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Update details:
Download size = 66 MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 5068351


  • GT3 - Fixed low framerate reported in the Callaway C7 R under 70kph
  • GT3 - BOP adjustment to the McLaren 650S GT3
  • GT3 cars - Reduced tyre heating
  • GT4 - Porsche Cayman GT4 MR - Got rid of an unpleasant noise on gearshifts


Update details:
Download size = 95 MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 5065014


  • Aquila - Improved baseline setup
  • Group 5 - Fabcar - Fixed bad front brake temperatures
  • Group 5 - Updated track-specific gear ratios, Equalised damper stiffnesses across the cars
  • GT3 cars - Updated tyre model and modified baseline setups
  • Norisring - Improved AI behaviour
  • Nürburgring Sprint - Improved AI behaviour

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New Update Deployed – BuildID 5119498


Update details:
Download size = ca. 300 MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 5119498
Dedi version = 63.0.1125
Dedi BuildID = 5118911

  • Fixed a case where yellow flags could sometimes get triggered by cones and car parts on the track.
  • Content updates:
  • Added various liveries for the upcoming competition
  • Audi TT RS VLN – Tuned damper rates, reduced ARB rates
  • Formula RaceRoom 90 – Rescaled high and low-speed damper rates
  • Group 5 – Updated default gear ratios. Improved the initial grip of the tyres when they’re brand new. Slightly reduced tyre heating.
  • Group 5 – Zakspeed Capri – Reduced rear spring adjustment range
  • Group 5 – Greenwood Corvette – Tweaks to default car setup: balanced dampers, reduced front/rear damping speed split. Adjusted torque curve at low RPM.
  • GTR 4 – Equalised damping rates across the cars. Faster gear change timings. Slightly reduced tyre heating. Fixed Lotus’ rear suspension bump steer.
  • Pagani Zonda R – Fixed AI having weaker brakes than players. Updated drivetrain oscillations, gearchange timings, and differential.
  • Slovakiaring – Fixed AI’s not respecting the white line at pit exit.


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New Update Deployed – BuildID 5207296



Update details:
Download size = 1.0 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 5207296
Dedi version = 64.0.1135
Dedi BuildID = 5207548


  • Dedicated server - Added UI elements to API controls for restarting current session and send out penalties to players. These currently have some known issues such as not resetting incident points on a race restart, or skipping the garage phase and restarting straight to the grid.
  • Dedicated server - Potential fix for some users getting kicked for high latency after a session switch.
  • Dedicated server - Fixed an issue where a penalty received by a player in the first race session would still be applied in the second race session.
  • Shared Memory - Added incident points data. Updated minor version to 7. (retrocompatible)
  • Controllers - Some Thrustmaster wheels were reportedly acting up with flatspot effects after a recent firmware update (30). Default profiles have it turned off as a consequence until resolved.
  • Physics - Fixed an issue with friction heat calculations where you could see tire temperatures rise unexpectedly at low speeds
  • Physics - Changed Ignition / Starter logic so that if you have those controls bount to buttons, you now have to press and maintain the Starter button until the engine is fully started.
  • Sounds - Road noise volume slider range now properly offers 0-100% range
  • Sounds - Fixed the last occurrences of hearing sudden high revs / hitting limiter from other cars while watching replays or spectating multiplayer races
  • Gameplay - “Position Bar Relative” setting caused some position bar issue in multiplayer where the same name would be repeated in all the boxes when that option was enabled. As a quick fix, we temporarily disabled this feature and forced it to be disabled.

Content updates:

