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Assetto Corsa is dead? Long life at Assetto Corsa!

The day of the announcement of the new Assetto Corsa Competizione by Kunos Simulazioni, an atrocious doubt immediately assailed the many simracing fans: "Is the end of Assetto Corsa?". The arrival of a new title of the Roman software house, immediately made fans think that by now the days remaining at the glorious AC were already counted ... Considering then that the cars protagonists of the new Competition will be the mighty GT3, or the most absolutely appreciated for the online competitions and championships, the simdrivers immediately started to prepare the premature funeral!

In fact I am personally convinced that, if it is true that Competition will certainly be a great success, it will be equally true that the good old Assetto Corsa will continue to be appreciated for a long time, in parallel with the new title. The reasons are very simple.

ac3.jpg ac1.jpg ac2.jpg

First of all, for those who do not already own it in their bookshop, Assetto Corsa will represent an economic investment that can not be missed: already today the Ultimate Edition version is able to offer for less than 40 Euro a complete menu dedicated to motorsport and virtual motoring, with dozens and dozens of cars and tracks for all tastes, without forgetting the added value offered by modding, which in some cases provides cars or extra circuits of high bill. Presumably then, with the Steam release of Competition (the date of the Early Access will be announced the weekend of July 29 to the 24 hours of Spa), there will be more offers for Assetto Corsa, which will make the SIM a virtually obligatory purchase, even for a question of ... curiosity.

In what sense curiosity? Assetto Corsa, stable in the top ten of the best-selling titles on Steam , despite being released in December 2014, which already costs less than other titles, such as rFactor 2 (10 euros less), Project CARS (10 less) , Project CARS 2 (40 less), F1 2017 (35 less), Motorist(8 less), will be an unmissable test, when these price differences will be even more evident, for all those users who have never driven, but that in recent years have heard so much. Considering also the inevitable Christmas discounts of Steam and the possible offers of the coming months, Assetto Corsa will certainly continue to sell with very interesting numbers.

ac4.jpg ac5.jpg ac6.jpg

The numbers precisely. Looking at the updated Steam statistics , we can see that the good old AC is still one of the most played online racing titles, with peaks of connected contemporary users that exceed 4000 and a minimum daily average of players connected at the same time that never drops under the 1600 drivers. Not bad for a title that starts to celebrate its fourth birthday, right? Moreover, as can be seen from the graph, not only Assetto Corsa does not mention to fall in users' preferences, but, excluding the last summer weeks, it shows a slight increase in constant growth!


Using the functions of comparison with 4 charts that makes us available to Steam, we note that the only title that manages to stand head to the title Kunos is the F1 2017 of Codemasters, released just last year, which can count on enormous appeal of the Formula 1 and on the advertising campaigns active for the whole duration of the World Championship of the maximum formula of the motoring. We know, however, that this is more than a game that a simulator, consequently with a pool of users per se a lot wider, however, destined to be extinguished at the end of August with the release of the 2018 version.

The numbers mentioned above are even more incredible if we compare them with other titles, even more recent ones, in a one to one comparison. To give a practical example, the much-vaunted Project CARS 2, which has definitely disappointed the expectations of fans, just released in September 2017, struggled to exceed 2000 peak daily users , with an overall graph that presents it inexorable decline.

The data that we can analyze thanks to this chart , are in some ways even more important: as you can see from the image below, not only Assetto Corsa proves to be still very much appreciated, but it reveals a growing trend also for the number of daily players. Perhaps even more important is the value highlighted by the red line, which indicates the number of users who follow matches and online tournaments of the Kunos sim through Twitch in live streaming. A peak of views on 2 June touched the 8000 spectators!


How is such a success and a constant growth possible at almost 4 years from the exit?

The first reason is undoubtedly linked to the driving feeling: even today Assetto Corsa is the simulator that, in most cases, manages to give back a feeling of driving and a perception of the behavior of the vehicle of the highest level and with a refinement and care of the incredible detail. Also thanks to the tracks made with laser scan technology, so exceptionally detailed, in addition to the care taken by Kunos in the realization of the physics and dynamics of vehicles, just a few laps to feel immediately in the cockpit and owners of the car's reactions. The guide is immediately natural, as in reality.

Four years on the shoulders are actually also a great advantage: the software is now widely tested, stable, hassle-free, is able to run with excellent performance even on computers not the latest generation or particularly driven hardware. The modders therefore have at their disposal a very reliable platform that they know by now in every line of code to create cars and extra tracks that, in various cases, for the quality level reached, could almost be considered as official DLC of the Kunos.

In addition to the cars and additional tracks, a huge contribution to the longevity of AC is undoubtedly arrived from the modding related to apps , utilities and various programs created specifically for the simulator. They can be found for almost every taste and for every need, from telemetry, to graphics, new menus, tire details, rankings and so on. For example, the pTracker system, which we use extensively for the Drivingitalia servers , has not only greatly simplified the work of those organizing online competitions and tournaments, but has provided users with effective, simple and powerful tools to compare time and performance. , as well as analyzing the ways on how to improve their performance (here is a practical exampledirect comparison).

A further demonstration of the fact that the passion for Assetto Corsa shows no signs of diminishing and indeed grows in intensity and attention from enthusiasts, it is enough to point out the very recent modding works of  Dynamic Light mod and Wet mod which, as can be deduced from the names, they go to fill two deficiencies of the original title, that is the dark night and the wet track!

