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Metalmoro MR1 Prototype

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Metalmoro MR1 Prototype by Slow Motion


Below detailed credits:
Build 1.0 optimized FOR DX11 POSTFX - real data from Frederico Mol, owner of MR1 and Enzo Brocker, Metalmoro - testers (real car): Frederico Mol & Milton Santos, Milton Santos Motorsports - default setup by Milton Santos, Milton Santos Motorsports - main 3D and 2D by Chris "redapg" - 2D by Slow Motion - Physics by Slow Motion with the help of Online Tools by Chris "redapg" - Suspension Geometry by Nicola Acciarri - Liveries by Boxer, Chris “Brack Jabham”, LcR, Slow Motion - First original version for rF1 by Pigue3D and 500_695 Abarth RFE 1.0 by Slow Motion RFE & Nicola Acciarri RFE. Thanks to the rF2 community and some guys for helping in research and test!



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New build 1.36 May 22nd, 2018

  • added brake response curve
  • added driver's change
  • improvements to CPM tires 
  • updated shadows to new rules
  • updated undershadows to new rules
  • full raindrops and wiper effects (Chris "redapg & Slow Motion)

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build 1.44
- updated to new IBL/PBR 4096X4096 all cars
- replaced old UI icons and added new web UI icons
- updated HDV files for improving AI behaviour and some fix to the clutch
- new public body template (PBR)

OP updated

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