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Kart Racing Pro

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Ρε Φιλοθεε, ωραίο φαίνεται στο βίντεο, αλλα δεν το εχω δοκιμάσει ρε φιλε!
Προτείνω κάποιο από τα επόμενα ΣΚ, να καθίσουμε και να δούμε mods για τα καρτακια και γενικά ρυθμίσεις, γιατί φαίνονται πολυ ωραία!

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Θα τρέξουμε του rF2 που το έχει και ο @spyder

Nα ξέρεις ότι στα kart θα κλάψεις αλλά δεν θα σε λυπηθώ...

Har har har

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Kart Racing Pro release8 available.


  • fix: background rendering in high resolution screenshots
  • fix: Mesa 3D shaders errors
  • fix: Evo sidepods in cockpit view
  • fix: seat model in cockpit view
  • fix: M6 nassau number plate position
  • new: number plate background setting
  • new: electric engine support
  • new: spectator support
  • new: option to force no tucking
  • new: option to disable the dynamic track surface
  • new: free roam camera tracking mode
  • new: trackside objects animation support 
  • new: live screens support
  • new: Stilo sidepods
  • new: electric kart

Kart Racing Pro is now a 64-bit only application.

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Kart Racing PRO: Release9

  • fix: karts in the wrong pit during connection 
  • fix: pit position when joining as a spectator
  • fix: karts pit state
  • fix: multiple race info chat messages
  • fix: server restart
  • fix: challenge mode
  • fix: connection bandwidth usage optimization
  • fix: mods folder
  • fix: crash when an Arduino Micro is connected as joystick
  • fix: B karts clutch paddle animation
  • fix: trees, wire fences and 3D grass rendering
  • new: detailed data mismatch information
  • new: VR in replay

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Kart Racing Pro Release 10 Available


  • fix: multiplayer crash
  • fix: spectator joinfix: connection freeze on the server
  • fix: live timing support
  • fix: track layouts loading
  • fix: track layout objects crash
  • fix: Wackersdorf track holes
  • new: possibility to reset the dynamic track surface online, too
  • new: possibility to vote to reset the dynamic track surface
  • new: dedicated server option to disable polls during a race
  • new: possibility to set the nickname in the Steam version, too
  • new: live timing output to file
  • new: widescreen user interface

Release Notes

  • Kart Racing Pro now starts in offline mode, too
  • many settings have been moved from kart.ini to global.ini
  • the sound volume of the remote karts is now lower than the local kart ( on track only, not in replays or spectating )
  • The default replay buffer size has been increased
  • Multiplayer voting has been changed:
  • – The default vote when on track is No
  • – Spectators cannot start a poll or vote, except for bans and during “waiting” sessions
  • – The poll creator is displayed
  • Added the Windows Taskbar icon
  • There should be less FPS stuttering in testing mode and when hosting a race


  • The maximum name length is now enforced
  • Support for rotating radiator cover has been fixed
  • Movable wing support has been fixed

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