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Here it is, all new content from KartSim! KartSim is one of our close partners, and we are proud to introduce you to an all new driving experience in rFactor 2, created entirely by KartSim’s own dedicated team of developers. KartSim is a project created by Tony Irfan, a true insider in the world of karting. KartSim specialises in providing high-end leading-edge hardware, rigs and simulation software to the international karting industry.

It’s been a while in the making, but real Karting in rFactor 2 has arrived! As you’ll see below, many great names current and past started in Karting. This is only the first in a series of Karts and tracks yet to be released by the KartSim team. There’s more to come!

But you don’t need to wait, you can follow this link to buy the KartSim pack, featuring three tracks and two different types of karts now.




Buckmore Park International Circuit

Buckmore Park Kart Circuit is an MSA approved outdoor kart racing circuit located just off the M2 in Chatham, Kent, England.

Originally owned by John Surtees, who notably won world Grand Prix championships in both Formula One car racing and Grand Prix motorcycle racing. Situated in a woodland between the two motorways, its proximity to London makes it Britain’s busiest circuit.

Buckmore Park is a circuit where many current and past Formula One drivers learned their trade, including Johnny Herbert and F1 champions Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, who was originally discovered by Ron Dennis in the 1996 Champions of the Future event held at Buckmore Park.




Glan Y Gors

With a length of 1.6 km, this karting circuit is one of the largest in the UK. Situated on the A5 between Corwen and Betws-Y-Coed, is one of the UK premier karting venues that started life comparatively late to other S1 race venues. With fast, sweeping uphill and downhill sections combine to make this an extremely fun yet technical challenge. It is no wonder all the young Racing Professionals start their career at GYG Karting.

A lap around the track takes you through corners as carousel, compression corner, the druid’s complex and the devils elbow and contains a straight named after the Snowdon Mountain. The track has various good overtaking opportunities, guaranteeing exciting races!




Paul Fletcher International

PFI is the UK’s largest outdoor karting circuit based in Grantham, Lincolnshire and caters for various corporate events and race meetings throughout Lincolnshire, Newark, Nottingham and the UK. British, European and World Championships are held at PFI, as well as a club race held once a month by Trent Valley Kart Club who are based at the track. The circuit was built by Paul Fletcher, who still owns it today. Recently in 2011 an extension was added on to the track including a bridge, making it one of a kind.





There are two karts within the KartSim package, the Iame Senior X30 UK and a Rental Kart, the karts have been meticulously designed working with partners on physics and drivers for performance and accuracy. These karts are fixed setup, which means they will be great to race online.

Iame Senior X30 UK

The “X30 World” concept is based on the engine X30 125cc and it can be summarized in few words as “real Karting at hand”. Thanks to the characteristics of the engine of simplicity, immediate feeling, reliability, performance and ease of use, with the concept of X30 World, IAME offers a full program for Karting drivers from the year of their 13th birthday (with the correct MSA licence) with an engine that can virtually accompany them along the whole career.

Since the very first introduction on the markets, the X30 has quickly and constantly grown, in the beginning as an engine dedicated to regional series, up to commercial classes promoted under the name of “X30 Challenge”, then introduced as Federative class by federations willing to replace the unsuccessful international classes and recently landed at international level with a European Challenge and an International Final usually held in central Europe.

The success of the X30 categories, basically distinguished in X30 Junior, X30 Senior and X30 Master, comes from the stability and solidity of the engine and from IAME’s constant aim to provide detailed regulations and low management costs of both the vehicle and the race meetings. In 2013 the X30 is present in more than 15 countries and beside the commercial classes.



Rental Kart

The Rental Kart is a fixed gearing corporate kart using a 4 stroke engine for karters who enjoy karting as hobby. They’re equipped with night lights too so you can keep racing them 24/7!



Purchase  KartSim Pack  in the Studio 397 item store:



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 On 5/15/2018 at 3:56 PM, spyder said:

KartSim Latest Updates 15-05-2018
Buckmore 2018 v1.05
Glan Y Gors v1.15
KS PFI v1.09


  • Replaced Pit exit officials with Pit Exit Lights at all tracks
  • Changed advertising at PFI, Glan y Gors
  • Revised cut track at Buckmore and PFI
  • Adjusted corridors in pit lane at GyG
  • Adjusted fuel use estimate at PFI
  • Changed default weather selection for all tracks to be at more realistic choices
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KartSim esports update


Nearly all of our current motorsport stars have one thing in common when it comes to their career, they all started their path of racing in little karts battling for every centimeter while throwing it sideways into the next turn.

