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Automobilista 2 is the culmination of a project developed over the course of nearly a decade. At its core, it is a comprehensive simulation of the brazilian motorsports scene, featuring all major brazilian racing series, race tracks and manufacturers.

Automobilista 2 will also celebrate Brazilian motorsports heritage by featuring some of the country´s most iconic heroes and achievements through its rich history in the sport. Packing an even larger roster of diverse cars and tracks than its predecessor, Automobilista 2 will venture further into the best of international motorsports, including prestigious brands such as Mclaren and BMW along with iconic venues such as Brands Hatch and Imola, at the same time continuing to explore the more exotic and exciting forms of motorsports from around the world.

Boosted by a new technical partnership with the developers of the award-winning Project CARS series, Automobilista 2 is built on the MADNESS engine, providing incredible graphical quality, the most advanced dynamic weather and track condition systems in a racing simulator and superior VR support, to deliver a substantial realism upgrade and a fully immersive visual experience.

With Automobilista 2 we aim to combine the strengths that made its predecessor unique with major evolutions in all areas. The sim will offer some exclusive features for both single player and multiplayer, which we look forward to sharing over the remaining months of development!



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Στο video ο τύπος λέει ότι έχουν τα physics από την μηχανή rF2 και τα γραφικά από το Project Cars 2.

Αν αληθεύει αυτό θα γίνει χαμός και είμαι περίεργος για το αποτέλεσμα. 

Θα μου πεις γιατί δεν πήραν τα physics του AC...

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Ο Ian Bell τους έδωσε το Project Cars 2 και πάνω σε αυτό θα φτιάξουν το AMS2, υπομονή μέχρι το τέλος του έτους να δούμε τα αποτελέσματα.

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2 hours ago, spyder said:

Ο Ian Bell τους έδωσε το Project Cars 2 και πάνω σε αυτό θα φτιάξουν το AMS2, υπομονή μέχρι το τέλος του έτους να δούμε τα αποτελέσματα.

Nαι αλλά στο παραπάνω video ο τύπος είπε ναι μεν η μηχανή PC2 για τα γραφικά, αλλά μίλησε για μηχανή physics από rF2 ! Eκεί είναι το ζουμί. Επίσης πήγε σε μηχανή PC2 γιατί τα έχει όλα, δυναμικό δρόμο, βροχή και κύκλο 24 ώρες.

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@spyder δεν θα έχει mods το καινούργιο Automobilista 2. Δεν το βλέπω θετικά ως project. Την μηχανή physics rF2 δεν θα την αποκτήσουν, δεν την δίνουν το S397.

Mε λίγα λόγια ότι χτιστεί θα χτιστεί στην μηχανή PC2, ένα sim που δεν έχω τρέξει ποτέ. Αν δεν έχει μηχανή rF2 από πίσω δύσκολα τα πράματα. Το AM1 είχε επιτυχία γιατί είχε την μηχανή rF1.


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Mods πλέον μόνο στο AC και rF2. Το DLC στο rF2 το βγάλανε για να δούν αν μπορούν να δουλέψουν το gmotor 2.5 και τα βρήκαν σκούρα με τα λάστιχα γι'αυτό δεν το επιλέξανε. Ο Neils Heusinkveld λέει ότι είναι τόσο δύσκολο να τα φτιάξεις που πρέπει να έχεις ντοκτορά στα κομπιούτερ.
Οπότε πήγαν στη λύση του PC2 που η βάση του είναι gmotor 2, ότι έχει μείνει απ'αυτή γιατί στο PC2 την έχουν αλλάξει πολύ σε σχέση με το PC1. Εχει μοντέλο ελαστικού ονόματος SETA είναι παρόμοιο με του rF2 λένε, τουλάχιστο είναι το μόνο που οπτικά έχουν πετύχει το deformation-λύγισμα.
Το PC2 που είχα δοκιμάσει είχε κάποια καλά αμάξια, FFB που έμοιαζε λίγο rF2.
Στο Automobilista 2 θα μεταφέρουν όλο το περιεχόμενο από το Automobilista συν 4 πίστες και 5 αμάξια απ'το PC2 και φυσικά θα ακολουθούν το DLC σύστημα εισερχόμενων κερδών :P
Ο Neils δεν θα βοηθήσει στη φυσική γιατί δεν γνωρίζει τη μηχανή του PC2 και έχει πλέον ρήξει όλες τις ώρες του στη μπίζνα του.