  • AMG-Mercedes C-Klasse DTM 1995 - Tuned high-speed damping
  • Audi TT RS VLN - Tuned high-speed damping
  • BMW 320 Turbo (Gr. 5) - Increased radiator cooling
  • BMW M1 (Procar & Group 4) - Added onboard cameras (accessible through pressing Home key or through the broadcast overlay controls when spectating a race)
  • Cougar C14-2 - Fixed a typo that made this car use default damage values instead of specific ones.
  • DTM 13/14/15/16 - AI behaviour improvements & updates to their fuel predictions. Increased differential locking and drivetrain oscillations to stop rev dropping due to wheel speed differences.
  • Formula RaceRoom Junior - Tune high-speed damping
  • Group C - Tuned high-speed damping, increased front view swing arm length and decreased the rear.
  • GTR1 - AI behaviour improvements
  • GTR3 - Reduced peak camber angles, reduced tyre heating. Old generation GT3 cars are now more closely BOP’d with the more recent models. Updated AI tyre wear to match player’s better.
  • GTR4 - Tweaks to brake cooling, tuned dampers, further BOP adjustments and improvements to default car setups.
  • Porsche 911 Carrera Cup (964) - Improved default car setup and equalised front/rear tyre heating
  • Porsche 911 RSR 2019 - Improved default car setup and reduced tyre heating. AI behaviour improvements. Softer anti-roll bars, tuned dampers, reduced rear braking power slightly. Increased downshift blipping.
  • Porsche 934 Turbo RSR - AI behaviour improvements
  • Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport - Tweaks to brake cooling, tuned dampers, reduced tyre heating and tweaks to tyre camber behaviours (rear tyre now require less)
  • Touring Classics - Updated tyres, suspension adjustments (softer overall), balance of performance adjustments, and AI behaviour improvements
  • Tracks - tweaked initial fuel consumption estimates to improve/fix some questionable AI strategic decisions.
  • Tweaked fuel consumption estimates for various cars. (reminder that once a lap has been completed, the estimates are replaced with actual recorded values)
  • WTCR - smoothed rev limiters and pit limiters, AI behaviour improvements (calmed them down in fast turns)
  • Hungaroring - New additions to the real track are now implemented: a new pitbuilding, updated runoff areas, new curbs, pitwall paint, medical building.

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Update details:
Download size = 5.7 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 5460372
Dedi version = 66.0.1184
Dedi BuildID = 5462272


  • Lada Vesta is now free to play with 2 liveries, playable against WTCR car classes.
  • Prepared content for upcoming DTM 2020 competitions.
  • Sounds – Cockpit cameras now feature backfire samples specific to the interior of the car, bringing extra life and vibrance.
  • Sounds – New lot of samples for backfires and made their patterns richer. The amount of backfire is car dependant and much more diverse than before.
  • Sounds – Brake disk whine samples volume is now affected by the brake disk temperature. New recordings of brake whines for GT cars.
  • Sounds – New fuel pump samples.
  • Sounds – New gravel sound samples.
  • Sounds – Porsche 911 GT3 Cup – New sound recordings.
  • Drag Reduction System and Push to Pass are now split into two unique control bindings.
  • Added a key binding for FFB Multiplier, allowing to adjust this setting from inside the car.
  • Moved some old HUD overlays to the butterHUD system (Traction Control, Brake Bias).
  • Disabled the in-game screenshot capture system, as it caused conflicts with and was inferior in quality to Steam’s own screenshot capturing. Visit your Steam client settings menu to bind a key and select a folder for your screenshots.
  • Changed so the graphics_options.xml located in your Documents folder now contains variable names, making it easier to edit some settings through notepad.
  • Dedicated server – Scheduler – Improvements to handling of different time zones between the browser and the host machine.
  • AI – Porsche 911 GT3 Cup + Sprint – Tweaks to improve their handling of slow turns.
  • AI – DEKRA Lausitzring – Fixed AI braking later than the pit lane entrance gate..
  • AI – Dubai – Fixed some broken waypoint that was causing AI’s to stop driving.
  • AI – Nordschleife – Calmed down some AI’s around the Adenauer forest.
  • Art – DEKRA Lausitzring – Fixed the sudden disappearance of certain track objects while sitting in the gravel in turns 8 and 10.
  • Art – Sachsenring – Updates to bring it to 2020 visuals.
  • Art – Spa-Francorchamps – Updates to bring it to 2020 visuals.
  • Renamed Mazda Laguna Seca into Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca.

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Update details:
Download size = 2.1 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 5551351
Dedi version = 67.0.1196
Dedi BuildID = 5551263


  • DTM 2020 uses a specific Push to Pass regulation:

One activation per lap for a maximum of 24 race laps.

Push to Pass is not available on the first lap.

Push to Pass is not available to the race leader. (A race leader is determined at the crossing of each track sector and not only at the start/finish line)

Push to Pass is available regardless of the gap to the car in front of you.

  • DTM 2020 uses a specific DRS regulation: 3 activations per lap for a maximum number of activations set to half the expected amount of race laps (rounded up). (i.e.: a 18 laps race will give you a maximum of 9 activations, and since you can activate it 3 times per lap, you can run out of DRS within only 3 laps).

DRS is not available on the first lap.

