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Από όσο γνωρίζω το πρότζεκτ εξελίσσεται ΠΟΛΥΥΥΥΥΥ αργά και βασίζεται στο RBR.
Tester (πάλι αν δεν κάνω λάθος) ειναι ο Γιώργος ο Μπρατσος.

Μακάρι αλλα δεν το πιστεύω προσωπικά.

Από την άλλη δεν καταλαβαίνω ρε @mad_dog γιατί ψάχνεις κάτι που σου άρεσει με μανία, όταν υπάρχει το καλύτερο διαθέσιμο και μάλιστα σε κανα 2-3 μορφές του (Ιταλικό, Γαλλικό και Τσέχικο).

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Τωρα ειδα ότι το βίντεο ειναι του Μπρατσου, όποτε άκυρο το ποστ μου, αφού θα το ξέρατε ήδη.

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Here we are! We’re really proud about this early access release. It was a very long journey reaching this target and finally we got it.
We’re aware that from an user point of view it's just the first step but believe us, it was a big challenge to make this possible.
Now, let’s stop speaking about ourself… move on to gRally.
This is the first public release, until now we shared the development with some testers that helped us discovering bugs, make suggestions and give feedbacks. They walked aside us in this route and now we're ready to extend this opportunity with everyone will want to be part of this project. It's quite clear for us the destination but it's as clear that we're at the beginning and the journey, if made together, it's more enjoyable.

Said that, the feature list is, at the moment, the following :

  • 2 cars: 1 FWD and 1 RWD
  • 4 stage locations for a 8 layouts total
  • Tarmac physics
  • Gravel physics
  • Free daylight conditions selection
  • Recce experience
  • Real co-driver
  • Custom car livery
  • Local stats
  • Online Hotlaps
  • Live rallies/championships
  • A plugin interface to transmit simulated car data to external software
  • Mod tools to add cars/stages

More will come in the next months and surely we’ll improve some of the existing ones after the users feedbacks.
We want to thank you for the patience you had until now, for the support the community given us during the Greenlight and after the early access announce.
We feel that there are great expectations, we feel it from the comments we read on the social channels.
We don’t know if we’ll be able to satisfy everyone but surely we’ll do our best to make it possible.
You can follow us also in our website https://grally.net/
And now…… 3 , 2 ,1 GO!!!!

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Θέλει πολύ δουλειά ακόμη...εκτός αν το πλακώσουν οι modders και μας δώσουν αυτοκίνητα και ειδικές...

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Μα εκεί είναι το δυνατό σημείο...όλοι αυτοί που είχανε φτιάξει RBR mods (αυτοκίνητα, ειδικές) να βρούνε το κατάλληλο περιβάλλον και να τα φτιάξουν εκεί.



Ήδη αρχίζει κίνηση με mods...


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The gRally team has released a nice Christmas present for all the fans of the rallystical simulation, with a new version available on Steam , which also includes a completely new stage!

v1.0.16.18 of 24 Dec 2018

  • FileSystem management improved to manage Steam Workshop;
  • New logic to manage the path;
  • gModsCreator to manage Steam Workshop;
  • Baked physics collision (the new stages manages this);


  • Debug collision grid;
  • Workshop stages;
  • Workshop cars;
  • Workshop codrivers;
  • Workshop liveries;


  • Time, cloud changes on Replay mode;


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2nd Birthday update


Changelog v1.1.0.0

  • Procedural Stages;
  • G1: digital gear indicator;
  • G2: digital gear indicator;- Physics on signs;
  • Surface sounds;
  • 30″ time penalty if you recover the car;
  • Stage surfaces on roadbook stage;
  • Management of controllers settings files (save and load);
  • Car paint on live rallies;
  • RPM lights on Logitech wheels (tested on G29);


  • Updated to Unity 2018
  • Rendering fluency
  • Reflections
  • Sky clouds
  • Ambient light
  • Car engine sounds
  • Updated PhysRoad v3 material with ruts and groove
  • External camera stuttering
  • Setup check on live rallies
  • Dust particles shader
  • “Select replay file” message if any replay file isn’t selected
  • Replay list
  • Replay camera stuttering
  • Replay file (save livery, date time and other geo settings)
  • Replay camera management

Procedural Stage improvements

  • Dynamic collider to trees and objects
  • Live rally with procedural stages
  • Wrong distance at startup
  • Procedural stages from url
  • Crossroad meshes
  • Procedural stage world position
  • Replay cameras
  • Improved vegetation mask
  • Jumps


  • Car damage texture now works
  • Crash after exiting stage
  • Errors on F2 – Sky panel
  • Removed not necessary UI elements in pause screen during replay
  • Setups management on live rallies
  • Showroom colors presets



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