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  1. 2020 Bentley Continental GT3 and GT3 BOP Release Luxury car makers are renowned for their classical lines, stylish interiors and comfortable driving experience. Elegance and poise are the undisputed king and queen of high end road car manufacturers, creating machinery that excels on long distance journeys to short hops around the many beautiful countryside’s of the world. The Bentley Continental GT was no exception to this expected practice, having been quickly regarded as one of the finest vehicles of its class following a public reveal back a
  2. Latest GT3 Updates (Includes BOP) Full Changelog: Aston Martin Vantage GT3 v1.71 BOP Fuel consumption tweaked to match reference for BoP Physics Reworked aerodynamics (more sensitive to changes in ride heights), Fix for radiator cooling options not showing properly in the pitmenu, Reduced engine inertia New default setup Added 10% steps for radiator cooling. In-car dash Added Engine Mixture levels Added ABS levels Added new alarms for low fuel and oil temperature Audi R8 LMS 2018 v1.75 BOP Reduced drag by ab
  3. Changelog: v0.25 (2020-09-16) - Fixed a floating tree (trees589.gmt). - Fixed clipping signs (scilla1,scitopl,scitopr,calta7,calta1,scilla02,scitopl01,scitopr01,rosi). Most of the clipping is caused by incorrect mesh normal (recalculated with 3dsimed or other 3d software for fixing). Commented out duplicated gmt entries in SCN. - Erased many duplicated materials (suffix name _MU,_CR). - Changed most of "Alpha Blending Transparency" material to "Alpha Chroma". - Reverted road grip value back to original. - All trackside crowds and vehicles are now visible in all sessions (as also
  4. Latest Build Update rFactor 2 - 1.1121 Now Available! Server Admins must update all dedicated servers Steam Build IDs Old UI (opt-out) Client build ID: 5508421 Dedicated server build ID: 5508423 New UI (public_beta) Client build ID: 5508141 Dedicated server build ID: 5508142 Includes Hotfix: 06-09-2020 We have just released a hot-fix update to build 1121 that was released on Friday. That release turned out to have a small memory leak when in an online session, both on the client and on the server. After this problem was discovered on Saturday morning our deve
  5. GTE BOP September 2020 Changelog: Chevrolet Corvette C7.R GTE v2.47 Fix for wrong default differential preload New default setup Qualification fuel map as new default. Aston Martin Vantage GTE v1.57 Added +5kg weight penalty New default setup Approximately 1% more fuel consumption. Qualification fuel map as new default Approximately 0.6% less engine torque and power output. Corrections to damper travel in both directions (mainly on rebound, but also very minor to bump stops). Fix for camber adjustment step (now it's 0.1
  6. Roadmap Update August 2020 Waiting for the monthly roadmap has become a bit of a tradition on the last day of the month. Whilst some just keep an eye on our Discord server, others are known to keep hitting F5 in their browser to catch the first glimpse of the much anticipated news. And that’s great, because coming back to the roadmap each month gives us the opportunity to reflect on what we worked on, get an overview about what happened and enjoy what we accomplished, as well as look ahead at what’s to come. So let’s get started! Development
  7. Kyalami 2016 by heikki21 Kyalami 2016
  8. Ηταν και στο ασσεττο το παλικάρι απλα δεν εχετε παιξει πολυ ασσεττο
  9. Roadmap Update July 2020 Sometimes our roadmap is focused on a specific topic; sometimes it’s a huge box of surprises. Today’s roadmap feels like the latter. Actually, the beauty of rFactor 2, and probably one of the reasons why you love it, is that there’s not just one type of racing or motorsport — it can be whatever you feel like today. So let’s try to bring this vibe of spontaneity and surprise to the July roadmap, which features many different aspects of what we are currently working on behind the scenes. The first topic we want to talk ab
  10. Nürburgring (2018) v1.75 - Added new layout "Support 24H" - First optimization pass.
  11. Roadmap Update June 2020 Looking back at the month of June, you’re probably asking yourself, what could the crew at Studio 397 announce after a month with so many highlights? It’s exactly what we asked ourselves as well. We started the month building up towards what would become the biggest sim racing esports event ever, with millions of people watching the 24 hours of Le Mans Virtual on televisions and streams worldwide. You’ve likely also already heard about Portland, the new and free track for rFactor 2. You may have noticed, if you own our Endurance pack, the
  12. Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans (2018) v2.37 - Full update for latest lighting adjustments, including review of all terrain, barrier and foliage materials - Full review of night lighting, including glares and reflective surfaces - General optimization to assets - Updated Crowds - Updated various generic vehicles - Enabled large trackside TVs
  13. Celebrating the 24 hours of Le Mans Virtual The 24 Hours of Le Mans, an iconic event, representing the best of endurance motorsport. A real challenge lasting 1440 minutes of pure concentration. Even though racing for 24 hours sounds impressive enough already, this event is way more than that. It is a huge project with hundreds of people involved, all with the same passion: bringing one of the greatest and most demanding challenges in motorsport to the virtual world and into homes all around the globe. Without the help of those passionate people from our partners l
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