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  1. Top 10 HillClimb Monsters || Buzetski Dani 2019 Τα δυο ελαφρύτερα με τα λιγότερα άλογα στις δυο πρώτες θέσεις. @mad_dog είπες τίποτα;
  2. The Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedal set is available for pre-order at a very affordable €199.99 / £179.99 / $199.99. The product is scheduled to be released on March 26. Features: Magnetic Technology The H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) system — contactless technology without any potentiometers — ensures an unlimited lifespan and optimal accuracy in racing sessions: up to 16-bit resolution, representing 65,536 values per pedal. Adjustable Mechanical Brake Force The included set of 6 springs allows for a multitude of quick adjustments, allowing you to customize the feel on the brake pedal to your liking. Adjust the pressure force for the best fit with your racing setup (desk or table, Wheel Stand Pro, GT cockpit, F1 cockpit, etc.). 100% Metal Materials Mounted on a stable, sturdy structure designed with the most experienced racers in mind, the 100% metal pedal heads, attached to 100% metal pedal arms, ensure a good grip in order to optimize the feeling of control while racing. Up to 220 LB / 100 KG of pressure on the Load Cell sensor The brake pedal in the T-LCM Pedals adjusts to your gaming intensity and driving style. You’ll get the perfect amount of braking power according to the force applied on the brake pedal. Independably adjustable pedals The positions of the 3 pedals are adjustable in terms of height, inclination, and spacing. The calibration software also lets you electronically adjust the brake force, along with the dead zones for all 3 pedals. Compatibility * In PC games (via the USB cable): 16-bit resolution per pedal * In PS4™ games (via the RJ12 cable): 12-bit resolution per pedal * In Xbox One® games (via the RJ12 cable): 12-bit resolution per pedal
  3. Ε, βάλτε και αποτελέσματα να βλέπουμε.
  4. Changelog v1.3.5 - MP: Fixed total driving time counter behaviour in MP. Now total driving time correctly freezes on pit entry and resumes on pit exit. - Minor fix to the time multiplier display on session summary. - Stint timer is now linked to the timing HUD when auto-repositioning. Changelog v1.3.4 - Fixed inconsistent F6 cameras for some of the Evo cars. - Driver stint message now correctly follows if maximum driving time left is shorter than the current stint time. - Fixed "Max Time Left" widget behaviour in single-car sessions. - MP: Fixed visual damage not resetting for swapped cars with repair - MP: Added live electronics settings transferring across swaps (TC, ABS, BBias, Map). - MP: Added new chat command to hand over the car during FP and Q sessions: "§swap X" (where X is the number of the target driver in the team list; 1 selects the first entry). NOTE: the player giving away the car in the garage screen must not press the Setup button! - Rating: Fixed wrong rating data when loading savegames or swapping into cars. - MP: Added server admin handbook v7. Changelog v1.3.3 GENERAL: - Fixed frame drops after a set amount of sessions, causing lower performance after multiple sessions for some users. GAMEPLAY: - Fixed AI tyre wear in saved games. - Fixed a bug related to track surfaces when loading a saved game resulting in pitstop and stint timer issues. - Cutting last chicane in Suzuka now invalidates the next lap. - Cutting last chicane in Suzuka during the first lap after a short formation lap will now trigger the penalty as intended. - 12H race weekend game mode now has a limit of 15 tyresets. - Fixed a bug with Superpole game mode, allowing the player to set more than 2 fast laps. - Wrong lap remaining value corrected for SG penalty for pitlane speeding. GRAPHICS: - Fixed numberplate appearence in gallery replays of MP sessions. - Suzuka reflection map position update to remove unwanted green tint. UI/HUD: - Audiocomms text message category and priority tweaks. - ECU setting changes (TC, ABS etc.) now have their own race comms category. - Time multiplier is now displayed in session summary page both in SP and MP. - Added Championship replay category. - Updates to driver stint messages and message behaviour. PHYSICS: - NSX engine power adjustments. - Mount Panorama grip adjustments. - Suzuka asphalt abrasivity (tyre degradation) adjustments. - Fix for occasional setup corruption that caused a broken car state. - Fixed car spawn issues in certain conditions. MULTIPLAYER: - Server result.json now writes metaData, serverName and sessionType as intended. - Fixed an incompability with the allowAutoDQ setting, causing post race penalties not being applied when enabled. - Re-enabled driver stint time and total driving time rules for non-public MP. - Re-enabled isRaceLocked, so joining races can be allowed again. - Client should now handle all disconnect scenarios properly. - Various improvements for driver swaps and spectator mode: - Stint and driving time rules now work reliably in swap situations. - Mandatory pit stop rules now work reliably in swap situations. - Penalties now transfer correctly across clients in swap situations. - Prevented server misconfiguration that led to join order relevance. - Missing mandatory state update after swaps corrected. - Tyre compound, pressure and brake strategies transfer reliably in swap situations. - Fixed a bug that prevented the player from adjusted pressures when selecting wet tyres in the MFD on track. - Pit crew visibility fixed for spectating client. - Fixed swap widget disappearing for some players in multi-car sessions.