This is probably the purest and, if you listened to interviews of these stars, the most thrilling form of motorsport. Unfortunately, even that joy has been taken away from us in the current situation but thanks to KartSim and the #StayHomeStayKarting initiative, there is something amazing coming up!

Teaming up with Motorsport UK and Alpha Live, KartSim is proud to announce the Motorsport UK Karting Esports Championship – Easter Series. This new competition is a pilot esports race and the first step towards a likely Official Esports Series later this year. In preparation for all the karting action to come, KartSim updates the UK consumer package in regardings of graphics as well as track layouts, bringing your favorite karting simulation up to date with real life developments. Check out the screenshots and dive into the world of real driver vs. driver battles 1 cm above the tarmac!





All six tracks have been updated with several fixes as well as graphical updates and new shaders.

You can check out the original KartSim pack with two highly-accurate fixed-setup karts – the X30 UK Senior Kart and Rental Kart and three famous UK kart tracks, Paul Fletcher International, Buckmore Park and Glan Y Gors and the extension pack  with the european tracks of Alaharma, Adria and Kristianstad. All are based on laser scanned technology. Enjoy the drive!

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Update time! 

Virtual kart racing fans have many, many, many reasons to be cheerful today, thanks to a substantial new update release for the popular KartSim content within rFactor 2 – adding a full PBR refresh of the entire collection of karts and tracks, two brand-new vehicles and four new circuits – a whole host of great things to race and discover in the premium kart racing offering within rFactor 2. 

As many hundreds of thousands of racing hopefuls can attest, karting is a fantastic way to get out onto the racetrack for a (relatively) modest amount of money. From drivers looking to take their first tentative steps into professional motorsport, to hobbyists and career karters that just love the unfiltered fun that is so unique to the sport, kart racing is without doubt one of the most direct, intense and purest forms of racing anywhere in the world. 


KartSim Esports Pack | Steam Store: CLICK HERE



Despite having a wide global appeal, like all motorsport, karting still requires serious money to compete at the sharp end of most championships – often pushing the sport out of the reach for all but a fortunate few. Thankfully, just like when we sim racers look to replicate other forms of racing on our PC’s, the virtual world can be our place to share in those very same thrills and spills of competitive action – and in our KartSim pack, the experience behind the wheel offers a great insight into how these powerful yet light machines can be wrestled around a wide variety of faithfully recreated venues available within the software.

Developed with a precise attention to detail in a bid to produce the most authentic kart racing experience possible, KartSim has already set the bar exceptionally high with their current content range, and now we have the pleasure of a major new build update – adding a full PBR refresh of all the content currently available, plus the added bonus of two new karts and four new circuits on which to go racing – good times roll on!


KartSim European Track Pack | Steam Store: CLICK HERE


KartSim Change Log

  • X30EU MINI CADET 2021 v1.72 – New Model aimed for young sim racers 8-13 years old
  • X30 2021 v1.67 – New PBR shaders, Scaled helmet and updated driver model, New Tyre 2d Art, New icons for recently released Rf2 UI
  • RENTAL 2021 v1.67 – New PBR shaders, Scaled helmet and updated driver model, New Tyre 2d Art, New icons for recently released Rf2 UI, New Sounds
  • KZ EU 2021 v1.71 – New shifter kart model!
  • Whilton Mill 2021 v118 – New Consumer track
  • Larkhall WSKC 2021 v116 – New Consumer track
  • PFI 2021 v126 – New PBR Shaders, New AI, Update to tracks
  • Buckmore 2021 v122 – New PBR Shaders, New AI, Update to tracks
  • Glan Y Gors 2021 v128 – New PBR Shaders, New AI, Update to tracks
  • Zuera 2021 v110 -New Consumer track
  • Wackersdorf 2021 v110 -New Consumer track
  • Kristianstad 2021 v112 – New PBR Shaders, New AI, Update to tracks
  • Alaharma 2021 v114 – New PBR Shaders, New AI, Update to tracks
  • Adria 2021 v118 –  New PBR Shaders, New AI, Update to tracks