Είμαι περίεργος με το αποτέλεσμα, θα δούμε τα Χριστούγεννα.

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Automobilista 2 - the new & improved Formula Classic

You may recall from the AMS2 intro trailer that we already have a few historical Mclaren F1 cars lined up for release in AMS 2 (a lot more to come on that front) - as exciting as it is to be bringing those great classics back to life in AMS2, we find it´s important to give them some proper competition to race against.

Enters the new, improved and substantially expanded F-Classic series, going from one single model from AMS1 to a total of six, fully scratch built models, spread over 3 generations covering different regulations and engines ranging from massive 1400 BHP monters, to glorious sounding V10 and V12 3.5l with everything in between.

This means teams will have unique performance and handling providing a lot more variety and very real challenges within these fictional series. Other fictional series from AMS1 will receive similar treatment for AMS2.

Updating car and track assets for AMS2

With AMS1 being limited by its 32bit architecture and some of its cars and tracks showing its age, porting them over to the Madness engine is far from a copy&paste move - all cars and tracks from AMS1 in fact need substantial rework to be suitable for the new engine, and with AMS1 featuring a roster of over 50 unique tracks and over 40 vehicle models, upgrading and exporting most of these into the new engine is by itself a project of massive scale. To the team´s credit we are not only managing it within schedule, but doing so parallel to development of new cars and tracks.

We spent a good chunk of August focusing on doing these updates, ranging from creating new trackside objects, upscaling models and remapping textures to a complete top-to-bottom overhaul, to outright remodelling them from scratch in the case of the most dated assets.

The upgrades while considerable may still alow sharper eyes to tell which are not quite to the same level of the fully scratch-made models, but they should hopefully be enough to reduce the difference to almost negligible, ensuring we retain a consistency across all cars and tracks, which is crucial on several levels.

As in previous updates we´ve dedicated a lot of space to presenting how we have been going about upgrading old content and bridging the gaps from one engine to another - this has obviously been a big part of AMS2 development so far, in order to ensure it´s a natural progression from AMS1.
005 (1).jpg
This however will be it for talking about the familiar stuff - from next month onwards we´ll start presenting a bit more about what´s fresh incoming with Automobilista 2 - features, physics and of course, some of the new cars and tracks that will come on initial release and beyond - those taking part in the AMS2 Early Backing Campaign can be assured the funding boost is being put to good use :)

That´s it for August! I´m out now to catch some of the ongoing track action and then to check out what´s going on at the Sim Expo - we just missed making it with Automobilista 2 this year, but Reiza is still present with some partners running Automobilista 1. If you spot me with an Automobilista 2 shirt walking about feel come say hello

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Reiza November 2019 Development Update

Hello everyone, and welcome again for a new edition of our monthly Development Update!

It´s hard to believe it´s already November! It was afterall around this time last year that we had committed to switching to the Madness engine for Automobilista 2 after a couple of months of experimentation, and what an intense year it has been since :)

As we approach the end of the road for 2019, we can´t help but be proud of what´s been achieved this year. The whole team has been pushing like mad and even though we didn´t quite make our ambitious plan for an initial release in December and while there is still a lot of work to be done, I feel we can be happy with the progress that has been made and confident that AMS2 will reach its initial release time in the shape we had hoped it to be in 12 months ago.

That doesn´t mean slowing down any time soon - as was the case with AMS1, the initial release of AMS2 won´t be the end of development but rather the end of the beginning. We have an intensive development plan already mapped out through 2020 all they way into 2021, filled a bunch of very exciting things we´re really looking forward to share with you all, but that unfortunately can´t just yet :p

While we continue pushing, we are getting closer closer to AMS2 initial public release and with that in mind our goal is to wrap for the holidays in December with a solid Alpha build, leading into a solid Beta release in February closed to Reiza Backers, before finally reaching official release later in March.

