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  2. The Race All-Star Series S02E05 - ft. Fernando Alonso, JP Montoya, Jenson Button, + LOADS more! Ο Alonso οργώνει. Δύο στα δύο. Στο δεύτερο ξεκίνησε τελευταίος.
  3. Kart Racing Pro release11c Changelog: fix: race start sound new: testing day results export
  4. Changelog V0.9.5.1: UI Fixed spectator leaderboard position text always being forced to the wrong color. Applied HUD style leaderboard to Replay/Monitor Screens Fixed disabled ‘View Replay’ button displaying instead of ‘Save Replay’ button in MP session results screen Fixed Time Trial Pause Menu leaderboard not displaying correctly Added identification for dedicated servers in the browser list Multiplayer sessions now default to cockpit view in race session countdown (to avoid bug leading to players being stuck in TV cam) Fixed Monitor camera switcher not working after changing cars Force Feedback Steering rack damping no longer passes through Low Force Boost setting (more consistent damping) Fixed error in parking force script Adjusted locktstop strength Fixed issue with recently added FFB filter occasionally behaving unpredictably Fine-tuned all car-specific max force & smoothing levels to suit latest FFB system revisions, bug fixes as well as latest tyre physics developments Physics Revised tyre tread physics for Opalas, F-Vee, F-V12, F-V10, Caterhams, ARC Camaro, Super V8 Slight adjustments to all wet tyre compounds Increased carcass load stiffness for incremental tyre pressure adjustments in F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, Caterhams, ARC Camaro, Super V8 Fixed bug causing downshift protection system not to work properly Adjusted shift tolerances for semiauto boxes (to avoid neutral – 1st gear not engaging in high revs) Enabled anti-stall for cars with modern semi-automatic boxes & karts with torque converters / centrifugal clutches Revised engine inertia for V8, V6 engines Reduced default steering lock for light formula cars, prototypes & Super V8 AJR: Revised rear wing aero efficiency MCR 2000: Revised rear wing aero efficiency F-Ultimate: revised front suspension damper rates, diffuser yaw sensitivity Stiffer default front ARB for P1 prototypes, F-Vee, F-Reiza F-Vee: fixed front left rebound damper range Hotcars: Increased engine output slightly; Adjusted track width, height offset, default roll bar setting F-Reiza: Adjusted diffuser center of pressure, default caster setting F-Classic Gen1&2: revised aero balance Superkart: Adjusted default tyre pressure & ride height Ultima GTR Road: Adjusted default differential settings, front ARB, CoG height & tyre load stiffness Fixed bug causing downshift protection system to not work properly in sequential cars that should feature it Adjusted Ultima GTR Street default differential, front ARB, CoG height & tyre load stiffness Adjusted MIT Lancer roll bar stiffness AI Further calibration of AI performance & rolling resistance for all cars Improved AI pitlane maneuverability Reduced Aggression scalar & brake performance for classic cars, club cars, GT & prototypes Fixed AI tendency to oscillate steering erratically running down longer straights Fixed Roco P3 excessive AI straight speed Reduced thresholds for AI to attempt overtaking in improbable circumstances Further reduced AI aggression scalars & brake power Further reduced AI overtaking boost under braking Audio F-V10: Adjusted Traction Control sounds Sigma P1: revised engine sounds, engine/turbo/blowoff volume balanced Tracks Updated Livetrack racing groove shader to become more visible as track rubbers up Vehicles Further revisions to visual brake glow ranges F-Reiza: Revised liveries & added different carbon materials, stickers and logos, t-cam color, spec map for all cars F-Trainer: Added suspension animation (external) F-Trainer: New liveries/updates/redesign 01# #02 #03 #04 #05 #06 #07 #08 #09 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20 #25 #26 #33
  5. To έχει κανείς από εσάς ?
  6. Launch of the Radical SR3 XX There’s been a lot of announcements and fresh new content to play with lately, but we’re far from finished. Today it is time to introduce you to a truly unique choice for race drivers, combining everything you want in a race car. Fast, lightweight, nimble and with the looks to ensure that you won’t go unnoticed on any server. Our world is an evolving and developing place. Motorsport is continuously moving forward. So is sim racing and technology in general. To be a front runner, you have to always stay on top of this movement. Being up the front is exactly where the new Radical SR3 XX belongs. It’s not just a faster but also a smarter car! So we are proud to collaborate with Radical Sportscars on its launch. You can read all about it on their website: the world’s best selling race car just got smarter! The SR3 XX is the evolution of the best-selling race car in the world, the SR3 which was first introduced in 2001. While the styling mostly remained untouched with just a few key elements setting the XX apart from its predecessor, underneath it’s an all new track weapon. Radical knows that not just the car needs to evolve to be quicker, but that also drivers need the best tools to move forward and develop themselves. That’s the reason for all the new bits and pieces mainly by provided by AiM. The first thing noticed by drivers as most prominent change is probably the new steering wheel. A brand new Formula style steering wheel, fully packed with technology normally only found in high-level single-seaters and Le Mans Prototypes. Functioning basically as the HUB, the new AiM steering wheel now gives the driver access to all kind of new functionalities to access, evaluate and analyze data, helping to improve on track. The fresh SR3 XX is still powered by the 4th Gen RPE-Suzuki engine including a dry sump oil system as standard. The power plant is hooked up to a six-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shift and auto-blip function, a Quaife limited-slip differential taking care of getting enough traction out of the corner. With only 620 kg total weight, the Radical SR3 XX is the perfect tool to carve your way through all kind of combinations of corners. You can buy the car now in our Steam Store! We will be hosting a launch event later today, details of which are towards the bottom of the announcement on Radical’s site.
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    OW_F1 2019