Joining the already impressive collection of highly detailed circuits and vehicles within the KartSim offering, today the new PBR update also brings with it two exciting new karts for our drivers to enjoy, with the introduction of the IAME Senior X30 and the new Shifter Kart, the IAME KZ! Before we move on, let’s take a closer look at these new machines:


New Karts

KartSim Upgrade Pack | Steam Store: CLICK HERE

A racing kart is a racing kart, four wheels, a seat, engine, chassis and steering wheel right? Wrong! Despite the premise of karts being a very simple one, the various different types of machinery that exist within the sport mean that drivers can have a wildly different experience behind the wheel dependent on which type of vehicle they so choose. From basic, low speed rental machines with safety bumpers, brake lights and a relatively simple steering action, to fantastically fast karts that have obscene amounts of power for their weight, gears and a direct steering input that requires use of brakes and throttle just as much as the wheel to get round corners – variety is very much the spice of life, and things just got a whole lot more spicy with the introduction of not one, but two very different new machines to the KartSim world…



IAME Mini Cadet X30


In the real world, the IAME Mini Cadet X30 is aimed at younger drivers around the 8 – 13-year-old range, however that doesn’t mean this new model is anything short of exciting to drive, far from it. Featuring a water cooled 60 cc engine, perhaps this kart is a more settled vehicle that some of its bigger brothers, but the X30 still requires drivers to master karting techniques like brake and throttle steer, and it can certainly punish anyone who doesn’t obey to the rules of carrying the maximum amount of momentum around the circuit at any given time. Thanks to the lower overall horsepower of the Cadet X30, keeping up that minimum speed is more important than ever, and should you find yourself getting too crossed up mid-corner, you will find it very difficult to recover that time loss as your rivals swarm past in a pack so closely matched they almost appear to be running together as one! Primarily used in the IAME Euro Series and local National championships, the Mini Cadet X30 isn’t the fastest machine in the collection, but it’s one that certainly encourages great, close racing action.





The biggest, fastest, craziest and most powerful kart within KartSim; the new IAME KZ is the very first ‘shifter’ kart to be introduced into the KartSim world – and it’s a crazy ride!

Almost too powerful for a traditional kart track, the IAME KZ comes complete with a 6 speed manual gearbox and 125 cc racing engine – bolted to a chassis that weights barely more than an adult person. Needless to say, the way the IAME KZ is driven is wildly different to any other type of kart within the simulation, with outlandish speeds possible to achieve and fantastically short braking distances, this kart will keep drivers firmly on their toes regardless of the type of circuit in use. Very firmly a kart used by seasoned, senior drivers, the IAME KZ is the chassis of choice for the official European and World Championships in kart racing, offering KartSim players the chance to experience the absolute pinnacle of real world kart racing from the comfort of their own home. As an added bonus, as these karts are so incredibly quick, taking to a full size racetrack is also very possible, opening up some incredible combination opportunities to really experience just how quickly these machines can travel. 


New Tracks

Thanks to the seemingly endless enthusiasm for kart racing on both an amateur and professional level, and the inevitable additional conveniences that come with requiring considerably less land space to build a track than one would need for a full size circuit, kart tracks are plentiful in their number around the world – from high level professional grade facilities that would put most national racetracks to shame, to the more sedate and simple constructions often found at your local venue hosting arrive and drive activities. 

With this fantastic diversity of venues to tap into within the world of KartSim, this new release brings with it not one, but four new circuits on which to try out the varied machinery found within the pack. With two circuits based in the United Kingdom, and two new venues from Europe, the update today brings the total collection of racing venues to 10 – all in full PBR graphical glory!



Whilton Mill 2021


The first of the new pair of UK tracks to come to KartSim, Whilton Mill has been a popular venue for karters since first opening its doors to the racing public, offering a fine driving experience across the 1200 m circuit length. Based in Daventry in Northamptonshire, Wilton Mill is often considered an ideal candidate for the many test days undertaken by drivers, and the circuit remains a mainstay on many national competition calendars throughout the racing year. Popular with ‘arrive and drive’ guests as well as hosting high level professional championship races, Whilton Mill is fast, flowing and an exciting layout that produces great racing action.  


