in Endurance game modes. Added driving time limit per driver in Endurance game modes. Added driver stint requirements per different Endurance modes as per real-life regulations. Improved AI strategy in stint-based game modes. Fixed rare bug with engine failure when saving a game on gear change. Fixed 24H total driver stint time. Audio: Disabled possibility to trigger the Helicam audio during intro sequence. Stop&Go penalty engineer audio message. Controllers: Mouse steering overhaul. Steering linearity added to controller settings. Race commands will no longer be intercepted for UI commands other than the directional pad (up, down, left and right). Fixed clutch limit bug when using maximum deadzone. UI/HUD: Added Save Game window in the main menu to load saved games. Fixed chat window auto pop-in bug when receiving messages. Electronics and pitstop MFD page made more compact. HUD and car dash delta relinked to the same source. Adjusted button alignment in the Replay menu. Fixed a bug where saving a setup with “/” in the file name would create a new folder. Fixed a bug where controller input was lost on the leaderboard page of the career and championship. Car previews now reliably load high-res textures in preview screens. Small car previews now reliably load on the Special Event pages. Added replay leaderboard and ‘Toggle HUD’ button in the replay HUD. Removed redundant “Driver” button on the Player page. Updated UI background images and logos. Championship end-page logic review. Restyling of the championship and career pages. Added option to scale race HUD widgets. NOTE: in this implementation it allows the player to resize the elements of the race HUD overall. Added “Continue” button for championship weather page. Added Save Replay and Save Highlights as configurable controls (the saving will have a 1-minute cooldown before allowing it again). Replay HUD now allows camera cycling during free camera. Disabled ideal line during replay. More reliable ‘stop the engine’ message during pitstops. Improved lapped information for realtime leaderboard when the cars are on the same lap. Improved filter for gap information in the realtime leaderboard. Added driver stint and remaining driving time information in the pit strategy page of the MFD. MFD now displays mandatory pit stop requirements in relevant game modes on the pit strategy page. NOTE: it also displays whether the selected options meet the requirements and thus count towards a valid mandatory pit stop. NOTE: maximum driving time is the key information to follow in endurance races. Added pit limiter popup display when entering the pit entry zone. Added helicam and onboard cameras to the broadcasting app. Added option to toggle Server Stats widget in HUD settings. Minor restyle of the Special Events pages. Fixed excessive memory footprint of loading screen images in certain scenarios. Minor restyle of the Tyre widget. Weather Forecast widget visibility tied to Tyre widget. Graphics: LOD adjustments on various models. Wheel rim material adjustments for various cars. Update to Black Falcon team liveries. Potential fix for the random open-close car door animations during gameplay. Fix for brake lights of hidden cars visible when limited opponents visibility is used. Fixed missing front indicators on the Porsche 991 GT3 R. Fixed indicator bug on the Lamborghini Huracán ST. Minor model updates on the Audi R8 LMS. Fixed Porsche Cup not interacting with collidable objects. Fixed bug with driver visibility in the Porsche Cup. Some optimization on scene polycount by adding missing automatic LOD stages of wheel rims on certain cars. Fixed wrong visual representation of wet surfaces introduced in 1.0.6. Physics: New 5 collision points tyre model. Tyres now “climb gradually” over kerbs, sausages, bumps both in lateral and longitudinal motion. Completely eliminates the “rail kerb” effect. Greatly improved behaviour over all kind of kerbs, improved precision, improved bumps absorption. Tyre model improvements to better handle high load peak situations and high rolling resistance peaks. Tyre model now simulates lowering of profile while the tyre flexes. Ride heights will be lower during turns. Tweaks to tyre model rolling resistance