    O @mad_dog είναι νυχτοπούλι μάγκες...
  10. 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual: This will be a unique race. https://24virtual.lemansesports.com/ The simulation platform will be rFactor 2, by Studio 397, which will host a maximum of 50 cars, divided between the LMP and GTE categories: in detail they will be 30 LMP and 20 GTE, with manufacturers such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, Corvette, Porsche and Toyota , but also top teams like Penske, Rebellion, Signatech, JOTA, WRT, Team Project 1, United Autosports and many others. On the grid there will also be the top teams in the simulations, such as Redline, Veloce, Williams Esports, Zansho and others.
  11. New York E-Prix Track This month is not over until Studio 397 sings the Blues! But before we do that, we have a substantial track update for you, as well as a brand new track, situated in the Big Apple! We’re proud to once again bring you great AAA Formula E content. Straight off the release of Berlin, released just last week, we’re on a roll so… no sleep til Brooklyn! As a city and as an idea, New York conjures up so many cliches: it’s endlessly diverse, frantic and always on the move. New York is the hyper active soul of America – to put it another way…it’s full of “energy”! The Formula E-Prix taps into this spirit where New York becomes not just back drop but a unique place to host world class high level racing, for that reason this ePrix easily classifies as one of the most iconic stops on the road to the championship. Red Hook at the Brooklyn Harbor hosted the double-header championship finale of the ABB FIA Formula E Season 2017/18 as well as 2018/19. New York as a racing circuit is much like surviving in the city, keep your head down stay on your toes, blind turns come off high speed and will catch you out quicker than you realize if your line is off by even a little. As always we’ve gone to great lengths to capture the atmosphere accurately in rFactor 2. Everything from the precise terrain coloration and wear, to the objects and buildings (even the very far off ones!) are placed exactly as they are in real life – you can even see all the way out to New Jersey! Take on the challenge, 2.32 km of pure street racing, while enjoying a unique view of yes, the Statue of Liberty. Welcome to New York! https://store.steampowered.com/itemstore/365960/detail/48/
  12. v.1.61 - new aphalt textures - new dubble curbs - rain layout by Emerico - material edit and repair - curbs edit - objects LOD optimazinig and many more..
  13. andre

