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World's Fastest Gamer Sim Drivers

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World Fastest Gamer Finals | Day One


Over 30,000 players entered the Mclaren WFG competition and we are now left with 12. The World Fastest Gamer online championship event finalists and the sim racers who were pre-selected by a panel of experts are at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking Surrey UK to fight for the grand finale of the World’s Fastest Gamer competition. The 12 finalists will have a shot at the ultimate job in eSports, the chance to become one of McLaren’s official simulator drivers.

Day one of the World’s Fastest Gamer finals was a busy day indeed. The WFG finalists were able to explore the McLaren Technology Centre and were subjected to some cognitive processing tests, in order to find out how quickly they can process info and make decisions based on that information. Furthermore, they had to perform some physical tests and got to see the McLaren Super-Sim.

The WFG Finalists:

  • David Hoch (USA), 23, qualified
  • Rudy Van Buren (The Netherlands), 25, qualified
  • Yordi Maldonado (Mexico), 20, qualified
  • Henrik Drue (Denmark), 34, qualified
  • Isaac Price (UK), 22, qualified
  • Freek Schothorst (The Netherlands), 20, qualified
  • Aurélien Mohammedi-Mallet (France), 23, panel selection
  • Bono Huis (The Netherlands), 23, panel selection
  • David Le Garff (France), 40, panel selection
  • Greger Huttu (Finland), 37, panel selection
  • Harry Jacks (UK), 22, panel selection
  • Ryan Moore (USA), 22, panel selection

The Qualifying Events were…

  • Six of the finalists were selected in qualifying events across a number of platforms including PC racing sim, rFactor 2: the Silverstone qualifying race clocked up 2,540 individual lap times over 10,600 hours with the coverage reach exceeding 30 million.
  • Free-to-play mobile game Gear.Club: McLaren increased the gaming audience by including free-to-play mobile game Gear.Club, making it possible to enter without a games console or computer. 26,166 entrants, out of which 24,075 competed, drove over 1,355,425,792 metres.
  • Forza Motorsport 6: CJ Wilson Racing, a sportscar team based in Texas, organized this qualifying event. From hundreds of entrants, 32 drivers qualified and drove a total of 13,190 miles over 169 hours.
  • Forza Motorsport 6: partner Logitech G held the only live qualifying events of the competition. The qualifying events comprised of four rounds held across the world at events such as Dreamhack in Sweden, Insomnia in the UK and IFA in Berlin. Over 1,000 gamers competed at the Insomnia and IFA events.
  • Online PC racing sim, iRacing: qualification ran using the McLaren Honda MP4-30 car at iconic circuits such as Monza, Interlagos and the Circuit Of The Americas. A total of 803 drivers entered across 46 countries, driving a total distance of 83,170 miles or 24,392 laps.

A panel of experts pre-selected six additional finalists based on their careers so far in virtual racing. The panel included: Dom Duhan, Head of Team Redline esports Racing Team; Davide Brivio, Head of esports, Sparco; Andreas Schicker, Head of esports Business Development, Logitech; and Wolfgang Reip, GT Academy Winner/Simulator Coach.



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Έκαναν το πρώτο ξεσκαρταρισμα, έμειναν μόνο 6. Λογικες-αξιοκρατικες οι επιλογές μου φαίνονται.

Κώστα [mention=2]sC_w0lveS[/mention] επειδή βλέπω ότι το παρακολουθείς, ποιόν πας περισσότερο?


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