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  3. Alpine Series by EnduRacers Modding Team's The Alpine Series rF2 mod is the result of a successfull collaboration with Signatech Alpine team. It does feature 2 specifications of the new Alpine A110 model, the Cup version wich is raced, in particular, in the Alpine Europa Cup championship, and the GT4 version that can be seen in GT4 Challenge all around Europe. The models have got a high level of detail, based on the original CAD files, and includes the most advanced rFactor2 technologies such as PBR bodywork shaders, advanced physics and tyres behavior, full rain suppo
  4. Changelog version 0.32 : v0.32 (2021-01-15) - Optimized 3d grass, removed 30% of mesh that is far away from main view, there should be very little visual difference. - Removed all unused AI waypoints from each rally stages. Car positions now correctly displayed on monitor map. Note: the straight line on new UI map is not a bug, AIW must be a closed circuit to have AI working correctly.
  5. v1.11 - Fixed custom window banners not showing - Added 'windshieldin' template: ads the ability to skin the inside of the window banner Note: windshieldin.psd and windshieldout.psd replaces window.psd.
  6. build 1.44 - updated to new IBL/PBR 4096X4096 all cars - replaced old UI icons and added new web UI icons - updated HDV files for improving AI behaviour and some fix to the clutch - new public body template (PBR) OP updated
  7. V1.1.0.4 CHANGELOG GENERAL Reduced pit speed limit of historical classes from 120 km/h to 100 km/h to minimise issues with AI overshooting its pitbox Disabled mandatory pitstops in GT1 90s Championship UI & HUD Fixed issue where UI would become unresponsive when restarting a race from the post session leaderboard screen Lobbies now always use descending order when sorting lobbies by player Custom even screens now display full vehicle name instead of abbreviated version Fixed English label on FFB GAIN INCREASE mapping Added GT1 HUD icon
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  9. Τι ποίημα είναι αυτό. Έχω μείνει έκθαμβος. Παρακαλώ η english version να δημοσιοποιηθεί στα forums και social media του SRW. Εύγε Κύριε. Δείχνεις το δρόμο...
  10. Δηλώσεις μετά τον αγώνα (οδηγός: mad_dog) Είμαι άνθρωπος που δεν κάνει δηλώσεις μετά τους αγώνες γιατί τα έργα και οι πράξεις μιλούν από μόνες τους. Κατέβηκα σχεδόν χωρίς προπόνηση με τους άσπονδους εχθρούς μου να με περιμένουν στην γωνία ελπίζοντας να κάνω το λάθος. Ενας Πιλότος δεν κάνει ποτέ λάθη και τίποτα δεν είναι τυχαίο, οι αλλαγές ταχυτήτων, το τιμόνι και η αισθηση του γκαζιού με το φρένο μοιάζουν περισσότερο με χορο μπαλέτου παρά οδήγηση. Και όμως ένας Πιλότος όταν οδηγά το θέαμα που μένει και αφήνει να πλανάται είναι λες και βλέπεις μια χορογραφία στην άσφαλτο. Οι κινήσ
  11. Σαφώς, αγαπητέ φίλε και συνάδελφε. Και αναμένουμε το review σου με αγωνία. Και στα Αγγλικά αν γίνεται. ** Βλέπεις πως σου φέρομαι. Καταλαβαίνεις γιατί.
  12. Tauplitzalm Bergpreis [AUT] LOCATION (START AREA) Steiermark -Austria Tauplitzalm Bergpreis PROGRAMMA - TIME TABLE TIME ATHENS GREECE (GMT +2) 25/01/2021 free practice 20:00 start of qualify / TIME ATHENS GREECE (GMT +2) 19:00 CET 22:00 start of the first car (warm up session) - first stage / TIME ATHENS GREECE (GMT +2) 21:00 CET - second stage (restart warm up session) -*third stage (restart warm up session) - end of race
  13. Changelog: v0.31 (2021-01-13) - Realroad now enabled with wet support. No changes to base grip level (green road is the same as before). Note: First time loading is also significantly longer due to Realroad preparation, and none default "time scale" setting may also cause performance issue. - Re-split and merged over 2000 gmt files for real road, added and reworked many materials. - Moved all pit spots to the real pitlane, it's now possible to serve penalty without completing a full lap. Note: If starting from garage (any none Race session), entering pit woul
  14. Release12 available. Changelog: fix: crash at startup fix: tyre simulation on wet asphalt fix: multiplayer tyres collisions fix: limited tyres sets fix: garage tyre pressure range when changing compound fix: dynamic track surface groove and marbles saved and restored in track layouts, too fix: wet track surface rendering error fix: rendering performance improvements fix: UI lists sort slowdown new: support for soft collisions new: heading and head tracking now work in the external view, too new: option to limit a serv
  15. Update details:Download size = 1.0 GB Client version = Client BuildID = 6069362 Dedi version = 70.0.1238 Dedi BuildID = 6025985 Changelog: Missed from December patch notes: After an exploit had been found with pit lane speed limit tolerances (where players would be seen in the pit lane without the limiter on to gain a small advantage by going slightly above the limit), that tolerance was reduced. This has caused some reports of harsher pit speed penalties, which have felt unfair at times. While we look into improving on those cases, players can seek to adapt and adjust
  16. @andre δηλώσεις μετά τον αγώνα επιτρέπεται ?
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  18. Στην παραγωγή ξανά το Ford Escort Mk2 https://www.autotriti.gr/data/news/preview_news/Sthn-paragwgh-ksana-to-Ford-Escort-Mk2_211889.asp
  19. Changelog: v0.30 - Fixed one missing texture. - Added new rally stage sign boards (start & finish). - Moved a camera man away from middle of road. OP updated
  20. Nürburgring (2018) Timing from Lap 1 (due to the update of the base component to 2.20/2.21) 2 Versions for the 24h, Endurance and Combined Layouts, that are named with ...Timing P and ...Timing P+Q, to mark in which Session(s) the Shortcut Timing works http://www.mediafire.com/file/z20yk1aj0dsfq91/Nurburgring24H_NES_Com_NOS_inst_timing_2.22time.rfcmp/file
  21. Nurburgring v2.21 Removed Tents from Arena section on Endurance Layout
  22. rFactor 2 Update Client build ID: 6045847 Dedicated server build ID: 6045848 Change Log Fixed an issue with software vsync not strictly adhering to the actual limit in the UI. Several improvements to VR rendering in the UI that should eliminate the flickering people saw. Added a missing error prompt in dev mode if some file was missing. Changed a timeout value when interacting with Steam to not give up as easily.
  23. GTE Update - January 2021 Aston Martin Vantage GTE v1.65 Weight penalty reduced by 2kg for the standard package, Engine power/torque output increased by 2%, Tweaks to aero draft dropoff (reduces excessive oversteer in close drafting) Added trackconfig.ini to upgrade.rfcmp. Aero upgrades should now be forced based on track. BMW M8 GTE v2.19 Fuel tank capacity reduced by 1L (to 99L) for the standard package, Tweaks to aero draft dropoff (reduces excessive oversteer in close drafting) Added trackconfig.ini to upgrade.rfcmp. Aero upgrades should
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