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MotoGP Key Features:

Neural AI
Remember when you were the king of the race? Old times: thanks to the Neural AI and to the Machine Learning, you’ll now face smarter, faster opponents who will exploit your mistakes. The challenge is about to get real.

Historical Challenges 
Living the MotoGP™ competition is great but having the chance to relive the greatest moments of the past is something you’d rarely experience. Ride as some of the greatest riders of the past in their most iconic moments as professional racers.

Single Player and Multiplayer
A career mode that will let you pick your category of choice. Start from the Red Bull MotoGP™ Rookies Cup and climb your way up to the most prestigious teams, or simply jump-start your career as a MotoGP™ rider and grab the podium’s highest step. Or just dive into one of the many Single Player modes. If you like challenges, though, step into one of the many Multiplayer modes and test yourself against players around the world.

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MotoGP 19 | Neural AI explained


Codenamed A.N.N.A, the new AI system in MotoGP 19 has been promised to offer players a much more challenging and authentic offline racing experience than has ever been possible before in this long running franchise.

Speaking to the official PlayStation blog, Milestone explained that the AI in MotoGP 19 isn't actually programmed to respond to certain situations, but actually learns and teaches itself how to race...

The only way to give this amazing community the AI they deserved, was by stop trying to create an AI, but letting it build by itself. So, the A.N.N.A project came alive. An AI that learns by its own mistakes, by trial and error, by building a Neural Network similar in every way to part of our brain. Just like we did when we first learned how to use a bicycle.

  • A.N.N.A. stands for Artificial Neural Network Agent: an AI that does not rely on predefined commands, written by a designer, but on rewards. Each action she makes – yes, some of us likes to address our AI as a “she” – can have a positive or negative outcome, and depending on this, she may receive or lose points.
  • This triggers a learning process that allows A.N.N.A to remember which actions are good (for example when to brake at the right time) and which are bad (like, well, going against a wall, or against another rider)
  • we now have a complex, incredibly smart AI that is capable to challenge and beat even the most skilled of our devs acting as a real pro rider – but no worries, its difficulty is scalable, so all players of all skill level will enjoy the game!
  • In fact, we ended with a super-tough AI and an even tougher problem: how to make it enjoyable also for the average players, without losing all the awesome work we did on it? We knew the priority was to preserve the complex behaviour it had developed, and to do so we had to work on some interesting techniques.
  • Meaning that we had to slow it down without making it look clumsy or unbalanced. We achieved this by controlling where and how much it needs to slow down. It’s still the neural AI in control, consciously not cranking up to 100%. Everyone here in Milestone is so excited to see how our Community will react to this new level of realism, of speed and fairness toward other riders.

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MotoGP™19 Launch Trailer



MotoGP ™ 19 celebrates the passion for engines of Milestone and its community, with unique technological innovations that allow realism and a level of challenge never seen before. Thanks to MotoGP ™ 19 players will be able to take part in the 2019 season, choosing whether to face the MotoGP ™ champions immediately or take on the role of a young driver, who makes his way from the Red Bull MotoGP ™ Rookies Cup to reach the premier class . 

Here is ANNA, our super-performing AI based on Neural Networks
ANNA (Artificial Neural Network Agent), is a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence system based on neural networks developed together with Orobix - a company specialized in Artificial Intelligence solution engineering. The new neural AI allows an incredible level of challenge for the players, with faster and more precise opponents and extremely realistic behaviors. However, to meet the needs of all players, the difficulty level will be completely customizable. Instead, for our hardcore MotoGP ™ fans, the challenge has never been so difficult! 

Play online with your friends
The new Multiplayer mode presents important improvements both in terms of technical infrastructure and gaming experience. With Dedicated Servers, the gameplay is now incredibly smooth and rewarding. Players can browse through the list of Public Lobby shops to find the game that best suits their needs or, thanks to Private Lobby, create a fully customizable Grand Prix to compete with friends only. Milestone also introduced the Race Director mode, which allows you to manage every aspect of online competitions and assign penalties to drivers' irregular behavior, just like in a real MotoGP ™ race. Thanks to the TV Director mode, players will be able to manage game cameras, to capture the most breathtaking actions to include in the livestreams.

A plunge into legend 
The Historical Challenges mode is a real plunge into the history of MotoGP ™, where players will have more than 50 legendary pilots and 35 official 500cc and MotoGP ™ bikes at their disposal, all perfectly recreated in every detail. Along with the 19 official tracks of the current season, there will be 3 historic tracks, Laguna Seca 2013, Donington 2009 and Catalunya 2015, which will bring to mind loved memories for all MotoGP ™ fans. 

To each driver his style
In MotoGP ™ 19 there are many new tools to make your driver unique, choosing from the largest selection of accessories and brands of all time; thanks to the graphic editors it is also possible to create helmets with a unique design like the most famous MotoGP ™ champions, to design the style of the race number and the lower butt patch. All objects created by players can be shared with the community, so that everyone can vote or download them! ** 

A new challenge
Just like in the real MotoGP ™ 2019 season, this year there will be the debut of the new Enel MotoE ™ FIM World Cup, where zero-emission bikes will be usable in some of the most famous circuits of the MotoGP ™ Championship. Thanks to their peculiarities, such as high torque and weight, with MotoE motorcycles players will experience a completely new driving style. 



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New Update Released

Update Notes:

  • eSport – Introduced eSport challenges.
  • Editors – Introduced stickers editor
  • Riders – Unlocked “Valentino Rossi 2001”
  • Gameplay – Improved vibration feedback.
  • Gameplay – Anti-wheelie rebalanced.
  • Gameplay – AI Rider skill levels rebalanced.
  • Gameplay – Fixed physics on kerbs (traction).
  • Gameplay – Fixed issue about ECU settings in box and race.
  • Gameplay – Fixed AI behavior in warm-up lap.
  • Gameplay – Updated 2D dashboard
  • Gameplay – Added mini dashboard in first person camera
  • Career – Added packages descriptions in pre-season tests.
  • Career – Fixed issue about “leg out” animation in career mode.
  • Career – Fixed ideal line issue while rewinding in career mode tests.
  • Online – Various fixes.
  • 3D Models – Updated box lighting

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