Larkhall WSKC 2021


Larkhall is one of the premium kart racing circuits in Scotland. Having recently undergone a major refurbishment programme to increase the circuit length to 1140 m, the new Larkhall venue is very much at the forefront of modern standards in terms of both facilities and safety. Now holding the honour of the longest kart racing lap in Scotland, Larkhall plays host to regular ‘arrive and drive’ public events, as well as professional meetings for both the British Championship and West of Scotland Kart Club events, who are based at the Merryton Road venue.


Zuera International Circuit 2021


The first of our European pack new creations, the Zuera International Circuit is a high profile professional racing venue based in the Zaragoza region of Spain. Running to a total lap length of 1700 m, The facilities and circuit at Zuera are of the highest standard in Spanish kart racing, and the venue remains a regular on the FIA European Kart Championship calendar, having been raced on by a vast number of current Formula One drivers, including the likes of Max Verstappen and Lando Norris during their junior careers. From a driving perspective, the track is fast, open and quite bumpy, which should lead to plenty of drama and opportunities to overtake during the course of a race. 


Wackersdorf 2021


Another regular of the FIA European Championship calendar, Wackersdorf is a fine example of some of the best kart racing tarmac in Germany. Based in Wackersdorf, Allemagne, the track comes in a just over 1220 m in length, featuring a fearsomely fast final sector closing off what is a generally a very technical and entertaining overall layout. Recognized as one of the premier outdoor karting facilities in Germany, Wackersdorf recently benefited from a full circuit resurfacing in 2018, and with the track coming in at between 9 and 12 meters in width, this is another layout where kart racers enjoy multiple opportunities to race with and alongside their opponents.


Updated Tracks

As well as the new additons to KartSim, existing circuits have also undergone a pleasing transformation with the introduction of full PBR shader technology, substantially uplifting the visual aspect of the tracks and introducing a collection of smaller fixes and improvements. 






Buckmore Park


Glan Y Gors




Paul Fletcher International 


Competition System Races

Aligning with this new release, we are also very pleased to confirm the KartSim content will be coming to our rFactor 2 Competition System! Set to go live from today (Saturday 10th July), Competition System drivers will have the opportunity to take part in regular short races within the system, with different tracks rotating throughout the day as we offer up sharp, short and exciting racing across the full spectrum of content within the pack!

The Competiton System will host 15 races per day from Saturday to Thursday (except Wednesday for maintaince day) using the UK track pack, with Friday to Tuesday set to feature the circuits that form the European Track Pack. 

These events should produce a very different online racing experience for our drivers, one that we really hope will be embraced by the community and lead to some thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining side by side action.

In order to access the races, load up your rFactor 2 install, navigate to the Competition tab within the UI, locate the KartSim events and sign up for the races you fancy – simple, and fun!


Buying Options – Packs, Items and Deals

As the substantial amount of content that makes up the KartSim offering within rFactor 2 continues to grow, we have introduced some new Steam Store pack options to offer up the best collection of deals for our sim racing community. Ideal for those just getting started in the world of virtual karting, or a great option to add the latest content to your existing collection, below you can find the different packs on offer within the rFactor 2 Steam Store, and the contents they contain:


A great discounted package featuring all 10 of our consumer UK and European Kart Tracks and all of our 4 consumer kart models. Ideal for Esports competitions
Steam Store: CLICK HERE


Already own everything, but want to add the four new tracks and two new karts released today? Grab the KartSim Upgrade Pack – a specially designed collection aimed to offer the cheapest and easiest way to add the new content to your growing collection!
Steam Store: CLICK HERE


This pack adds the IAME X30 EU Mini Cadet 2021, the X30 Senior 2021, the Rental and the new IAME KZ shifter kart to your rFactor 2 instal.
Steam Store: CLICK HERE


A great discounted package featuring all 5 of our consumer UK Kart Tracks and all 4 of our consumer kart models. Ideal for Esports competitions. Pack includes Whilton Mill 2021, Larkhall WSKC 2021, Paul Fletcher International 2021, Buckmore Park 2021 and the Glan Y Gors venue, plus the IAME X30 EU Mini Cadet 2021, the X30 Senior 2021, the KZ Shifter and Rental karts.
Steam Store: CLICK HERE


