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Update V0.1.0.2823


  • The IAME KA100 class has been added to KartKraft. With 22HP and a maximum RPM of 15,000, the new class uses the medium grip MG Red tyre and requires very precise and smooth inputs to achieve good lap times. We look forward to your feedback on the new class.

Tyre Model

  • The tyre model has been updated to include a 3D thermodynamic model that simulates the heat transfer between the asphalt, contact patch, tread, pressurized air, and rim. No longer static, the entire carcass and tread around the circumference of the tyre is affected by contact pressure and sliding friction which results in localized hotspots and the new ability to overheat the tyre if driving and sliding too hard. Future updates will include different rim materials that allow for better dissipation of heat and more stable changes in pressure.
  • A visualization of the 3D tread has been added to the HUD. Note: Existing setups will need to be updated to extract the maximum performance from the new model.


  • The calculation of forces being applied to the steering column has been improved resulting in a much more refined signal and smoother driving experience.

GKCV Reverse

  • The reverse layout of GKCV has been added which presents a different challenge with the blind uphill entry to turn 1.


  • Setup parameters now show their respective units. i.e PSI, Degrees etc
  • HUD elements are now zoomable and moveable using mouse wheel
  • Fixed crash when changing gear ratios on the KZ2 class of karts
  • Kerb response has been improved with a reduced likelihood of flipping

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Build Changelog:

  • Temporarily removed collision on cones to avoid a crash in KA100 time trial
  • Reduced cornering stiffness of MG Yellow tyres
  • Fixed issue with Face Off and Minimal options in KA100 events. It’s no longer possible to enter X30 in KA100 events
  • Fixed incorrect manufacturer on OK1 KA100 Karts

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  • Improved implementation of Minimum Force for wheel force feedback
  • Improved FFB algorithm
  • Added basic support for Logitech Wheel LED lights
  • Reduced stopping force of gravel traps
  • Setup parameters now display the significant digit when set to values below 1. i.e 0.1 rather than .1
  • Fixed bug where controller would receive force feedback when wheel is being used and vice versa
  • Fixed tyre damping bug that caused incorrect loads when cornering
  • Improved tyre and handling model for KA100, X30 and KZ2 classes
  • Fixed issue where Steam would steal Direct Input wheel control away from the game. This change will require you to rebind your wheel
  • Added frame identifier to UDP telemetry. Telemetry clients can now validate telemetry frames using KartKraft.Frame.FrameBufferHasIdentifier(bytes)
  • Fix for wheel input being overridden by Steam when user has Steam Input enabled
  • HUD now shows vehicle class
  • Fixed leaderboard not updating after exit of time trial event
  • Easy/Medium AI retuned to make them easier
  • Fixed crash when adjusting KZ2 drivetrain sprocket teeth.
  • Fixed AI vehicles sometimes failing to load



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  • – Reduced load sensitivity of MG Yellow tyres
  • – Reduced default brake strength for newly purchased KA100 vehicles so braking is much easier to control
  • – Fixed bug where some wheels would auto-centre when using a 180 degree steer limit
  • – Fixed input errors when attempting to play using gamepad with a correctly bound but unplugged steering wheel
  • – Fixed some glitches in input settings menu when using wheel controls
  • – Fixed some undesirable wheel forces when retiring from race
  • – Added a 2sec fade in for FFB when transitioning to driving. (This will be improved for rolling/flying starts in a future update.)
  • – Added a mild FFB soft-lock at steering wheel limits
  • – Added a debug launch option -DebugUDPTelemetry. If set, all telemetry will be logged to project_k.log for debugging problems with motion rigs. Warning: use sparingly, and remember to turn it off, as it can result in very large log files.




Motorsport Games shareholder Fernando Alonso

"I’m thrilled that KartKraft is joining us and that we can use our expertise, scope and knowledge to help maximize the impact of this great product," he said. "As a former Karting World Champion and owner of my own karting school, I want people of all ages to be able to experience the joys of karting firsthand.


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