model. (Fixed and speed-sensitive RR variations). New Traction Control operation. TC now simulates a two-step operation, acting on the engine ignition timing (lowering power) and if that is not enough, cutting ignition all together as before. This permits the TC to have a smoother operation at the start of a slide, permitting the driver to use the slide to turn the car without extreme vibrations or engine cut. New Traction Control logic. TC now takes into account the yaw acceleration, simulating gyroscope sensors as the real cars. As a result, even if the slide or slip of the tyres is not enough, a sudden yaw acceleration (a fast rotation of the car) will activate the TC to save the car from spinning. It also works intelligently so that it can check if the yaw rotation is under control by the driver, allowing him to use the power at will. NOTE: please follow our forums to find more information about the tyre model update: https://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/…oducing-the-5-point-tyre-model-for-acc.59307/ Tweaks on the tyre pressure loss on rough surfaces (kerbs, off road etc). Car collider tweaks for various models. Tweaks for all circuits asphalt abrasivity and tyre wear influence. Tyre wear tweaks Fixed tyre core temps not properly saved and loaded. Fixed incorrect tyre wear when restarting race after loading a saved game. Tweaks to weather temperatures and sun phase. Tweaks to water dissipation rates. Variability is adjusted so medium values give more medium weather change rates. Fixed a setup bug with wet/dry setups on session changes. Fixed bugs related to setup naming. Fixed a bug with speed limiter status in neutral gear. Multiplayer and Ratings: Automatic engines will start when the Pit Menu closes, so all engines should be on at the start of a formation lap. Rejoining a server while disqualified is now detected in all situations, locking down the car in the pitlane (instead of doing so on the straight after the first lap). “Speed up to 50kph” message will not trigger when starting in the pitlane. Pit menu selections now are more adaptive, also removing the “Setup” button as a spectator. Improved race weekend simulation to deliver more gradual grip differences for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Entering an empty server as a spectator will now properly start with the pitlane camera. Slightly increased the ping limit for CP servers. Fixed long formation lap to not allow waiting in the first sector. Doing so will ignore the first lap. Added server health diagnostics, usable in the UI for further client updates and as admin command. Added UI element (next to the tyre app) indicating server health stats, and colorful warnings for overloaded servers. Can be enabled via HUD options. Replaced “result” json outputs by a new structure containing more information like track, session data, all laps and all penalties. Json outputs now are also written when the session is advanced via /next command, or when the last player leaves and the server resets. Fixed the “rain” and “ambient” conditions setting having little to no influence on the dynamic weather. Adjusted the weather randomness to be closer to the Singleplayer “Variation”. Value range now can be used in a better way, where 1 – 5 should result in plausible weather. Activated the entryList setting “defaultGridPosition”, allowing to resume a race any time (any Q session will overwrite the positions, but P->R would not). Added “dumpEntryList” flag, usable on non-public servers. It will save all connected cars and drivers to a entrylist.json when a Q session is finished. Added admin command “/manual entrylist” to save an entrylist of the currently connected cars and drivers (on a non-public server). Fixed total race time having an offset in result jsons. Fixed player Ids not filled in the json results when defined by entry list. Fixed car category not being configurable in every scenario (using the entry list). Collisions during the race wait time won’t affect the SA rating. Removed randomization from wrong tyre warnings. Server performance and timing improved (massively). Server logfile is now readable while the server is running. Updated server admin handbook version 3.