  5. Όποιος έχει Windows 7 και δεν μπορεί να μπει RaceNet πρέπει να κατεβάσει και να εγκαταστήσει τα δυο παρακάτω: (νομίζω ισχύει και για Dirt Rally 2) Ενημέρωση Windows 7 διαλέξτε έκδοση. https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/search.aspx?q=kb3140245 Στη μέση της σελίδας που λέει Download https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3140245/update-to-enable-tls-1-1-and-tls-1-2-as-default-secure-protocols-in-wi **Σιγά σιγά πάμε για W10
  6. Νομίζω όλο το μυστικό είναι εδώ. Αλλά για να γίνει αυτό πρέπει να ασχοληθείς μόνο με αυτό το SIM. Μόλις πιάνεις το άλλο μπερδεύεται η φαντασία σου. Το πρόβλημα είναι όταν έρχεται το over-under steer. Πρέπει να το φανταστείς γιατί δεν το καταλαβαίνεις. Και αν δεν το προλάβεις, τέλος. Κατά τα άλλα είναι super. Αυτό το δοκίμασες; https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1958400217 εγώ όχι ακόμα. Το έφτιαξα το controls JSON. Αν θες βάλε τα τρία αρχεία στο Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\Config φάκελο και δες. controls.json ff_post_process.ini G25+G27+G29_NoClipButStronger_recommended.lut
  7. Build 1117 Update and new UI improvements rFactor 2 - 1.1117 Now Available! Steam Build IDs Opt-out (old UI) client: 4648479 dedi: 4648482 New UI: public_beta: Steam Build ID 4648512 ‘Favorite servers’ will only update when manually refreshed. Added tyre wear, temperatures and hot pressures to the garage page, so you can see those after you get out of your car. Added practice, qualification and race progress in the event screen. Added brake wear to garage page, so after you get out of your car, you can see how much your brakes have worn. Added plugin management tab to options, allowing you to enable and disable installed plugins. This still requires a restart after making changes. Added class color coded icons and class names to event standings if such an event has more than a single class. Added a replay ‘seeker’ that is now drag-able so you can immediately see where you are in the replay. Added confirmation dialog when deleting a setup When you select a car, track or series, you will now return to where you came from, instead of going back to start page or in some cases the race page. Fixed the missing package download and install process when joining a server. Fixed the missing blinking cursor in text fields. Fixed that you could always start driving again in sessions, even after for example being classified as DNF in a race. Now correctly disables the button when needed. Removed certain display settings that shouldn’t be available when in a session. Key assignments now show the key modifiers, such as ALT and CTRL. When clicking a folder in save setup, the setup name is no longer lost and goes blank. Server text commands do now work when pressing ‘return’. Fixed the intermittent pace car loading error on track load Removed additional pace cars “Clio Cup” and “Pace Car With Lights” from base install. In VR, fixed a glitchy loading screen in the headset in both the old and new UI. In VR, fixed a flashing desktop mirror while track loads in both the old and new UI. Updated openvr libraries. Fixed the lag when other clients joined a server. Fixed AI limit of 19 when adding them in single player using ‘session controls’. Removed old UI images that would appear sporadically. Known Issues Showroom does not go full screen when pressing ‘return’. After content install in VR rFactor 2 does not restart. A workaround for now is to restart manually. There is still a black band on the bottom half of the track loading screen. Some are seeing some micro stutters in the new UI, more prominent in VR, we are aware and working on a fix. Unrelated to UI, but we are also aware of the erratic throttle behavior of the AI cars, and we are looking into that. Work in Progress Add skin download progress bar while on a server that allows custom skin transfers. Config tool sporadically fails to launch up after clicking PLAY for setting graphics resolution, VR or post effect levels. Team creation in the showroom is missing. Material editing in the showroom is missing. Forced setup and/or upgrades. Car (re)selection when on a server. Resume from replay. Sporadic ‘white screen’ on server exit.