To that end, here´s a recap of some of the work done over the last month.

Force Feedback Development

In last month´s Dev Update we touched upon the development of a new FFB system, which I´m happy to say has been wrapped to very satisfactory results. Here are some words from our man @Domagoj Lovric summing up his work on this front:

"What forms the torque we feel on steering wheel? The torque acting on a steering system is attributed to reacting forces and moments on the tyre contact patch such as tyre load, lateral force, longitudinal force. These forces generate moment around steering axis, known also as "kingpin axis".

How much of an "influence" each of these forces has depends on mentioned steering axis, mainly inclination against vertical wheel line in longitudinal direction and inclination from a side view - better known as caster.

Aside from just taking angles into account, we also have (as consequence of this inclination) - steering axis projection on ground offset: scrub radius in lateral plane and mechanical trail (caster trail) in longitudinal. This moment around kingpin axis will transfer a force into the steering rack, via steering arm and tie-rod.
In a very simplified summary, these are the forces that are factored in AMS2 FFB - we are basically using complete front geometry to calculate force at steering rack, which makes it a natural successor to the Realfeel system we used in AMS1.

In real life, important additional factors to consider are internal friction and damping of all steering components, as well as potential power steering assistance. These and other factors will eventually compose the system as we continue to develop it over AMS2 dev cycle".

The Formula V12 hits the Track

One of our most popular releases in SCE / AMS was the Formula V12. The car was based off 1995-spec F1 regulations which imposed drastic aerodynamics changes following the tragedies of 1994. This led to the first cars of its generation producing far less downforce than at any other point from the early 80s to today. Combining that with a power reduction from 800 HP to around 650 HP as engine displacement was reduced to 3L meant that cars were more skittish, but overall less lethal.

Compounding the downforce loss, the regulation changes also led to mid 90s F1 cars becoming notoriously pitch sensitive, meaning aero balance would tend to shift considerably from front to rear depending front wing height. So the way to drive them fast specially through quick corners was to keep speed as high up and constant as the driver dared so the car´s attitude wouldn´t change so much and with it its aero balance, making it harder for its not-so large slicks to keep the nimble 605kg machines adhering to the tarmac.

That is one of the things that made Michael Schumacher such a standout performer relative to his peers over the course of that decade, as even though his driving style could on the surface appear wild and erratic due to the sheer volume of micro steering corrections mid corner, he was actually managing to keep the car in that higher, thin threshold of optimal aero performance that ultimately resulted in him achieving laptimes that would regularly embarrass his teammates with absurd gaps of 1-2s, specially on faster tracks.

It was an interesting challenge to try reproduce in the sim, and we felt we did a fairly good job of it in SCE / AMS´s Formula V12. A car with such sensitivity to minor inputs was always going to benefit from physics and FFB upgrades, so unsuprisingly it´s become one of the distinct highlights in AMS2 when combined with the more dynamic SETA tyre model, the higher input rates and now with a more unfiltered FFB system, resulting in a notably enhanced experience even with a lower level Force Feedback wheel - with a higher fidelity DD wheel it becomes positively organic.

It´s something that can only be properly appreciated from experiencing it - video previews are a poor substitute but since that´s what we can offer for now, here are a few laps of the F-V12 having its tyres literally flexed for a few quick laps around Kansai:


Here also you can also check out some of the latest shader developments from the track art team - while there´s much still we plan to achieve with this engine over the ongoing development cycle of AMS2, this is closer representation of what the game will look like on release.

Stock Car V8 - 40 years of History

This year has been a landmark season for the Brazilian Stock Car series as it completed 40 years since its debut season back in 1979. The championship is still raging on, with the final race of year due to take place on December 15th, as usual at its spiritual home Interlagos.