  20. VR, DirtFish & Patch Notes: Version 1.7 of DiRT Rally 2.0 VR: Added support for OpenVR (Steam version only) Content: New Location: DirtFish (Test Drive only) New Livery: DirtFish – SUBARU WRX STI NR4 New Livery: DirtFish – Opel Adam R2 New Livery: DirtFish – Ford Fiesta OMSE SuperCar Lites New Livery: DirtFish – BMW E30 M3 Evo Rally New Livery: Per-Inge Walfridsson – Lancia Stratos Leaderboards: Resolved issue where negative times were being displayed on Leaderboards. My Team: Tyre compound choice will no longer reset to Medium after every Stage. Clubs: Added support for more scheduling options when setting up Club Championships. Cars: Added Turbocharger audio to Lancia Delta S4 (Rally). Resolved texture error on Ford Escort RS Cosworth. Resolved texture error with bonnet underside on Citroën C3 R5. Resolved issue with Porsche 911 RGT Rally Spec’s brake lights not working. Improved appearance of ŠKODA Fabia Rally (Up to 2000cc) tail lights and spoiler. Locations: Bikernieki, Latvia – Corrected grid slot ordering for Rallycross Heats Bikernieki, Latvia – Resolved issue where starting lights would not activate. Bikernieki, Latvia – Resolved collision issue with specific rumble strip. Łęczna County, Poland – Improved lighting effects on grass. Łęczna County, Poland – Corrected time of sunset from 04:16 to 18:55. UI/UX: Resolved issue where Engine Upgrades 5 and 6 for Peugeot 205 T16 Rallycross were inverted. Resolved issue where ghost targets were not tracking correctly on Stage progress bars. Achievements/Trophies: Made fixes to certain issues preventing “Adaptable” from unlocking. Localisation: Portuguese – Correction to text translation of “Hard Tyres”. German – Correction to text message for when users load a Tuning Setup. Spanish – Corrected co-driver callouts for certain turns on Polish stages. Miscellaneous: Added official support for Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2 (AO) on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. General stability improvements and minor bug fixes throughout the game. And finally, some updates on hot topics within the DiRT community: There are no plans to add PlayStation VR support to DiRT Rally 2.0. Issues where audio cuts out mid-Stage are currently being worked on and should be resolved in a future update. Issues where Tuning Setups revert to default when taking part in Club Events are are currently being worked on and are expected to be resolved in the next update (1.8).
  21. Έχω το Oculus rift CV1, το οποίο είναι σχεδόν προηγούμενο μοντέλο από το S. Λεω σχεδόν γιατί ουσιαστικά περιμένουν να βγει το Oculus 2 που θα έχει σημαντικές διάφορες! Για πρώτη φορά θα συμφωνήσω ΑΠΟΛΥΤΑ με τον άσχετο σε ότι αφορά την αίσθηση και τον ρεαλισμό, όταν χρησιμοποιείς VR! Τα λέει όλα, αν και δεν μπορούν να ειπωθούν αλλά μόνο να τα βιώσεις για να καταλάβεις την τεράστια διαφορά. Θα μπορούσα να πω ότι είναι σαν να βλέπεις ταινία ασπρόμαυρη του Βωβού κινηματογράφου και μετά να τρεις τον πόλεμο των άστρων, με υπερπαραγωγή έγχρωμη από το Χόλιγουντ (και βάλε)!!! Το μόνο «μείον» που εντοπίζω είναι η ζεστη, όχι τόσο από την προσπάθεια, η οποία προέρχεται από την λειτουργείς των οθονών που βρίσκονται ακριβώς εμπρός από τα μάτια σου σε κλειστό περιβάλλον. Υπάρχουν όμως λύσεις για αυτό (διάφορες μοντες) αν και πιστεύω ότι πολύ σύντομα θα βγουν και από τους παραγωγούς. Τα γυαλιά του Φιλοθεου είναι αναβάθμιση σε σχέση με τα δικά μου, στον τομέα των γραφικών που μειώνουν πολύ το screen door effect, αλλά και επειδή χρησιμοποιούν LCD οθόνες αντί για OLED. Για να μην βιώνεις όμως καταστάσεις sickness πρέπει να είναι ΟΚ ο οργανισμός σου, αλλά κυρίως να έχεις ΠΟΛΥ ΚΑΛΟ υπολογιστή σε ΟΛΑ του τα κομμάτια! Πολυ θετικά ακούγονται και για την πρόταση της Valve (steam), αλλά και για την πρόταση της HP η οποία θα κυκλοφορήσει το φθινόπωρο ως τελική έκδοση. Το κόστος για αγορά ΝΕΟΥ εξοπλισμού, θα είναι δυστυχώς πάνω από €600, αλλά για εμένα είναι το ίδιο καθώς για να παίξεις με 3 καλές οθόνες χρειάζεσαι τα ίδια χρήματα. Φιλοθεε ΚΑΛΟΡΙΖΙΚΟ ρε φίλε!!!