    F1 2020

    First Look Hanoi Circuit Να και η νεα πίστα στο Βιετνάμ
  14. Zandvoort 2020 Update At the start of the month, we introduced the new Zandvoort to you, still a preview at the time as, like the real track, some things were still under construction. In the past couple of weeks you’ve been providing us with a lot of feedback, as did some racing driver that were the first to drive some laps on the new track. All of this lead to the update we are releasing today, fixing several bugs and polishing a lot of details on and around the track. The track itself was slightly adjusted in several places. We lowered the bump just after turn 3, changing the entry towards turn 4. We also changed the paddock layout and added garage positions for up to 45 cars. Around the track we installed the latest Tec-Pro and safer barriers and we fixed a few small holes and other anomalities in the mesh. We also ensured that even cars with very low ground-clearance no longer collide with some of the curbs along the track. Brand new AI was added. They perform a lot better now, and we added track marshals and officials around the whole track. Several new objects were added in the areas surrounding the track and we added the night lights so you can also race the track in the dark. Finally we fixed some objects that were floating above the terrain and we did another pass to tweak draw distances of objects for better overall performance. While the 2020 grand prix has officially been cancelled, we will keep updating the track in the following year as construction proceeds. In the mean time, this version should give everybody a good impression of the track as it is now. Enjoy the races! And talk to you soon!
  15. andre

    OW_F1 2019

    Δοκίμασα την version 2.0. Πολύ grip. Μάλλον με την 2.2 αυτό διόρθωσαν. Κατά τα άλλα καλό. Workshop όχι άλλα από το επίσημο site https://www.acfligue.fr/acfl-f1-2019-free-mod-for-rf2/ Υπάρχει και αυτό https://www.pcgamingforum.net/forum/index.php?/topic/662-formula-simracing-2019-2020/ πιο δύσκολο αλλά ίσως πιο real; δεν ξέρω. Να στήσουμε κόντρες 2,5 άτομα; I dont no. Εγώ τελευταία έχω γίνει @mad_dog με το ωράριο. Της προάλλες μπήκα στον server σου (νωρίς βέβαια) και ξαναβγήκα.
  16. Formula SimRacing 2020 Car Version 1.10 Updated liveries Updated car options
  17. Jordan 191 – 1991 – v1.0 Ανακατασκευή; Άγνωστο. https://www.asrformula.com/mods/rfactor2/free-cars-rf2/jordan-191-1991-rf2/
  18. Introducing the Ferrari 488 GTE! The first Ferrari in rFactor 2 is no doubt a real milestone, it underscores our dedication to the evolution of ‘simracing’ for those that want the best and most accurate experience. We know you share that same excitement and anticipation, so with that we very proudly welcome the Ferrari 488 GTE to join the grid. With the official 24 Hour of Le Mans right around the corner, it is time for us to welcome the newest addition to the grid. With its 4,0-l-V8, the Ferrari 488 GTE will be a true contender for the win in the GTE class. The Ferrari 488 GTE is Maranello’s choice for the world of endurance racing. Scoring 490 HP on the dyno, the 4 litre V8 engine features a bi-turbo setup to create even power across the entire band of revs. Plenty of power to compete for the top position at the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. But power isn’t everything when it comes to the Ferrari, a fully tricked out aero package makes sure that the airflow is helping the 488 GTE to build as much down-force as possible, sending the air across the only 1.160 mm high bodywork right onto the rear wing and below through the diffusor, balanced out with a prominent front splitter, spanning across the entire width of 2.045 The Italian race car produces 650 nm in the GTE configuration while weighting in at 1.260 kg, making it a nimble and high revving option for endurance drivers around the world. The Ferrari 488 GTE program began in 2016, when the car was entered in the 2016 FIA World Endurance Championship, as well as in the GTLM class in the 2016 IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Championship. At the 24 hours of Daytona where the 488 made its competitive debut, it made a promising start, taking home a 4th and a 6th in a strong field of GTLM machinery. A further 4th position in Sebring and a first podium with a 3rd place in Long Beach marked a good opening phase to the American program. Meanwhile in Europe the factory outfit was about to start it’s first World Endurance Championship season with the new 488 platform. In incredible fashion the Ferrari 488 GTE took home a 1-2 finish at the opening round of the season at Silverstone. An incredible start to the season, that was followed with 2 more wins, 4 more second places and 4 third places across the two cars entered by Ferrari! This took Ferrari and the 488 GTE to the top of the World Endurance Cup for GT Manufacturers by the end of the season. In 2017 Ferrari once again scored most points of any manufacturer. Taking home 5 race victories, two of them being a 1-2 finish, and scoring a further 6 podiums marked a very successful season in WEC. Furthermore, Ferrari also took the GT World Endurance Drivers’ Championship in 2017, with James Calado and Alessandro Pier Guidi taking the 488 GTE to 3 wins and 4 podium finishes! Since the switch to a summer to summer calendar in 2018, the Ferrari 488 GTE added 3 more wins and 4 more podium finishes to it’s resume. Coming out of the 2017/2018 season, the defending champion went slightly changed into it´s first shakedown in Fiorano for the 18/19 season, the 488 GTE evo was born. With just minor details that had been touched, the endurance version of the 488 remains one of the high prospects no matter which grid it enters. We will be making further physics and Balance-of-Performance updates for the car over the next couple of weeks. Get this incredible car right now on our Steam Store
  19. panosdimip