The series of course is with which 10 years go it all began for us too as it was the subject our debut title Game Stock Car, released in 2011. The series remain one of our flagships and in Automobilista 2 we will celebrate its 40 years of History, not only keeping the original Opala Stock Cars and the current Cruze prototype from 2019, but expanding it with the Chevrolet Omega from 1999:

It´s all too fitting then that 2020 will see the series´ first major technical revamp in 10 years with the introduction of a new manufacturer Toyota, with more expected to join the party in coming seasons as the series shifts to become more true to its name and use more "Stock" versions of the street cars, albeit still powered by custom mighty V8s.

Below is a preview of what the new car is expected to look like - this and its GM Cruze counterparts are expected to debut at Goiania in March 2020, and you may look forward to making their debut in virtual tracks with Automobilista 2 around the same time :)

The exciting new cars along with some of the main cars that made up its history in the past 40 years are only a part of what´s in store for this new chapter of the Reiza - Stock Car relationship - more exciting things to come here, so watch this space :)

Automobilista 2 Community Skins

A reminder that hose who join AMS2 Early Backing Campaign have the opportunity to become part of Automobilista 2 by creating their own livery for any of the various fictional or semi-fictional series in the sim:

Automobilista 2 is scheduled for release in March 2020. You may pre-order Automobilista 2 through the AMS2 Early Backing Campaign - more information on this program and how to participate here.

If you are looking forward to Automobilista 2 but would rather wait for release, you may opt instead to add the game to your Steam wishlist via the AMS2 Steam Store page. to receive email notifications upon release and other relevant news.

That´s it for November - now on to December! We look forward to catching up with you again next month for the final and exciting news of 2019 :)

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Reiza Studios January 2020 Development Update

Reiza Studios owner and project manager Renato Simioni has published the first Development Update for 2020. In this new writeup, Renato shares some more details regarding the ongoing Automobilista 2 development and included some fresh great looking AMS2 preview screenshots.

The Automobilista 2 racing title is scheduled to become available in March 2020.

Reiza Quote:

Hello again folks, here we are again for the first development update of 2020!

The year has started for us just like the last one ended – working flat out, with long night after long night testing everyone´s sanity :)

It has been another incredibly productive month, with further developments made in all fronts from vehicle to track art, Audio, Physics, AI, User Interface – all had one major development or another which is at once very exciting and but also stressful as every time there is a breakthrough it demands some amount of rework to re-assemble related parts around it, and there´s so much the schedule will allow until we get to a stable build for release…

The details of what´s going on in all these fronts would be enough to fill two articles and bore many of you to death – the important thing is that we have managed to reach the end of the month just inside our planned milestones so things continue to move decisively towards release at some point late in March.

So let´s look into some of the most exciting stuff to come together this past month:

AMS2 2020 2

User Interface Preview

It has been a long time coming but we are finally able to share a glimpse of the AMS2 User Interface – click on the thumbs to preview some of the main game screens:

AMS2 2020 5  AMS2 2020 7

AMS2 2020 8  AMS2 2020 9

Like all other areas, the UI is being developed with conservative short term goals in mind considering the relatively tight 16-month schedule since we started working with the Madness engine – further & more in-depth developments are planned for post-release, in any case, we believe this to be a solid baseline for what is to follow.

Please keep in mind that while the design is fairly definitive, some of what you see in these previews are still to be considered WIP – background images, panel artwork, and texts especially are still mostly placeholders, and elements may still move around a bit.

Initial DLC Packs Confirmed – Hockenheim & Silverstone


I´m very glad to confirm the classic Hockenheimring – host of the German GP 34 times will again feature in Automobilista 2 as the very first DLC Pack.

Just as in AMS1, the Hockenheimring Pack will feature 1977, 1988, 2001 and modern versions of the track along with the most relevant layout variants. This is the only AMS1 DLC that will be re-released again in AMS2 as a DLC – all other AMS1 DLCs will feature as AMS2 base game content on release.


Another World Class venue that we are thrilled to confirm for Automobilista 2 is none other than the spiritual home of British motorsports – the historical Silverstone Circuit is inarguably one of the tracks of richest heritage in motorsports, being the host of the very first World Championship GP in 1950 and having hosted 50 of them since and continuing to be one of the major venues for the most important series today.