DRS is not available to the race leader. (A race leader is determined at the crossing of each track sector and not only at the start/finish line)

DRS is available regardless of the gap to the car in front of you.

  • DTM 2020 Physics evolution after driver feedback.
  • DTM 2020 drivers now have real helmets designs and racing suits.
  • Physics engine – Added simulation of Anti-Lag System, used in DTM 2020 for now. This comes with specific sound samples triggered under coasting. The system will propagate to relevant cars in future updates.
  • Launch Control logic modification – Launch Control will no longer automatically upshift for the player.
  • Options menu – Added a toggle for TV Camera tracking lag.
  • Shared Memory – Added Pit Stop Minimum Duration and Pit Stop Minimum Duration Time left
  • Shared Memory – Added the Incident Point limit before DQ.
  • Shared Memory – Removed information from opponents current incident points as it could lead to behavioral change near players close to limit
  • Shared Memory – Player’s Incident points suffer from a known issue where it’s not updating properly. It will be fixed soon™
  • Sounds – Reduce the volume of sound effects from underbody scraping the tarmac, improved their variety.
  • Fixed DRS regulation that affected other cars equipped with the system and limited the number of activations since the last update.
  • Formula RaceRoom 90 – Added some backfires that were missing
  • Brands Hatch – Updated the track to its 2020 state.
  • Circuit Zandvoort – Moved the time attack spawn location further back to better allow reaching of maximum speed.
  • Dubai GP & Club – Some track limit adjustments to make it more strict. (Cleared leaderboard lap times for those)
  • Motorland Aragón – AI improvements
  • Red Bull Ring – Updated the track to its 2020 state
  • Suzuka – Updated the track to its 2020 state

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Update details:
Download size = 250 MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 5621004
Dedi version = 68.0.1201
 BuildID = 5620952


  • Formula RaceRoom Junior – Updated physics to latest tyre model v4.1 – Leaderboards were cleared.
  • Hillclimb Icons cars – Updated physics to latest tyre model v4.1 – Leaderboards were cleared.
  • Porsche Cayman 981 GT4 Clubsport – Updated physics to latest tyre model v4.1 – Leaderboards were cleared.
  • Motorland Aragon – Improved AI behavior on the MotoGP layout
  • Sachsenring – Revision of some cut detections, making it more strict – Leaderboards were cleared.
  • Suzuka – Revision to some cut detections, making it more lenient in some areas.
  • Esports WTCR car class has now received livery updates to match the Zolder and Nurburgring real rounds. Note: This class is only accessible through competitions. It is the one that was used in the pre-season series with the real drivers back in June 2020. You can watch it below.

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Update details:

Download size = 894.1 MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 5835509
Dedicated version = 69.0.1213
Dedicated BuildID = 5835597


  • Dedicated server – Fixed scheduling of one-time events (no repetition) that could sometimes not spawn
  • Laguna Seca – Updated to 2020 specs
  • Tweaks to AI behavior and/or corridors at Spa-Francorchamps, Lausitzring, Mid-Ohio (fixed cutting through pitlane in turn 1), Red Bull Ring. Leaderboards were cleared where necessary.
  • Default controller profile added for Logitech G923
  • Default controller profile tweaked for Simagic
  • Default controller profile added for Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia Edition
  • Default controller profile for Thrustmaster wheels now have FFB effects for flat spots disabled to stop them from acting up
  • Pushed liveries for an upcoming competition in Asia

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Update details:Download size = 5.3 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 5996517
Dedi version = 70.0.1235
Dedi BuildID = 5996692

Content releases:

Audi R8 LMS GT4 (2020)
Audi R8 LMS GT2
Volkswagen Scirocco Group 2 (1976)
Volkswagen ID. R
Brands Hatch Grand Prix layout
Watkins Glen International, with four layouts.
Physics engine:

Physics engine – Added support for engine maps. Cars featuring these will have special settings in the car setup menu. Control bindings are also added to alter the map from inside the cockpit, which not all cars support.
Physics engine – Added support for modifying the amount of Engine Braking from the car setup.
Physics engine – Added support for throttle maps. Those are not tweakable in-car setup but are specific to each car.
Physics engine – Revamp of the turbo simulation for better realism of spool/throttle management.
Physics engine – Added support for Energy recovery system, which is adjustable for electric & hybrid engines in the car setup menu as well as through a key bind from the cockpit. [Read More about those physics engine updates here]
Physics engine – Revamp of the aerodynamics simulation of the diffuser to better simulate diffuser stalls when too close to the ground. [Read More about the diffuser stalls here]
Tyre model updates: The following cars are brought to v4.1:
[Read more here about the full details on tyre models in RaceRoom]

