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Kartkraft Early Access

Kartkraft Early Access – Build Released

The KartKraft development team continues updating the Early Access version of their Kartkraft karting simulator. Today Studio Black Delta released Build featuring some more fixes and new features.

The  Early Access version of KartKraft is now available on the dedicated Steam Store page at a special 10% discount launch price of 17,99€.



  • Reduced FFB latency,
  • Changed FFB filter algorithm,
  • Improved crowd rendering performance,
  • Fixed: Vertical navigation acceleration no longer persists after button release,
  • Fixed: Respawning no longer cycles the onboard camera,
  • Tuned Geelong Kart Club to appear dry,
  • Motion blur in photo mode now smoothly blends in after coming to a stop,
  • Optimization improvements.

New features:

  • Added slider to control crowd numbers,
  • Added frame rate cap.

About KartKraft

Laser scanned circuits

Feel your kart bend, twist and bounce on every bump, crack and kerb in the track as you drive on officially licensed circuits from around the world. Scanned with the same technology used in laser-guided missile systems, every surface is accurate to the millimeter. The only thing closer is real life.

Full customization

Build your kart from the ground up with over 60 components and 1000+ parts that all affect handling. Swap out axles, sprockets, carburetors, rims, hubs, torsion bars and many more. If you can see it, you can change it.

Showcase your style

Look the part and stand out from the competition. Kit up in the latest gear from Alpinestars, Arai, Freem, Momo, OMP, and Sparco with more being added during Early Access content updates. Dress the way you want by choosing the suits, gloves, boots, and helmets to show off your unique style.


Learn from the best as you climb your way to the top of the leaderboards in the ultimate hotlapping competition. See where you rank against your friends, your country and across the globe. With every lap recorded and uploaded to our servers in high-fidelity, see exactly where your competitor brakes, turns and accelerates to gain the edge and send them home.


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KartKraft Update Notes:


  • Reduced HUD processing time by 75%,
  • Improved driver animations,
  • Fixed bug causing the national leaderboard to appear empty intermittently,
  • Exhaust smoke particles are now only visible when the FX quality is set to ultra,
  • Removed foliage from all circuits that isn't visible when on the circuit,
  • Fixed collision on IPK brake rotors causing the kart to shake uncontrollably.

New feature:

  • Added minimal time trial mode which disables the ghost and only uploads your new time at the end of the session, if better than your previous time.

The new update should be available the next time you restart your Steam client.

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KartKraft has been updated today, adding AI to the simulation for the first time since official Early Access release.

New Features:

  • Added Quickrace game mode with up to 8 AI drivers (Anthony Abbasse, Gary Carlton, Bas Lammers, Lorenzo Luches, Remo Luciani, Jorge Pescador, Bart Price, David Sera)
  • Added trackside cameras in replay
  • Added floating player name tags for other drivers
  • Added distance travelled and total laps statistics


  • Fixed FFB/DirectInput bug causing effects to be downloaded to the device and restarted each update
  • Improved driver animation
  • Fixed excessive chassis rattle in replay mode
  • Fixed driver animation not rendering correctly in replay mode
  • Fixed temporal aliasing in replay mode
  • Further HUD optimisations
  • Fixed driver bounds bug causing some drivers to pop into the scene during the podium

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We’re back with the first update of the year and it’s one we can’t wait for you to try. Bringing beta VR support (beta) and the second iteration of the physics model with improved force feeback, we’ve also worked on improving performance across the board by 15%.

VR support (beta)

  • You can now use VR and WMR headsets via SteamVR or the Oculus runtime for those with Rift headsets. Although there is still much to add and improve, VR is a first-class citizen in KartKraft and will get as much focus as there has been on the rest of the game. As such, we want to hear your feedback on what you like, what you don’t, and what you think is missing. As a starting point, we recommend adjusting the graphics preferences until you achieve a stable view and high framerate before playing. VR view reset is mapped to triangle on most controllers by default, however you can rebind this in the input preferences.