A great discounted package featuring all 5 of our consumer European Kart Tracks and all of our 4 consumer kart models. Ideal for Esports competitions. Pack includes Zuera 2021, Wackersdorf 2021, Kristianstad 2021, Alaharma 2021 and Adria 2021, plus the IAME X30 EU Mini Cadet 2021, the X30 Senior 2021, the KZ Shifter and Rental karts.
Steam Store: CLICK HERE



Some great content that should lead to exceptional racing. The KartSim team have done a fantastic job of bringing the full PBR treatment to these karts and tracks, and we hope our community enjoy hitting the virtual tarmac and sampling how pure racing is felt within rFactor 2. If you like going fast, sideways, side-by-side and 2 inches from the ground, all at the same time, you are going to love these karts!


KartSim is available now in the rFactor 2 Steam Store

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Hello sim racers!

Following up on the major new KartSim release from over the weekend, we are delighted to today deploy a further complementary update to this awesome collection of content, as we look to continue fine-tuning and improving what has already proven to be a very well-received new release within our kart loving community here at rFactor 2.


KartSim Esports Pack | Steam Store: CLICK HERE


Available as a free update to the main KartSim build, the new hotfix deployed today addresses a number of reported issues from our community, ranging from visual tweaks to the behaviour of the karts themselves on the 10 tracks available across the European and UK KartSim Track Packs. 

In terms of the karts, this build looks at making further developments to the brand-new KZ shifter kart that some users have been reporting generates a crash to desktop situation. Although this issue hasn’t manifested itself across all players, the potential cause of the problem has been identified and should be repaired as part of this latest build, with further work on the kart also addressing a reported glowing parts problem when racing in nighttime conditions. Other kart updates include fixes for the Rental, X30 and X30 EU Mini Cadet, plus further AI development work at Whilton Mill, Glan Y Gors and Adria circuits that aims to reduce the tendency for the AI to take excessive curbs which can lead to destabilization, and in some extreme cases, flipping of AI controlled karts.



KartSim Hotfix Update Notes

IAME KZ EU 2021 v1.73

  • Improved nighttime PBR shaders
  • Improved compatibility issues

IAME X30 2021 v1.68

  • Improved nighttime PBR shaders
  • fixed tyre temp sensor bug

Rental 2021 v1.68

  • Fixed UI Bug

IAME X30 EU Mini Cadet 2021 v1.73

  • Improved night time PBR shaders

Kristianstad 2021 v114

  • Improved AI

Glan Y Gors 2021 v130

  • Improved AI

Adria 2021 v120

  • Improved AI

Whilton Mill 2021 v120

  • Improved AI


The new update is available now, and should download automatically the next time you restart your Steam client. The latest fixes are available free to players who already own the content, and will be included in the base KartSim installation for new players who purchase these items going forward.

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KartSim Tillotson T4 Series


Introduced in 2019 as a cost-effective entry level motorsport series for drivers new on the kart racing development ladder, the Tillotson T4 Series boasts an impressive 225cc Tillotson 225RS four-stroke racing engine, HW diaphragm carburettor, series specific tyres and a maximum rev limit of 6,500 rpm from the TPP-225RS engine. 

The kart runs on the European designed and built T4-C1 chassis, using many parts common with the much more expensive CIK karts, but with key design decisions introduced in order to ensure costs are kept to a minimum, and the karts themselves remain accessible to new and inexperienced drivers. 

Capacity: 225cc 4 Stroke
Power: 15HP
Engine Weight: 17 kg

  • Overall weight 69 kg to reduce fuel consumption and provide a more nimble driving experience
  • PVL Digital Ignition limited to 6,500rpm
  • Tillotson HW Series carburettor calibrated for the TPP-225RS engine
  • Engine is sealed, so no tuning is permitted—only adjustment to the valve clearance is allowed
  • Up to 30 hours engine life without maintenance
  • Billet CNC machined connecting rod/flywheel for improved strength and reliability
  • New design Tillotson crankcase with extra support for the higher power output




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