Audi Sport TT Cup
CUPRA eRacer
DTM 1992
Formula RaceRoom 90
Formula RaceRoom Junior
Group 2 (new class)
Group 4
Group 5
Hillclimb Icons
Mercedes DTM 2003 and 2005
Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport
Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (sprint & endurance specs)
Porsche 911 Carrera Cup (964)
Touring Classics
Volkswagen ID.R
WTCC 14-15-16-17
WTCR 18-19
Engine maps – the following cars are featuring engine maps:

CUPRA eRacer
Formula RaceRoom 90
Formula RaceRoom U.S.
Formula RaceRoom X-17
Group 5
Group C
GT3 classes
GTR2 class
Nissan Skyline (Touring Classics) has 2 engine maps
Mercedes DTM 2003 and 2005
Volkswagen ID.R
Dedicated server:

Added “Skip Qualifying” option. If this is enabled, the server will fetch leaderboard laptimes of all connected players for the current track layout and the performance index of the car they’re driving. The starting grid of the race will be defined by those lap times.
Added “Prevent false start” option. If set to off, players will be able to jump the start of the race and receive a penalty for doing so.
Added support for race duration in laps.
Added an option for rolling or standing starts for each race session. A rolling start is right now still AI controlled, but we aim for human control rolling starts in 2021.

New replay menu
Spectator – New data is available through the API. All changes are listed on the github page.
New data in shared memory API for Traction Control level, Engine Map, and Engine Braking settings.
Unification of cut detections between the reputation system and the cut corridors. Previously, an incident point for an off-track would not always result in the invalidation of the lap.
Added a key bind to override traction control and allow for that quick 180 recovery from a spin.
Pitstops – WTCR car classes are now using the same pitstop timers as the GT4 car class.
Physics – Tweaks to behavior of gravel and grass.
Physics – WTCR car classes now make use of the Anti-Lag System that had been developed for DTM 2020.
Physics – Fixed tyre pressure that wasn’t being set properly on preheated tyres which affected leaderboards.
Physics – Launch control logic change where it will now disengage when upshifting from 1st gear.
Sounds – ALS sound effects added to WTCR cars
Sounds – New external sounds for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR (18&19)
Sounds – New external sounds for the Radical SR9 AER
Sounds – Improved external sounds of the BMW M4 DTM 2020
Sounds – Improved external sounds of the Peugeot 308 TCR
Sounds – Improved cockpit and external sounds of the Porsche 962C
Sounds – Improved external sounds of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport
Sounds – New cockpit sounds recording for the Audi RS 5 DTM 2020
Sounds – New cockpit sounds recording for the Chevrolet Dekon Monza
AI – Countless tweaks and improvements to AI behavior and their race lines around tracks
Added support for 32:9 monitor ratios
Art – Bathurst updated to 2020 specs
Art – Imola updated to 2020 specs
Art – Portimao updated to 2020 specs
Art – Oschersleben – Added a missing brake marker at turn 1 and a bump in the road that was missing after turn 3.
Added support for manual in-laps at the end of the race session. This option is currently accessible through Gameplay Settings, but we eventually plan to make it a server option just like driving assists so it can be forced on or off.

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Update details:Download size = 1.0 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 6069362
Dedi version = 70.0.1238
Dedi BuildID = 6025985

Missed from December patch notes: After an exploit had been found with pit lane speed limit tolerances (where players would be seen in the pit lane without the limiter on to gain a small advantage by going slightly above the limit), that tolerance was reduced. This has caused some reports of harsher pit speed penalties, which have felt unfair at times. While we look into improving on those cases, players can seek to adapt and adjust their techniques: be careful to enter the pitlane under the limit and make sure not to turn off the limiter too soon when leaving the pitlane. While driving down a slope, avoid giving your engine too much torque as it will be more likely to cause your car to speed above the limit. (using 1st gear with the full throttle is more likely to make you bounce above the limit)

