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    Hi All! It's Piotrek from Klabater! If you have a moment, please check and/or support This is the Zodiac Speaking Kickstarter Campaign which is now live! This is the Zodiac Speaking is a spine-tingling fact-based dark story about a murderer who terrorized California in the late '60s and early '70s, developed by PUNCH PUNK. The game is already in an advanced stage of development but with a little bit more help from you, devs we'll be able to finish it sooner, launch it on consoles and add more languages! We feel it is a must-have if you liked narrative-driven games like Firewatch or The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Don't hesitate, support us and play the demo (available exclusively on Kickstarter)! This is the Zodiac Speaking is a true American crime story with the Zodiac killer is ingrained in American pop culture. And though, this game is by no means a homage to serial killers, it’s a story about their victims and the people who survived. This is the Zodiac Speaking was created by a team of award-winning writers, developers, and acclaimed musicians, please find more information on Kickstarter page! THIS IS THE ZODIAC SPEAKING KICKSTARTER
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    Mπορει να ερθει και το φιλαρακι του ειπε !!!
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    Ενας απο τους συμμετεχοντες του πρωταθληματος μας που θα κατεβει με το αυτοκινητο του,
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    Το amore σου ; Άντε να σε μάθει να οδηγάς.
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