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Targa Florio 1967


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New version update from svictor



v0.21 Changelog:

  • - Updated old GDB entries with new values, new geographical position. Loose objects are lighter (to avoid one KO). Old obsolete values are removed/commented out.
  • - Updated TDF, reduced main road grip by 1%, increased grass grip (help cars recovering).
  • - Updated all textures, corrected brightness (based on DDS files from v0.1, in order to preserve original rich color), see screenshots.
  • - Updated SCN files with new values, including reflectionmapper and IBL probe. Old obsolete values are removed/commented out.
  • - Updated all Tree shaders to T1 no shadow, so they don't recieve shadows (to avoid bad looking shadow on X board tree model).
  • - Updated new haze value to eliminate white horizon effect, make sure you select default weather, or remove old TARGA_FLORIOs.wet inside "UserData\player\Settings\Targa_Florio" folder.
  • - Both GPL & RF2 readme.txt is packaged inside Targa_Florio_Regular_Grid.mas

v0.23 Changelog:

  • - fixed objects that flickering during night
  • - restored and excluded some bump textures from batching progress
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v0.24 (2020-09-13)

  • - Fixed moveable objects that couldn't receive lights due to incorrect pivot points (thanks to senormen's solution!)
  • - Adjusted one of grass diffuse texture (_GRASS_ADD.DDS) for better color/brightness transition.
  • - Each MAS file now includes _batching.scn file with correct tag for easy batching process.


Όσο περίμενα τον Mad να βάλει server  Targa Florio SMMG F3 2020


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v0.25 (2020-09-16)
- Fixed a floating tree (trees589.gmt).
- Fixed clipping signs (scilla1,scitopl,scitopr,calta7,calta1,scilla02,scitopl01,scitopr01,rosi). Most of the clipping is caused by incorrect mesh normal (recalculated with 3dsimed or other 3d software for fixing). Commented out duplicated gmt entries in SCN.
- Erased many duplicated materials (suffix name _MU,_CR).
- Changed most of "Alpha Blending Transparency" material to "Alpha Chroma".
- Reverted road grip value back to original.
- All trackside crowds and vehicles are now visible in all sessions (as also in GPL).
- Reduced base haze value for cloudy and storm.
- Fixed pitlane sector timing objects position (Previously was placed outside real pitlane area). Garage area was and still is the only working pitlane area.




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v0.27 Changelog:

  • - Main 72km road surface was re-constructed with 8 square subdivision across 6-7 meter wide surface. The new surface also includes around 2% crossfall and some random height variation (about 1cm).
  • - Re-adjusted Terrain feedback (TDF) values for the new surface, most of RoadBumpLen values are reduced accordingly.
  • - Renamed track name to "Targa Florio 1967" on track list, added track icon for old UI.

Real road is still disabled, due to several minutes long loading time and unstable performance.


OP updated

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v0.28 Changelog:

  • - New 4 rally stages, all pits&garages&grids are set at same location. (Do not click RACE button until the start of session timer begins to countdown, otherwise will receive penalty. AI current does not work at Stage 4, other Stages are ok.)
  • - New 3D grass, enabled by setting "Circuit Detail" to FULL (lower "Circuit Detail" to disable).
  • - New set of Loading Screens & Icons (thanks to the track map created by John Bradley).
  • - Added some ambient sounds.
  • - Adjusted terrain feedback for grass and gravel.
  • - Reduced cut detection.
  • - Fixed horizon & various objects LOD issue.
  • - Fixed some road texture UV map.
  • - Fixed various objects.
  • - Removed pitlane speed limit.
  • - Original GPL & RF2 Credits readme.txt are now packaged inside Targa_Florio.mas





Ήρθε η ώρα να γίνει Event @John@John


OP updated



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Changelog: v0.29 (2020-12-30)

  • - Added PIT exit sign board. (If playing rally stage, please wait until this "PIT CLOSED" sign board disappear, then click RACE/DRIVE button to exit garage, otherwise may get penalty for exit pit under red light.)
  • - Added hundred of night lights and illumination.
  • - Adjusted start timing position for rally stages, in order to fix rare wrong timing issue.
  • - Fixed AI that taking wrong route at Rally Stage 4.
  • - Added hundreds of bump map textures to road materials.
  • - Up-scaled many textures to higher resolution, various color tweaking to improve overall view.
  • - Corrected most of floating & popping objects (LOD) for cockpit view at forward direction.
  • - Fixed ClipPlanes values.
  • - Fixed visibility issue of some objects.
  • - Adjusted VisGroups for many objects.

OP updated


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  • andre changed the title to Targa Florio 1967



v0.31 (2021-01-13)

  • - Realroad now enabled with wet support. No changes to base grip level (green road is the same as before).
  • Note: First time loading is also significantly longer due to Realroad preparation, and none default "time scale" setting may also cause performance issue.
  • - Re-split and merged over 2000 gmt files for real road, added and reworked many materials.
  • - Moved all pit spots to the real pitlane, it's now possible to serve penalty without completing a full lap.
  • Note: If starting from garage (any none Race session), entering pit would cancel current timing. Race session is unaffected.
  • - Cleaned up most of 3d grass on bigger walls.
  • - Added hay bales for rally stages.
  • - Fixed various terrain holes and LOD values.
  • - Cut detection is less strict now for full length track.

OP updated


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Changelog version 0.32 :

v0.32 (2021-01-15)

  • - Optimized 3d grass, removed 30% of mesh that is far away from main view, there should be very little visual difference.
  • - Removed all unused AI waypoints from each rally stages. Car positions now correctly displayed on monitor map.

Note: the straight line on new UI map is not a bug, AIW must be a closed circuit to have AI working correctly.

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v1.00 (2021-04-24)
- Eliminated all surface gaps and holes, simplified great amount unnecessary meshes.
- Added additional subdivision for road edge.
- Added additional 1-2cm random surface height variation.
- Smoothed out all "poly-like" road meshes. Road now bends and changes elevation more naturally.
- Improved and fixed most of terrain surface (previously floating land pieces) along with various scenery objects.
- Merged over 9000 objects (all road, terrain, tree, wall, grass objects), re-split & grouped them evenly into 300 sections (now about 2000 objects).
- Adjusted & added hundreds of trees to fit better with reconstructed terrain.
- Rebuilt all 3D grass with extra variations, cleaned up overgrowing grass, planted extra flowers.
- Rebuilt all invisible boundary walls according to the new terrain.
- Manually set and optimized more than 1000 object's LOD values for cockpit camera at forward driving direction.
- Rally Stage now only loads terrain objects that is visible, which helps both performance and loading time (previously this was impossible due to thousands of unsorted objects)
- Fixed great amount misplaced UV mapping for background tree walls.
- Removed collision for various scenery vehicles at garage area, to prevent stuck inside.
- Fixed many half-side buildings.

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v1.04 (2021-05-07)

  • - Fixed buildings and added missing roofs at Collesano, adjusted trackside camera & collision wall
  • - Updated several low-resolution textures to more details
  • - Various small fixes

v1.03 (2021-05-04)

  • - Fixed a texture error

v1.02 (2021-05-04)

  • - Fixed many buildings and objects
  • - Added additional terrain pieces
  • - Fixed a few objects' LOD
  • - Fixed start line banner
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