  • Fixed Hillclimb stages start phase that failed to hand over control to the player
  • Fixed a case where certain replay files could fail to load
  • Fixed -triScr parameters that could conflict with a prototype for a new interface that is still in development.
  • Fixed dedicated server getting stuck in a session when the “Stay in Practice if empty” option was disabled.
  • Physics – BMW M4 GT4 – Increased suspension travel
  • Physics – Formula RaceRoom 3 – Lowered minimum diffuser operating height
  • Physics – Formula RaceRoom U.S. – Increased suspension travel
  • Physics – GT2 cars – BOP work to nerf the Audi a bit
  • Physics – GT3 cars – Tuned ABS & TC so all cars hold more similar slip ratios while TC & ABS are active. Fixed automatic gearbox that could be spotted failing to downshift under 4th gear.
  • Physics – Scirocco Gr2 – Fixed incorrect placement of the fuel cell
  • Cars – Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo – Improved position of hood / bonnet / rear cameras
  • Cars – Audi R8 LMS GT4 – Improved visuals of the cockpit data display and LED’s
  • Tracks – Bathurst – Fixed an issue with a Pirtek sponsor
  • Tracks – Brands Hatch GP – Visual tweaks. Fixed an art material present on the exit of turn 8 that could trigger a lap invalidation.
  • Tracks – Portimao – Fixed HUD track maps that were no longer centered
  • Tracks – RaceRoom Hillclimb – Fixed HUD track maps that were no longer centered
  • Tracks – Sepang – Fixed some cut corridors
  • AI – Bathurst – Improved AI behavior
  • AI – Falkenberg – Improved AI behavior during race starts
  • AI – Mantorp – Improved AI behavior
  • AI – Scandinavian Raceway (Anderstorp) – Improved AI behavior

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Update details:
Download size = 1.2 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 6138034
Dedi version = 71.0.1244
Dedi BuildID = 6140042


  • game.raceroom.com is now switched to https
  • Pitlane speed limit tolerance has been adjusted when the limiter is enabled.
  • Slowdown penalty multiplier from repeated cuts is now properly displayed on the HUD notification
  • Tweaks to slowdown penalty logic where the player’s best valid lap in the session is now used as reference to estimate the time gained and the time being given up. If no valid lap exists yet, we then use the AI’s predicted speed just like before.
  • It means the time the player gives up will be more accurately calculated and that the best place to give that time back is no longer in turns, which should improve safety as well. A good tip is also to avoid slowing down near pitlane entrances and exits as slowdown penalties are frozen while in pitlane.
  • Prevented enabling pit limiter or engine ignition during an AI-controlled rolling start.
  • Fixed the default set of driving assists being selected at first game launch.
  • Fixed an issue where player could sometime get stuck when leaving a server early (i.e. before results were made official)
  • Fixed dedicated server results having wrong final positions for players suffering early disconnects
  • Fixed dedicated server UI issues with certain long track names as well as lap and duration selector that could sometimes reset the race length value.
  • Fixed dedicated server that could sometimes get stuck if no player finished the race
  • Fixed the flickering of contact shadows (under the cars) for VR and Triple Screen rendering.
  • Fixed some issues with spectator mode on servers with rolling start races and lap-based races
  • Fixed issues with rolling starts when Assisted Braking was enabled.
  • Fixed some gearbox grind noises that could sometimes be heard during an AI-controlled rolling start
  • Physics - Audi R8 LMS GT3 EVO - Adjusted idle revs to prevent occasional stalling
  • Physics - BMW M4 GT4 - Increased rear suspension travel by 10mm, dampers tuned for better handling over bumps
  • Physics - BOP - BMW M6 GT3 - slight reduction of torque
  • Physics - Callaway Corvette C7 GT3 R - Improved engine cooling
  • Physics - Fabcar 935 - Fixed some issues with the differential where the preload could be set very high.
  • Physics - GT2’s - Improved automated gearbox behaviour
  • Physics - P1 and P2’s - Added default gearbox ratios for Daytona, some AI behaviour tweaks.
  • Physics - Porsche 964 Carrera Cup - Improved standing start performance through a clutch adjustment
  • Physics - Volkswagen Scirocco - Adjusted the rear tyres wear rate.
  • Physics - WTCC - Added adjustable engine braking
  • Physics - WTCR - Improvements to the initial grip of fresh tyres and help reduce the tyre pressure increase over longer stints. Optimum grip is now reached at 80 Celcius. Default tyre pressures were adjusted to match.
  • Tracks - Dubai - Fixed harsh cut detections, moved the leaderboard spawn location closer to the racing line.
  • Tracks - Hockenheim - Moved the leaderboard spawn location further back
  • Tracks - Imola - Moved the pitlane entry gate entrance
  • Tracks - Portimao - Fixed harsh cut detections
  • Tracks - Scandinavian Raceway (Anderstorp) - AI behaviour tweaks to South layout
  • Tracks - Sepang - Fixed harsh cut detections (note: Sepang North layout appears to crash on load, this is being investigated)
  • Tracks - Suzuka - Fixed west layout pitlane that triggered invalid laps.


