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  1. Sorry, but I think you have posted a wrong link
  2. Ok, I had already found that article, but it doesn't say how much cm/mm/inches/etc. is a dual - slot card. Also, here: https://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-1070/specifications, in the dimensions section of the GTX 1070 it says that this GPU has a dual - slot width, not height. Is that possible? That's what I want to know.
  3. Hi everyone! Can someone please tell me what does it mean when someone says that a GPU is single or double - slot? Is he referring to the card's length, width or height? Lastly, can someone please tell me exactly how much centimeters is a single and a double - slot GPU? Thank you a lot
  4. Hi everyone! I own an Asus ROG G20BM Gaming PC and inside there is an AMD FX-770K processor. In this PC's description, it was mentioned that the CPU's base clock speed was 3.5 GHz and it could reach up to 3.9 GHz when "boosted". Can someone please clarify if they meant "when overclocked" and if not, then does the CPU get "boosted" automatically when the software which is running is more demanding? Again, if not, how do you manually boost it/overclock it? Thank you a lot :)
  5. Hi everyone! I own an Asus ROG G20BM Gaming PC. Inside there is an AMD FX-770K (3,5 GHz - 3,9 GHz Turbo) and an AMD R7 340 2GB GPU. I've been thinking of upgrading to a new graphics card. All of the GPUs I have found until now are all compatible with my motherboard, but they unfortunately do not fit in my PC's case. As I have a Compact PC, its case is really small and has a weird shape. Anyways, the dimensions of the GPU slot inside it has these dimensions: 29.5 cm length, 10.5 cm width and 4.5-5.0 cm height. Also, Most of the cards that I found unfortunately have a problem in the width area... Anyways, if possible, can someone please try and help me by recommending me any MSI/Zotac/Asus/Sapphire, etc. 8 GB AMD GPU or 6 GB Nvidia GPU that can fit in my case with the above specifications? Thank you a lot
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