Silverstone has received many reforms over the decades with major changes to the original layout – all of them managed to keep the track´s trademark high-speed nature and each featured their own unique charm one of the many reasons it´s such a great subject for this line of AMS2 DLCs. The Silverstone Pack will feature 1975, 1988, 2001 and modern versions of the track.

On top of these two packages – both to be released within the first 6 months of AMS2´s initial release – three more tracks are already confirmed as subjects of similar DLC packages over the following year. We won´t spoil all surprises just yet so feel free to speculate what these maybe. :)

Some may understandably find odd that DLCs are being announced before the game is even released – the reason being that we want to give a better idea of how base game content may differ from the DLCs and why they´ll (hopefully) be worth the asking price. Mainly this is something we owe to the Backers who already committed to the full AMS2 pack before they even knew what they were getting with it – it´s in large part thanks to them that some of these major licenses are already materializing at this stage.

This should also be a hint there are some major, not yet announced plans fo AMS2 in terms of content you can look forward to – a lot more of this iceberg than what has appeared over the surface so far.

AMS2 2020 4

Rest assured however we don´t plan to hold the suspense for much longer – by next month we will confirm the full content list to feature on initial AMS2 release.

Similarly to AMS1 we will again have a large content roster ranging from historical tracks and cars to complete modern series, karts, trucks and a whole lot in between – altogether adding to up just under 40 unique venues and classes and over 60 car models – most official, some fictional – with more to come still in time for release and a lot more beyond it. We also hope to outline to some of the main gameplay features (for single and multiplayer) we are working on.

AMS2 2020 3AMS2 2020 3

Final weeks to join the AMS2 Early Backing Campaign

Automobilista 2 is scheduled for launch in March 2020, and for a few more weeks you can still pre-purchase through the Early Support Campaign. – as mentioned above the revenue we raise from the Campaign sales contributes to securing new licenses as well as to the development of the game itself.

In addition to a good discount over the complete game package including the various DLCs and Expansion Packs that will be launched in the coming years, Backers also get access to our private forum to influence various development decisions, the opportunity to create their own car paintings and enter in the game as official drivers, and soon also Early Access to the game itself during the final weeks of Beta Testing!

You can find more information about the Campaign and how to participate here.

AMS2 2020 1

By this time next month Backers will already be able to hit the track as Automobilista 2 Beta is scheduled to become available to them on Steam in February 28th. We are pushing hard to deliver a solid and functional build for this Open Beta period, although naturally it shouldn´t be expected to be quite the finished article yet.

In many ways, V1.0 will also be a long way from final but rather just a baseline for what will follow – Automobilista 2 is a long-term project with a development plan that already goes well into 2022. Day 1 is just the opening lap of a very long race, and we are eager to get going!

Automobilista 2 Preview


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To πρώτο είχε επιτυχία γιατί ήταν στην μηχανή rF1. Εννοείται δεν έτρεξα ποτέ, υπάρχει rF2 αυτή την στιγμή, δεν έχει νόημα να γυρίσουμε πίσω.

Το δεύτερο πατάει στην μηχανή PC2...δεν ξέρω ακόμη δεν το έχω δοκιμάσει, δεν πιστεύω να το δοκιμάσω ακόμη, θα περιμένω μέχρι το καλοκαίρι που θα βγάλουν το πακέτο GT3.

Οι ήχοι θέλουν ακόμη δουλειά, για το FFB και τα υπόλοιπα δεν ξέρω.

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Beta 4 and 5 Now Available



Beta 5 Update Notes:


  • Implemented suspension setup screen
  • Added Anti-roll bar settings to quick setup
  • Fixed unselected label on advanced setup button


  • Further tyre model revisions
  • Revised body aero drag for all cars
  • Added & callibrated AI throttle delay per car
  • Fixed bug in which cars with a single all-weather compound would crash loading a raining session
  • Adjusted F-Ultimate throttle map & fixed balk torque
  • Fixed missing curb noise on some curb types


  • Revised pneumatic trail values & max steering rack force for each car (minor adjustments may still be required)


  • Fixed & adjusted range of AI throttle application for each car, improving performance balance vs player out of corners (function was fixed but not tuned in BETA4 causing a lot of misbehavior)
  • Adjusted AI to mitigate excessive number of T1 incidents (not enough, more to come)
  • Bumped up AI Aggression slightly for all cars, following further adjustments for behaviorial changes on aggression scale


  • Sprint Race V6: fixed pops and clicks on interior sounds.