Known issues:

  • No horizon lock/head simulation
  • Replay mode is inaccessible
  • HUD and driver names may not render
  • Menus may clip into world objects
  • Cinematics and menus may not all be VR compliant
  • Karts may be blurry when viewed up close. Workaround: Turn down post processing quality

Physics model i2

  • This build comes with the first major physics iteration since the release of KartKraft. Several bugs were identified and fixed, resulting in increased stability, less understeer and smoother FFB. Leaderboards have also been reset, given these changes.

Known issues:

  • Some kerbs will cause the kart to rollover much easier than was previously possible

Please restart your Steam client if the update isn’t already queued. We look forward to getting your feedback!

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Build is now live!

Hello Karting Enthusiasts,
The new version of KartKraft is already out on Steam! We are more than happy to share the full list of changes with you. Please let us know how you like all the latest improvements.

New Features

  • Added native support for OculusVR including ASW 2.0


  • Updated Unreal Engine to 4.21
  • Performance improvements
  • Migrated to a new production server
  • Fixed input detection issue caused by a conflict with SteamVR overlay

Known issues

  • This build is the precursor to several releases building up to the initial versions of multiplayer and customisation. Over 350 changes/fixes have been made that may have introduced new bugs or regressions. If you discover any issues, please let us know on Discord[discord.gg] or the Steam forums so we can fix them.

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Build change log:

  • Fixed broken AI avoidance due to incorrect bounds calculation.
  • Fixed crash in new/reset account sequence in the auto-input device detection state
  • Fixed crash after having beaten a leaderboard opponent
  • Fixed crash caused by AI attempting to respawn
  • Added fallback font for Korean language support
  • Fixed bug where you could navigate past the last tab in the Game preferences menu
  • Fixed bug of photo mode not working in a post-race replay
  • Fixed bug of seeing an incorrect player in the leaderboard intro and podium cinematics

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We’re back with a brand new release featuring the first version of our telemetry/motion plugin system. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be working with motion platform developers to get their systems working with KartKraft.

Telemetry plugin tools

  • Whilst we’ve added support for streaming core data out of KartKraft as well as a SimTools plugin, we’ve designed the system to make it easy for anyone with basic coding experience to build their own telemetry apps. With examples in 5 different languages (Python, C++, C#, Java and Javascript) available now at https://github.com/black-delta/kartkraft-telemetry you can develop, test and release your own app for the KartKraft community. As developers, we’re also strong proponents of forwards and backwards compatibility, and have chosen technologies that make that possible. That means, an app built today, will still work regardless of the changes we make to KartKraft. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

New Features


  • Fixed mouse for mouse input not always being correctly detected. Resolves the problem of the mouse not usually working in the Press Any Key menu, click & dragging to rotate the camera in the main menu and clicking & dragging to look around in photomode
  • Fixed crash when clicking on leaderboard notifications
  • Fixed spelling of temperature units (Celcius > Celsius)



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Build is now live with new updates for the telemetry API and several hotfixes. We've also seen great traction with the following telemetry and hardware providers adding official support for KartKraft:

  • SimHub
  • SimTools
  • EKSimRacing/SLIMax
  • SFX-100/SimFeedback
  • Sim Racing Studio


  • Added support for multiple UDP telemetry sockets via game.ini (Visit our GitHub Page for details)
  • Updated telemetry output to include: velocity, angular velocity, lap number, correct timestamp, current lap time, previous lap time, rpm limiter, max rpm, max gear
  • Speed output is now an absolute value (never negative)


  • Fixed bug where the last selected button of a previous menu was not being restored correctly
  • Fixed problem of player tags being visible at inappropriate times
  • Fixed problem of the data loggers on AI vehicles incorrectly updating causing a performance hit. Now only the data logger of the current viewed player is active.
  • Fixed problem of the mouse not selecting the button in a menu that is created underneath it


KartKraft is stepping it up to another level with the introduction of setup changes for all karts. This first iteration gives you full control over caster angle, ride height, scrub radius, rear track width, seat position and brake strength to tune the handling to your liking. Additional tuning parameters like torsion bars, hubs and gear sprockets will be added in a future release, once part equipping/swapping is introduced.