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WTCR 2020 Car Pack


Featuring all the cars and teams of the 2020 Season.

Update details:
Download size = 1.7 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 6291963
Dedi version = 72.0.1261
Dedi BuildID = 6291978


  • Fixed a case where the player could end up blocked upon trying to leave a server after finishing a race while other players are still not done.
  • Pit limiter - Made sure the game is more lenient towards the speed of a player car under AI control in the pitlane.
  • Sounds - Reduced volume of ground scraping effects by 4 dB.
  • Controllers - Added a profile for another variant of the Logitech G923
  • Aquila - Dampers tuned to improve handling over bumps
  • Audi TT cup - Dampers tuned to improve handling over bumps
  • BMW M6 GT3 - Dampers tuned to improve handling over bumps
  • Chevrolet Corvette Z06R GT3 - Reduced engine heating, increased radiator cooling
  • DTM 14/15/16 - Fixed tyre compounds disparity. All 3 seasons are now on the same hard compound base.
  • DTM 2020 - Increased trail and scrub radius
  • Formula RaceRoom 90 - Increased mechanical trail to 30mm, up from 17.5mm, Increased scrub radii, Rebalanced dampers (equalised front/rear usage splits)
  • Formula RaceRoom X-17 - 5 engine maps added
  • Group C car class - Set mechanical trail to 22.5mm, Rebalanced dampers equalised front/rear and high speed usage, Stopped overheating
  • GT1 car class - 5 engine maps added
  • GT2 car class - Balanced dampers high/low & front/rear
  • GT3 car classes - Reduced fuel use disparities across all car models
  • GT4 car class - Rebalanced dampers (equalised front/rear use splits),
  • KTM X-bow GT4 - Added 1 extra tooth to final drive ratio
  • Nissan Skyline Group A - Dampers tuned to improve handling over bumps
  • Volvo 240T Group A - Dampers tuned to improve handling over bumps
  • Porsche 911 GT3 R (2019) - Attempt at fixing a tendency for the cockpit camera to end up offset on one side.
  • Porsche 911 RSR - Increased adjustment range for camber angles and spring selection
  • Porsche 934 RSR - Dampers tuned to improve handling over bumps
  • Porsche 964 Carrera - Dampers tuned to improve handling over bumps
  • Silhouettes car class - Increased mechanical trail, Raised roll centres, Increased anti-squat, Increased rear geometric camber gain, Re-balanced dampers for equal front/rear low/high balance
  • WTCC 2013 - Increased radiator cooling for all cars
  • WTCR car classes - Raised front damper high-speed threshold, lowered rear. Better bump absorption, tweaks to tyres to increase the pace drop off after the first 10% of wear
  • Aragon - Fixed a bad cut corridor detection in turn 3, Resolved overly strict T14 cut corridor, Nudged around some AI cut corridors to stop AI curb abuse
  • Bathurst - Tweaks to AI speed and raceline
  • Daytona Road Course - Reduced AI speed in the apex of turn 2, prevented AI from veering to one side during rolling starts
  • Hungaroring - Tweaks to AI’s raceline to reduce their tendency to abuse track limits.
  • Imola - Tweaks to AI’s raceline so they don’t run wide before the last turn
  • Norisring - Tweaks to AI’s lap 1 behaviour in T1 and T2.
  • Sepang - Fixed inconsistent cut corridor detections all around the track, fixed missing HUD maps.
  • Twin-Ring Motegi - Moved the spawn location of time attack and private qualifying sessions
  • Zolder - Moved the spawn location of time attack and private qualifying sessions
  • Fixed an issue with rolling starts in multiplayer where cars under AI control would try to avoid the car of a disconnected player ahead.
  • Fixed a bug in single player races where pressing “R” for instant replay during a race start procedure would result in a skipped first lap.
  • Fixed a dedicated server issue that wouldn’t report incident points for disconnected clients.



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