  • Art passes for Imola & Imola 1972, Kyalami Historic, Donington, Interlagos, Montreal
  • Adjusted Weather/climate values,
  • Fixed start trigger at Interlagos which could first place to miss a lap on start
  • Updated Donington_GP TV cams
  • Added enhanced 3D road patch parameters to Donington, Kyalami Historic, Montreal


  • Fixed scaling error in Opala 3D model
  • Kart GX390 Race - fixed steering wheel axis
  • Formula V12 - fixed graphics glitch; RPM light, brakedisc glow, updated rear light

Beta 4 Update Notes:

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend all users, specially those with DD wheels to configure their FFB strentgh to lower values before launching BETA4, and increase them as they find suitable. The new pneumatic trail formula makes self-alining torque a lot more pronounced, which can make the wheel snap if your settings for BETA3 are a bit on the heavy side.

We also fixed an issue that was causing road & curbs to be less perceptible, so FX settings no longer enhance such forces, but only add vibration for engine, transmission and scrub. If you want a more pure FFB you may want to start by zeroeing out FX and experiment with small increments


  • Added Imola 1972


  • Initial implementation of SETUP screens (just initial fast edit & initial tab for now, to be complemented in BETA5)


  • Updated pneumatic trail calculation, now equal to what we had in AMS1 resulting in higher overall rack force and self aligning torque)
  • Added stoplocks for Accuforce / OSW / Simucube / Bodnar and other custom wheels (needs testing)
  • Adjusted "FX" FFB effects - no longer adds "fake" road noise after porting over AMS1 surface noise code - FX now adds engine vibe (modelled from crankshaft angular rotation) and tyre scrub (as an actual frequency coming from STM)
  • Removed redundant "flavour" FFB profiles, renamed as "TYPE" with only two options (Default / Custom)


  • Doubled tyre tread & width resolution in tyre model
  • Further revisions to tread & carcass load stiffnes for several tyres
  • Revised F-Vintage drivetrain
  • Adjusted brake torque of formula cars
  • Adjusted rain tyres (to be complemented in BETA5)
  • Adjusted gearbox damage & timings (to be complemented in BETA5)
  • Revised driving aids functionality & gamepad sensitivity multipliers (to be complemented in BETA5)


  • Various AI performance adjustments
  • Added AI Start variable to balance AI standing start performance vs player (only for cases where AI could launch much faster - this will be expanded in a future build to improve AI launch performance in cars that needs higher revs off the line)
  • Further adjusted AI Aggression scalars for anything that isnt a F1 car


  • Fixed some loop issues in F-Vintage V8 engines e
  • Fixed FClassic V8 missing external sound in chase view
  • Added ambient audio effects to all tracks
  • Lowered some impact sounds volume
  • Removed spotter voice when leaving pits


  • Kyalami Historic art & physics pass
  • Adjusted tarmac shader with added ambient reflections
  • Adjusted crowd shader
  • Small tweaks to atmosphere/sky
  • Physics / track limit revisions to Cascavel, Interlagos Brands Hatch
  • Adjusted night lights & added props to several tracks
  • Revised Adelaide Historic AI paths


  • Updated Copa Uno steering wheel mesh
  • Mitsubishi Lancer R: add LODs, add windscreen reflection
  • Mitsubishi Lancer RS: add windscreen reflection
  • More liveries added & updated for F-Classic Gen2, F-Reiza, Old Stock, Ultima Race, MRX, AJR cars


AMS2 Roadmap For Early Access




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Δεν με κέρδισε ποτέ το Automobilista...το πρώτο rF1 το δεύτερο Project Cars 2 μηχανή...