  22. World Fastest Gamer 2 Two years ago rFactor 2 was used in the inaugural World’s Fastest Gamer competition, with rFactor 2 champion, Rudy van Buren becoming overall winner! Now with an incredible prize on offer, here’s your chance again! Registration is now open, dive into the rFactor 2 World’s Fastest Gamer qualifier and set a time to get into the top 20. If you make it, you will taking part in an intense race with a $10,000 prize pool – the winner then joins the 8 finalists for the live shows! Qualifying Results
  23. Λοιπόν, θα τοποθετηθώ επί του θέματος στο όνομα που ακούει VR. Κατάφερα καθαρά από τύχη να αποκτήσω -από κάποιον που του προξενούσε ζαλάδες- το Oculus Rift S σε πολύ καλή τιμή σχεδόν τζάμπα. Μιλάμε για συσκευή 5 ημερών... Λοιπόν, για μένα ήταν θέμα γιατί τώρα δεν μπορώ να έχω τις τρεις οθόνες. Οπότε αναγκαστικά θα πήγαινα σε λύση VR, αλλά όχι να δώσω και 600€-800€. Και να τα είχα δεν θα τα έδινα. Μέχρι 400€ το πολύ θα έδινα. Δοκίμασα το rF2 και μόνο στα GT3, ειδικά την Porsche. Tην πρώτη φορά είχα ζαλάδες γιατί έτρεξα στην Mid Ohio που έχει ανηφόρες κατηφόρες, τυφλές με ανάβαση και στροφές κ.τ.λ. Kαταρχήν να πω ότι η αίσθηση ειδικά την πρώτη φορά που κάθεσαι μέσα στο αυτοκίνητο είναι χωρίς λόγια. Ειδικά αν το μοντέλο είναι με λεπτομέρειες απλά μένεις χαζός. Μετά η οδήγηση, που όπως είναι γνωστό τρέχω με όλα βγαλμένα όπως και τιμόνι και στο rF2 είναι σαν να είσαι μέσα. Αλλά κύριοι, ιδρώνεις πολύ, έχεις άμεση επαφή με το αυτοκίνητο και λειτουργείς αλλιώς από ότι όταν τρέχεις με οθόνες. Προσωπικά ίδρωσα πολύ και κουράστηκα, σαν να οδηγούσα αληθινό αμάξι. Το αίσυημα είναι τέτοιο, που είναι πράγματι σαν να είσαι μέσα. Ειδικά στις δοκιμές κοιτούσα επάνω δεξιά τον καθρέπτη όπως στις αληθινές καταστάσεις, ή κοιτούσα δεξιά, αριστερά ή στις στροφές κοιτούσα αλλιώς όπως θα έκανα με το αληθινό αυτοκίνητο. Περιττό να πω, ότι από εδώ και πέρα ΜΟΝΟ με VR. Στο ACC, μου άρεσε αρκετά γιατί εκεί είναι και η λεπτομέρεια μεγαλύτερη, αλλά το feeling και τα physics σου χαλάνε αυτήν την ωραία αίσθηση. Βέβαια εννοείται ότι μόνο θετικά μπορώ να πω και για το ACC που προσπαθεί και πιστεύω είναι στον σωστό δρόμο. Εγώ το υποστηρίζω από την πρώτη στιγμή που κυκλοφόρησε. Για να μην μακρηγορώ, θα πω μόνο ότι όποιος βγάζει χρόνους με το VR είναι χεράς, είσαι σε καταστάσεις ρεαλιστικές, βλέπεις μόνο το αυτοκίνητο, τον δρόμο και όλη αυτή η συνεργασία σε βάζει μέσα στον ρεαλισμό. Δηλαδή ότι και να πω τώρα δεν έχει νόημα, εκτός αν κάποιος δοκίμασε με VR. Αλλιώς ότι και να πω δεν θα γίνει κατανοητό. Σκεφτείτε μόνο ότι είσαι τελείως συγκεντρωμένοςμ γιατί με τα VR δεν βλέπεις έξω, δηλαδή δεν έχεις επαφή με το περιβάλλον του δωματίου. Αλλά όπως είπα μόνο αν δοκιμάσετε. Δεν ξέρω αν ο γρουσούζης μπορεί να το θέσει καλύτερα ή να το εξηγήσει καλύτερα.
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