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rFpro in Motorsport
rFpro originally started as a project within a Formula 1 team to deliver a driving simulator capable of delivering Vehicle Dynamics testing. Since 2007 rFpro has grown to

support all the major motorsport categories including F1, NASCAR, WEC, Indy, IMSA, Formula E and Super-GT.

Although predominantly a tool for engineering development, set-up calibration and testing, some of our motorsport customers also make use of rFpro for driver training,

particularly for complex steering-wheel controlled on-car systems.

rFactor Pro is a professional grade simulation software that contains several strands of the public rFactor racing simulation available for home simulators.

Usually used by professional race teams, car manufacturers and driving companies, rFactor Pro does share much of the DNA of its little brother,

but with considerably more detailed engineering behind the scenes.

The last few weeks several interesting bits of information have emerged about the software, with confirmation of a laser scanned city of Paris

and the Hungarian Grand Prix venue at Hungaroring, also confirmed to be laserscanned.







On the  official rFactor Pro website  the developers claim to have "most of the F1 circuits, North American Indy & NASCAR circuits as well as La Sarthe, and the 20km Nordschleife. Public road routes, including specially commissioned OEM test routes can also be modelled, all with accuracies to within 1cm in x and y and less than 1mm in z.


rFactor Pro is a professional simulation used by manufacturers and racing teams throughout the motorsport industry. The software is not available for public purchase.



What a beauty!



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Πελάτες τους: BMW, FERRARI, FORD, GENERAL MOTORS, HONDA, HYUNDAI, LOTUS, PORSCHE, RENAULT, TOYOTA και οι περισσότερες ομάδες Formula 1
Κάνει και εξομοίωση εκπομπής καυσαερίων

Η ISI δεν κάνει παιχνίδια που προσομοιώνουν, κάνει προσομοιωτές με τους οποίους παίζεις

Για τη Nords laserscaned με 1cm ακρίβεια δεν θα τη δούμε ποτέ γιατί οι επεξεργαστές μας δεν μπορούν, θέλει super-computer. Τα δικαιώματα laserscaned της Nords την έχει μιά γερμανική εταιρεία 3D Mapping Solution GmbH και κάνανε παρουσίαση της πίστας στο SimRacingExpo 2014 με server με πολλά pc ενωμένα. Αυτοί πουλάνε τα data σε εταιρείες παιχνιδιών όπως στο Αssetto και  iRacing γύρω στα €100.000 και φυσικά δεν έχουν ανάλυση 1cm στο παιχνίδι.
Ο Marco απ'τη Kunos 2 χρόνια διαπραγματευόταν τη συμφωνία και μόλις βγάλανε τα data τα αγόρασε.
Ο Stefano είχε πεί τότε πως αν ήταν στο χέρι του δεν θα την έκανε τη συμφωνία λόγω κόστους και το χρόνο που θα έτρωγε ο Simone για να τη φτιάξει για το Αssetto

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With F1 taking to the streets of London today in Trafalgar Square and Whitehall, it Reminded us of a project from 2012 When rFpro was used to evaluate the feasibility of a London Grand Prix. This video shows a lap of the suggested route. Look out for Piccadilly, the Wellington Arch, Buckingham Palace and the Victoria Memorial, Parliament Square, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the London Eye, Trafalgar Square and a narrow squeeze through Admiralty Arch to the finish on The Mall. 


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The Ford Performance Racing Simulator with rFPro.

The Ford Performance Technical Center has released a video showing one of their simulators, in this case being used for motorsport engineering development for their GT car program ahead of last year's Le Mans 24 Hours.


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Image Space Incorporated (ISI) has announced collaboration with several automotive companies in the development of stand-alone cars. The work will be carried out using the well-known rFPro , the professional simulator of the American company which, while being deeply different from the rFactor and rFactor 2 commercial versions (though sold to Studio 397), uses the proven ISIMotor (for physics) and gMotor engine (for graphics).

Train, test and validate Deep Learning Autonomous Driving

rFpro have released a short video showing their end-to-end simulation solution for testing, training and validating Deep Learning Autonomous Driving models.

A massively parallel test environment allows accurate, high quality, digital models of the real world to be shared by multiple ego vehicles, each with multiple sensor feeds, plus Swarm traffic and pedestrians, plus Programmed traffic and pedestrians, plus (when running real-time) Human test drivers in driving simulators.


Farewell Sepang

We have enjoyed the challenge of LiDAR surveying Sepang and keeping the circuit model up to date, but this weekend is the last time Sepang appears on the F1 calendar. We will miss you.


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Season 4 of Formula E is about to start

During 2017 rFpro invested in LiDAR scanning and building accurate circuit models for all the events on the calendar. As of November 2017 seven Formula E entrants are using rFpro for their simulated vehicle development and testing. We are now starting the F-E Annual Circuit Maintenance contract to keep our customers' investments protected against future updates.

Here's a lap of Hong Kong, the first race of the season on 2nd December.


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rFpro – aVDS – Advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator

Talking on a daily basis about driving simulators for driver training and home entertainment use, we would almost forget that there is also a very professional automotive market out there using roughly the same, but far more advanced driving simulators for Testing and Validation, Autonomous Driving, ADAS, and Vehicle Dynamics development.

On the software side, often these systems are powered by rFactor’s older brother, rFpro.  A good example is AB Dynamics who are one of the most trusted names in automotive testing. AB Dynamics is using a cutting edge motion platform with linear motors powered by immersive 3D graphics from rFpro for flawless motion cueing.

The advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator (aVDS) is a versatile and innovative driving simulator, combining a high-performance motion platform and high specification audio and visual hardware with industry-leading virtual content from rFpro. The result is a simulator capable of accurately representing the smallest changes to a vehicle’s configuration and an ideal instrument for the future of vehicle development.

Watch it perform driver-in-the-loop simulation with vehicle-to-vehicle scenario testing including ADAS, city center driving and virtual proving ground testing.


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rFpro is a driving simulation for engineering development of vehicle dynamics and the control systems that affect vehicle dynamics, ADAS and Autonomous Driving. rFpro allows the training and testing of the entire ADAS / Autonomous toolchain. From deep learning, training AI, to testing detection algorithms, validation against ground truth and validation with or without a human driver.

rFpro’s high quality 3D digital models of public roads enable accelerated offline development and testing process. Driving simulation for vehicle dynamics is all about closing the loop through the driver and the vehicle model as quickly as possible while delivering a high quality and immersive environment. rFpro is proven in the demanding motorsport categories of F1, NASCAR, WEC, Indy, Super GT, IMSA, and Formula E as well as being used by most of the top 10 road car OEMs and Tier-1s for chassis, powertrain, and control system engineering.



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