The online simracing and export scenario linked to Assetto Corsa is probably one of the largest and most varied in the entire driving sector: between websites, portals, social media pages, groups and so on, which, among other things, continue to be born and proliferate every day, you can certainly find the race or the championship with your own car, regulation, race mode and, why not, even prizes, favorites.

ac7.jpg ac8.jpg ac9.jpg

Moreover AC is still today a title with a very high number of contents, all of them of the highest quality, thanks to the official licenses obtained by Kunos Simulazioni. There are in fact 40 different circuit configurations and 178 cars of various kinds and categories, including historical, road, single-seater, racing, gran turismo, supercars and so on. So even today with the sim Kunos it is practically impossible to get bored or not find a challenge at the wheel, even for the simple taste of driving, that feeling of taming the horses inside an engine that Assetto Corsa can offer crystalline still today.

Obviously the new Assetto Corsa Competizione will be a much more modern simulator, from all points of view, it will also offer to the fans of the online competition many specific tools that are not present in its predecessor, or they are not totally efficient and in step with the times, but the fact remains that Competition will arrive on the market with only GT3 cars. And the lovers of the cars? Roads or supercars? The nostalgic of vintage cars? We are sure that AC Competizione will not let slip, but we are equally sure that they will not abandon the good old Assetto Corsa in their own hard drive on their computer!

Long life at Assetto Corsa!

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Posted Images

Παρατήρησα την συνολική τιμή για να τρέξει κάποιος GT3 στο AC.

Dream Pack 1

Dream Pack 2

Dream Pack 3

Ready to Race Pack

Red Pack

Porsche Pack III

Συνολικά τα πακέτα: 6,99 + 6,99 + 6,99 + 4,99 + 6,99 + 4,99 = 37,94€

Αssetto Corsa : 19,99€

Σύνολο: 19,99€ + 37,99€ = 57,93€

Για την πληροφορία το Assetto Corsa Competizione έχει: 39,99€ + 14,99 = 54,98€

Eννοείται τα physics του ACC είναι πολύ καλύτερα του simcade AC...


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Εμένα μου χάρισε άπειρες ώρες χαράς και ικανοποίησης για όλους αυτούς του λόγους που αναφέρονται παραπάνω και επιπλέον γιατί είχαμε φοβερή κοινότητα και φοβερό teammate.

Ως γνήσιοι Ελληνες βέβαια είχαμε και τρομερή γρίνια αλλά έτσι γίνεται πάντα .

Ενα μεγάλο πλεονέκτημα του είναι πως υποστηρίζει πολύ καλά το VR.


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To AC είχε επιτυχία γιατί ήταν για casual gamers. Μέτρια physics η αλλιώς ένα Gran Turismo για PC.


Eννοείται δεν αναπτύχθηκε ποτέ για αγώνες!





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1 hour ago, mad_dog said:

To AC είχε επιτυχία γιατί ήταν για casual gamers. Μέτρια physics η αλλιώς ένα Gran Turismo για PC.


Eννοείται δεν αναπτύχθηκε ποτέ για αγώνες!





Αν εννοείς για κάτι σαν εσένα ναι συμφωνώ. 😁

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Stefano Casillo Has Left Kunos Simulazioni

"Today is a different morning for me.
 For the first time since 2005 I woke up and I did not sit at my PC thinking about Kunos Simulazioni software development.
 Yes, this might come as a shock, but as of today I am not directly involved with Kunos Simulazioni software development anymore.

Of course this is not like I had imagined my first day as “full solo indie” back in September when I decided it was time to move on from Kunos Simulazioni, it was a different time back then, before the Corona Virus shook our lives… so, at the end, this post doesn’t happen in a mood as festive as I hoped for.

Because of this, and out of respect for all the guys there trying to deal with one of the hardest times humans had to go through since the end of WW2 I will keep this as brief and informative as possible.

My relationship with the guys in Kunos and Digital Bros is and always was amazing, there is no friction and no bad feeling coming from my decision, that follows over time the one me and Marco took in 2017 when we moved the ownership of our company under Digital Bros umbrella.
Enough time was given in order to make the transition as smooth and painless as possible, and thanks to the amazing talents in there I am sure the company will continue to be a shining light in the world of simracing because of the amazing talents in the team.

At a certain point I started to feel like I had nothing more to give to the SimRacing genre and it was time for me to go look for new inspirations.

My deepest thanks to all the guys who made Kunos Simulazioni possible, these have been the most exciting 15 years of my life and you guys made it special day after day. Marco, Simone, Gianluca, Aris, Luca, Manu, Alvio, Davide, Gergo, Alessandro, Kevin, Valeria, Fernando, Fabio, Itho, Giovanni, Fabrizio, Cristian, Pietro, Kirill, Timothy, Manuela. Plus all the guys in Digital Bros especially Rami, Raffi and Andrew who gave us the amazing chance to work on Assetto Corsa Competizione with an amount of resources we could have never dreamed of and made us feel as part of the family since day one. Love you guys, keep on rocking!

As for me, I am as excited and impatient as I can be, sitting at my PC with a blank empty screen, ready to see what comes next; many ideas and fantasies running through my head as I try to remind myself I am now back in the world of real Indie development and whatever I’ll do next will have to be scaled to match this new reality.

My plan is to make this journey available to all of you willing to follow through the usual platforms, starting with my Youtube channel and eventually expanding to other platforms such as Twitch with frequent streams and update videos. It’s going to be an open window into a world of passion, frustration, dreams, shattered dreams, hopes, disappointments, study, research, failures, re-writes, revelations,roadblocks, broken keyboards but hopefully also lots lots lots of fun.. see you out there.

Stefano Casillo
Lead Programmer and Founder
Jaxx Vane Studio


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