  8. Changelog v1.3.2: - Cleared leftover pit strategies from all car preset setups. - All car preset setups tyreset is now set to the default set 1. - Updated race number generator when non-unique numbers are used. - Start procedure triggers revised for Mount Panorama. - Added lateral position indicator when delta speed is active in scripted formation. - Various minor livery updates. - Added option to disable the audio driver selection to use the default OS driver: "enableAudioDriverSelection" in moduleenabler.json. - MP: Servers will let team members join as spectators, independently of the isRaceLocked state. - MP: Added server admin commands /sg10, /sg20, /sg30 and /clear_all (clears all penalties from all cars). - MP: Scripted formation reliability improvements. - MP: Fixed <no name> entries for a special configuration of entry lists. - MP: Server will now write .txt files into the "current" folder, which implies the logging purposes better. NOTE: it is recommended to clear this folder. - MP: Renamed current/setting.json to current/settings.txt. - MP: Entrylist property defaultGridPosition is now 1-based, resulting in 1:1 grid positions (ie 1 is pole, 13 is really 13). - MP: Fixed an issue where defaultGridPosition would always start with position 2. - MP: Incremented the server version, please update the servers. - MP: Added server handbook version 7.
  9. @panosdimip Πάνο αν έχεις G27 για βάλε μια τις ρυθμίσεις της.
  10. Update details: Download size = 1.9 GB Client version = Client BuildID = 4639903 Dedicated server version = 57.0.1077 Dedicated server BuildID = 4640022 Changelog: Dedicated server now offers the possibility to set an incident point limit. Any player going above that defined amount will get instantly disqualified. Dedicated server manager page now shows the points accumulated by each player in real-time, rather than the number of incident events involving that player. Reputation – Improved detection of Non-Starter participants on long tracks such as the Nordschleife. Reputation – Car to car collisions are now worth 4 points. Losing Control of the vehicle is now worth 2 points. Flat Spots – Reduced further tyre wear on flat spots, which makes them vanish quicker with tyre wear. Flat Spots – Fixed some bad performance when locking a tyre on a flat spot while in gravel or grass. Suspension damage – Fixed some cases where a car with suspension damage could sometimes be seen shot into the air. Car Setup – Fixed Setup rules are now properly affecting the car setup menu. Car Setup – Changed so 4WD cars differential changes affect the rear differential instead of the front. Fixed shift sounds playing twice in replays. Fixed an issue where HUD elements would show in replays if the client was started with -broadcastUrl=http://** Fixed some sorting/timing issues in the client’s position bar Fixed a case where entering the pitlane could sometimes result in the lap being invalidated Fixed rolling start qualifying where the car, under AI control, would try and dodge other players around the spawn location, even though they’re invisible. Fixed wrong values fed to Spectator overlays for live gaps between cars. Fixed smoke not rendering from Aerial TV cameras. Fixed an old Helpdesk URL that the client was attempting to load after throwing an error. It’s now changed to point to the Sector3 Studios forums. Content updates: Bosh DDU4 – (data display is seen in cars such as the Tatuus F4) – Fixed the Oil and Water temperatures that were swapped. Aquila – Physics updates Audi RS TT VLN – Physics updates All Manual Gearbox cars – Reduced dogbox RPM to encourage more lifting when changing gears. BMW M1 – Updated cockpit art DTM (all years) – Reduced default FFB multipliers Formula RaceRoom 90 – Tweaks to AI behavior Group 4 and Procar classes – Increased tyre heating and reduced default tyre pressures accordingly GTR3 Car Class – Tweaks to AI behavior GTR3 Class BOP – Improved BOP of the older generation of GT3’s. Porsche 911 GT3 R (2019) +20 Kg ; Mercedes AMG GT3 +15 Kg GTR4 Class BOP – Adjustments Hyundai I30 TCR – Reduced rear ride height and its adjustment range Lotus Evora GT4 – Tweaks to pit limiter timings as well as engine orientation Nissan GTR R32 – New sounds, updates to cockpit art. Porsche Cayman (all types) – Adjustments to car physics Porsche 911 GT3 Cup – The current model has now been modified to Endurance specs. The car now has Traction Control as well as more car setup adjustments allowed. The Cup specs will now be only available in the upcoming Porsche Carrera Cup classes. RUF CTR3 + RT12R GT2 and GT3 – Fixed a bad collision box Silhouette Class – Physics updates WTCC 2015/2016 – Fixed Chevrolet Cruze not having adjustable Tyre Pressure Mount Panorama (Bathurst) – Tweaks to pitlane ambient sounds Ningbo – Flipped the starting grid so the pole position starts on the right side, on the trajectory. Nuerburgring GP Fast Chicane – Fixed rolling starts that could sometimes be bad for AI. Portimao (all layouts) – Moved the spawn location used in Time Attack and rolling start qualifying. Silverstone – Fixed AI running wide in turn 1 after a rolling start on GP and International layouts. Zhuhai – Improved performance Zolder – AI control in pitlane should no longer result in hitting a guardrail Announcement: In this update, we had to heavily modify the looks of some fantasy liveries that had Red Bull sponsoring since their original release. The Red Bull brand guidelines now enforce the brand to only be used as replica’s of existing cars and liveries, never on fantasy cars. As some of the liveries were sold, we will be looking into refunding the 29 vRP’s to your in-game wallets in the coming days. The liveries affected are: Formula Raceroom 2 #1 Formula Raceroom 2 #2 Formula Raceroom 3 #2 Formula RaceRoom Junior #18 Pagani Zonda R #73 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup #11 RaceRoom Canhard R51 #15
  11. ACC Changelog v1.3.1: - Logging re-enabled. - First and full name now displayed in driver swap widget. - Fixed formation widget sticking when switching from a MP session to a SP one. - 50 slots for private MP at Kyalami. - Fixed scripted rolling start positions with random client disconnections. - More permissive threshold on lateral positions during scripted formation. - Penalties now clear on session restart. - Admin command added to clear all penalties ("clear_all"). - Updated BMW M6 GT3 Mount Panorama aggressive setup. - Updated Bathurst-spec Bentley M-Sport liveries. ACC Changelog v1.3 General: Enabled Intercontinental GT Challenge Pack DLC (requires additional purchase). Adding 4 new tracks, a lot of new entries and relevant season and game modes: Mount Panorama Circuit WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca Suzuka Circuit Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit Added IGTC 2019 entries and liveries. Added IGTC 2019 championship mode. Added IGTC race weekend modes (8H, 9H, 10H and 12H race weekend). Fix to occasional freezes with Fanatec wheels caused by having the Fanatec LED option enabled without using Fanatec hardware. Shared memory unmapping when quitting the game. Gameplay: Fix for incorrect driver stint limits in Custom Race Weekend mode. Fixed checkered flags seen as real flags in final race sector. Fixed drive-through penalty for exceeding driver stint and added S&G penalty in case of double violation. Pitlane logic moved from trigger to surface system for more reliable detection. Fixed replay driver info memory occupation. Better recognition of non-overtake highlights during incidents. Collision enabler has been changed to the overlap-based system. Collisions are enabled by mesh and no longer based on distance – fixes rare occasions when cars spawned too close to one another and continued to have no collision after the green light. New spawn system and track slots sorting: Grid and fast start spawns are built at runtime, pitlane slots are sorted by spline. Reduced yellow flag threshold for offtrack cars. Added replay event type dependency in gallery replays (replay version changed). Reviewed formation lap and start triggers. Fixed issue with destructible objects in gallery replays. UI/HUD: UI integration for DLC. Fixed MFD pitstop validity with pit window rules to be green already while on the