Μπορεί όμως να είναι καλό, θα δούμε όταν βγάλουν τα GT3

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AUTOMOBILISTA 2 Released in Early Access!


Automobilista 2 is finally here! We are very excited to be able to share what we have been working on all this time.

Please note that as an Early Access release the game is not yet complete - Time Trial & Championship mode are currently disabled but should become available over the first few weeks of Early Access.

Below are some further known common issues and limitations of:this initial release:

  • UI & HUD are still deep in development, and currently feature the essentials for all game modes to work - this will be expanded with new options & features over the course of EA, with same pages being completely redesigned.
  • Early Access is exclusively in English for the time being; Localization to other languages should only be added in time for the full Release.
  • Driver names, suits and helmets are generic for all series as the whole system is being reestructured (also part of requirements for a revamped Opponents settings and the Custom Championship Tool);
  • All 3D driver animations are still placeholders and may not fully fit the car yet;
  • Other Car-related 3D animations have not been exported which mean suspension arms are graphically static, damage is very limited and wiper are not operational
  • Some series still have WIP or placeholder liveries - these will be updated or expanded over the course of Early Access

The are many other substantial updates to every front of the game planned for Automobilista 2 throughout Early Access and beyond - we´ll be posting regular updates to inform what´s coming up the pipeline as we progress.



Default FFB settings are designed for Logitech G2X series - if you have wheels with stronger motors you should scale those settings down to avoid clipping.

A more detailed guide for FFB settings will follow up soon.




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Hotfix Notes:


  • Adjusted rain spray parameters - slightly longer draw distance & slower decay
  • Raised default Camera World Movement from 50 to 75, reduced G Force Effect from 50 to 25 (resulting in less default cockpit camera movement)


  • Added game version number to main menu screen
  • Desaturated Championship & Time Trial panels in Main Menu to better illustrate current unavailability
  • Adjusted order and included Start button in Test Day / Custom Event menu (allows pressing start button with cursor+ accept button as well as gamepad start button)
  • Added missing track background screens & trackmaps for Snetterton
  • Corrected F-V10 livery thumbnails


  • Slightly adjusted tyre tread physics for F-Classic Gens 2&3, SuperV8, MIT Lancer, F-Vee, Opala, Ultima GTR, Copa Truck, Caterhams, karts
  • Slightly reduced pneumatic trail for slick tyres & adjusted max steering rack forces to suit (results in slightly more consistent FFB)
  • Fixed error in suspension rates of SuperV8, Sprint Race which could lead to excessive bouncing midcorner and other handling woes
  • Adjusted differential locks for all Caterham models with LSD
  • Adjusted brake response curve & reduced default brake pressure to 90% for all cars
  • Fixed error in Ultima GTR Race rear brakes which would cause it to lock rear wheels easily
  • Reduced brake torque for Superkart
  • Fixed missing rear pre-warmed tyres for F3, Roco 001
  • Adjusted AI dry tyres for Caterhams, Touring Car Classics, Ultima GTR, ARC Camaro, F-Vintage, F-Trainer for more consistent performance vs player
  • Adjusted AI wet tyres for StockV8, Sprint Race, Superv8, Caterham, F-Classic, Touring Car Classics, F-Trainer for more consistent performance vs player
  • Fixed Chevette 5th gear ratio


  • Mitsubishi Lancer: Fixed windscreen textures issue
  • Ultima GTR: Fixed shifting animation (manual instead of paddles); Added chrome stripes to some liveries; Fixed wheels and exhaust vertex AO; Added backfire animations
  • Caterham 620R: Updated several liveries (adding some metallic variations)
  • Formula Vintage: Added missing lower LOD models (which could cause cars to disappear in lower car detail settings)


  • Jerez: Complementary art pass & fixes
  • Snetterton: Fixed curbs & added 3D marbles to both layouts

To users still struglling with brake sensitivity, please make sure to callibrate your controller to try ensure the full range is being correctly used.

AMS 2 hotfix update 2.jpg


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