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Ηeadset και Base Stations specs

  • 1440x1600 resolution per eye (same as Vive Pro)
  • Another factor to sharpness: "Custom full-RGB LCD" display with "50% more subpixels than OLED"
  • Persistence of .330ms, which "increases sharpness during motion"
  • High FOV with custom lenses
  • Lens adjustment is done "right"
  • "High geometric stability (straight lines stay straight)"
  • "Optical canting" which "balances inner and outer FOV" and software that ensures "devs don't have to worry about it"
  • 120Hz refresh rate with "experimental" 144Hz mode
  • Backward compatible with games designed for 90Hz screens
  • Built in speakers that don't touch your ears
  • "Modablility" through "Frunk USB space and stereo cameras" (We'll have more on that when we know more about it.)
  • Base Stations 2.0 (the sensors you mount over your playspace) have longer range, wider FOV
  • Index is compatible with 1.0 Base Stations, too

Full VR Kit - $999 / £919 / €1,079
Index headset & controllers - $749 / £689 / €799
Index headset standalone - $499 / £459 / €539
Index controllers (2) - $279 / £259 / €299
Base Station 2.0 (1) - $149 / £139 / €159


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