    OW_F1 2019

    @andre το δοκίμασες ,είναι στο workshop? Αξίζει να στήσουμε τίποτα κόντρες μ αυτά ?
  20. Ferrari 488 GTE by Real Series Simulation Features: – 2019 IMSA GTD spec car body with GTE physics package; – 10 unique liveries (8 real ones and 2 for RSS); – Latest IBL car body shaders; – New IBL tires shaders; – Ferrari V8 Turbo engine sounds and real samples of shifting; – Realistic curbs sound samples; – GTE class physics with real aero, engine, gears and suspension data from Le Mans winning team; – Le Mans package; – Balanced physics to match S397 GTE class cars; – Rain effects for windows, lights glasses and main car body; – Exterior lights and position leds for GTE, GTLM and GTD classes; – Working interior LCD indicators; – Working lights and animated wipers for night and rain races; – S397 Latest features (tyre model, force feedback, lens flares). steam
  21. andre

    OW_F1 2019

    Log version 2.2 - updated physics - updated grip tyres OP updated
  22. andre

    WRC 9

    WRC 9 – More Rally Content Revealed Renault Alpine A110 Lancia Stratos Ford Escort MKII RS1800 Lancia 037 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evolution VW Polo R WRC Lancia Fulvia HF Porsche 911GT3 RS RGT Proton Iriz R5
  23. If you want to insall the game that is less that 1GB you can take a look at such games as Dota 2 which are played online and almost all data is saved on their servers as I know. Maybe I am wrong. This game is still popualr and ther a re a lot of tournaments and you ahve the ability to watch differnet competitons and read the dota 2 betting prediction to cheer on the particualr team.
  24. Steam Workshop Downloader https://www.steamworkshopdownloader.io/ Αν θες να κατεβάσεις mod από το workshop και δεν θες να κάνεις subscription. Το είχα δοκιμάσει παλιά και δεν δούλευε. Τώρα φαίνεται να δουλεύει.
  25. The Race All-Star Series - INDY! - ft. Fernando Alonso, JP Montoya, Button, Andretti + Ο Alonso πήρε και τα δυο οβάλ Indianapolis. Στον πρώτο αγώνα δυνατή μάχη με Button. Να βλέπεις τον Mario Andretti 80 χρονών να τρέχει... και να μιλάει για την σχέση του real vs sim στο Indianapolis 500 από όταν έτρεχε αυτός
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