We've also spent significant time addressing the kerb flipping issue, and the majority of kerbs should now be able to be attacked with aggression without fear of rolling over. With these changes, we've now reset all leaderboards and are excited to see just how much further you can reduce those lap times

New Features

  • Added vehicle tuning and the ability to save these modifications to custom setups
  • Added sector times to the leaderboards


  • Telemetry output now contains world velocity, track name, sector count, current sector.
  • Low speed slip angle telemetry output no longer osciallates
  • Added wheel slip angle and contact surface telemetry output
  • Fixed bug where the depth of field sliders in photo mode had no effect

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New Features

  • Atlanta Motorsports Park
  • The steering wheel can now be hidden in cockpit view


  • Updated Unreal Engine to 4.22.2
  • Fixed spinning chain bug introduced in the previous build
  • Fixed incorrect vehicle bounds causing erratic AI behaviour
  • VR crosshair now draws correctly in the main menu
  • Data logger shift lights now function correctly

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Το δοκίμασα και είναι σε καλό δρόμο. Εμένα μου άρεσε. Το FFB το έβαλα δυνατό όσο το πραγματικό kart και μετά αρχίζει και γίνεται πάαααρα πολύ καλό. Βέβαια για το πολύ 20 min μετά δεν αντέχεις...

Αν βγει το multiplayer θα κάνω μαθήματα στο σαλιγκάρι...

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Έχει υπόψη σου, ότι μέσα στο ΣΚ το πολύ θα το πάρω και εγώ και ο Ανδρέας (AVatannen) για να ξεκινήσουμε προπονήσεις ενοχή Σεπτεμβρίου, που θα μπούμε πρώτα ο Θεός και στο πραγματικό!

Οποτε κάποια στιγμή μέσα στον Ιούλιο, μπορούμε να κάνουμε κάτι κοινό σε κανα σέρβερ. 

ΥΓ. Τι μοίρες βάζεις το τιμονι?

Επισης πιστεύω, γιατί έχεις την τάση να υπερβάλεις λίγο με τις δυνάμεις του Τιμονιου, ότι όταν βάσεις πολύ FFB ΧΑΝΕΙΣ σε κοντρόλ και αίσθηση, γιατί πολύ απλά «παλεύεις» με το τιμόνι και δεν οδηγείς. 

Γνωμη μου

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To sim για αγώνες είναι ότι πρέπει, βγάζει πολύ ένταση. Μοίρες πρέπει να έχω 180, το τιμόνι το θέλω δυνατό γιατί τότε καταλαβαίνω καλύτερα τι κάνω, έχω καλύτερο έλεγχο.

Μιλάω πάντα προσωπικά. Εγώ το πήρα τώρα στις εκπτώσεις, όπως έχω πει πολύ καλή δουλειά.

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Επίδοξοι Καρτάκηδες

Μαθήματα karting από τον Max Verstappen 12 χρονών.


Κάποιες "συνήθειες" φαίνεται οτι δεν αλλάζουν. Πάντως το ταλέντο του φαίνεται από τότε.

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Kartkraft – New Build – Shifter Karts Available

New Features:

  • Added KZ2 class with 125cc IAME KZ Screamer (Due to licensing restrictions, PFi does not support the KZ class)
  • Added chain-link simulation
  • Added auto-upshift and auto-downshift assists
  • Added track map to HUD with different tracking modes
  • Added overhead vehicle HUD radar similar to ‘Helicorsa’
  • Added ability to ‘discard’ previously purchased vehicles
  • Added ability to rename setups


  • Tuned MG Yellow tyres to reduce mid-corner snap oversteer
  • Improved AI behavior to respect the player.
  • Fixed problem of not being able to cycle through the different gameplay cameras and groups during the replay
  • Added setting to control the number of notifications displayed in-game.
  • Fixed the bug where FFB could remain at a non-zero value after the vehicle is no longer being driven
  • Enabled the recent laps HUD widget in the leaderboard events
  • Fixed the kingpins not attaching correctly to the vehicle
  • Fixed bug where not all players would be able to be viewed in the post-race replay


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