track. Pitstop is now shown valid in the MFD before entering pitlane when all conditions are met. Navigation: restored damage MFD selection logic to correct one. MP and Championship car selection boxes now point to the new showroom. Appearance update to normal/high/max priority race communication messages. Added more highlighted player-specific communication messages. Communication panel positioning and minimum message priority exposed as options in the HUD options screen. The previously used center position can be restored via the HUD options. Added engine map setting display to the clutch bar in the gear widget. General styling updates to the gear widget. MFD tyre set condition indicator added in the pit strategy page of the MFD. Brand new sets are marked white, used sets are marked with a black dot for easier selection on the fly. MFD pit strategy now shows both fuel to add and total fuel calculation. HUD and real-time widget now use official position from race start to the first split to show more reliable positions at the start and less flickering. “Randomize” button is now part of the Custom weather group. Fixed camera cycle inconsistency in replay when the car is in the pits (difference in cycle up vs. down). Weather forecast widget sensitivity increased. Added green lights widget with the setting to be disabled via HUD options. Real-time page update in the MFD to account for lapped cars and large gaps that are not relevant for the player. Extra highlighting for the player row in the real-time position widget for easier tracking. Graphics: Fixed near plane with F7 free camera (now depends on camera distance from the focused car). Alternative rendering method for marbles. NOTE: works only when material quality is set to MID (should help when using FXAA). Additional custom templates for the Porsche 991II GT3 Cup and Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo cars. Improved car visibility system when max opponent visibility setting is used. Cars in pitlane should now be ignored when on track to not steal focus for cars driving in front. Cars in front also have render priority over cars behind the player. Disabled behind-player-car light cone optimization for opponent cars in chase-cam and dashpro views to fix an unwanted pop-in effect. 3D grass updates on all tracks. Unique display brightness curves for individual tracks. Fixed national flags going hectic during the pause menu. Updated season-independent numberplate/banner layouts for custom cars and custom game modes in all seasons. Fix for issue with car decals when car visibility limit is used. Physics: All cars BOP assignments for IGTC circuits. All cars have now safe, aggressive and wet presets for new IGTC circuits. Audi R8 LMS EVO new Spa aggressive preset. Bentley 2018 new Spa aggressive setup. Honda NSX GT3 (old) new Silverstone aggressive preset. Honda NSX GT3 EVO rev limiter tweaks. Lexus RC F GT3 all presets modified brake balance. Slipstream optimization in CPU performance with many AI cars. Chassis flex optimization in CPU performance with many AI cars. Slipstream simulation fine-tuning. Leading car now gains less speed, while the following car gains more. Tyre model fine-tuning. Pressure sensitivity and influence on flex and slip angle/ratio. Wet tyre wear and grip adjustments. Slick tyres now drain less water on a wet track. Porsche 991II GT3-R performance tweaks on sprint circuits. Optimizations to AI CPU occupancy. Fixed brake wear after loading a saved game. Fixed occasional bug with broken suspensions when pitting after loading a saved game. Fix for MoTeC not saving if the username had special characters. MoTeC now exports in 200hz frequency for suspension travel, wheel speed, dampers, and relative math channels. MoTeC new channels export on/off when suspension travel touches bumpstops. Improved engine response at low revs and manual clutch release scenarios for easier starts. It also improves driveability for “starting over grass after a spin” scenario. Less sensitive launch control activation. Now needs almost 100% accelerator to engage. Improves slow launches with clutch without engaging always. Audio: Improved “Green flag” message timing at the race start. New crew chief/spotter messages. Multiplayer: All tracks in base content now have 50 slots for private MP. Server formation trigger is set 500m earlier when full-lap formation is used. Cars are now always positioned in 45 degrees in FP and Q sessions. Player car is now locked until green flag + 20 seconds when teleported from the grid or formation lap. Added IGTC tracks to server configuration: kyalami_2019, mount_panorama_2019, suzuka_2019, laguna_seca_2019. NOTE: non-DLC owners can also set up servers with DLC tracks. Formation lap type is now configurable via settings.json: New system (default), old system (with limiter), free (for private servers) New Formation lap type for Multiplayer, including position tracking widget – to be used in official and CP servers and optional in private MP servers. Guidelines: – In “Single file” phase, player must follow the target widget, it should be relaxed enough to allow for warming up tyres and brakes. – Being out of target by significant margins results in teleport to pits. – In “Double file” phase, players should find their target position as soon as possible and hold speed and side once there. – In the “Pre-green” phase (when the speed delta appears), players must lock their speed to the delta. – Speeding or moving out of lateral and longitudinal position during the pre-green phase grants a penalty based on severity. – The system works on a protect-the-innocent basis, the player can ignore what other cars are doing around them, the important thing to pay attention to is their own position and speed. – Collisions are disabled during the formation lap and regained once any overlap is ended. New dynamic fast formation spawns for MP. Server and client penalties now correctly accumulate. Server post-race time penalties are now applied on top of mid-race penalties. Pitlane speeding in non-race sessions no longer disqualifies the player, only teleports the client back to the pits. Fixed missing lap countdown for Race Control penalties. Temporarily disabled server settings: “isRaceLocked” (active by default) and event rules “driverStintTimeSec” and “maxTotalDrivingTime”. Updated server admin handbook to provisional version 6a. Ratings: Added new track medals for DLC owners. TR rating now scales dependent on DLC ownership. SA Trust generation adjustments. CP servers will run DLC tracks in a parallel schedule. CP servers will adaptively select DLC tracks on unknown track days when a large majority of registrations owns the DLC.
  12. andre

    GT3 Pack

    2020 - BOP GT3 Radical RXC GT3 v2.57 (-30kg) weight reduction Bentley Continental GT3 v2.57 (+10kg) weight penalty, (-2%) engine torque/power output. Callaway C7 GT3-R v2.53 (-2.5%) engine torque/power output Following cars did not need receive any BOP updates. Mercedes AMG GT3 McLaren 650S GT3
  13. 2020 - BOP GT3 BMW M6 GT3 v1.51 (-20kg) weight reduction Audi R8 LMS GT3 2018 v1.53 (+5kg) weight penalty. Audi R8 LMS GT3 2019 v1.27 (+10kg) weight penalty Porsche 911 GT3R v1.45 (-1.5%) engine torque/power output. Aston Martin Vantage GT3 v1.53 (+25kg) weight penalty Following cars did not need receive any BOP updates. McLaren 720S GT3
  14. Reiza Studios January 2020 Development Update Reiza Studios owner and project manager Renato Simioni has published the first Development Update for 2020. In this new writeup, Renato shares some more details regarding the ongoing Automobilista 2 development and included some fresh great looking AMS2 preview screenshots. The Automobilista 2 racing title is scheduled to become available in March 2020. Reiza Quote: Hello again folks, here we are again for the first development update of 2020! The year has started for us just like the last one ended – working flat out, with long night after long night testing everyone´s sanity It has been another incredibly productive month, with further developments made in all fronts from vehicle to track art, Audio, Physics, AI, User Interface – all had one major development or another which is at once very exciting and but also stressful as every time there is a breakthrough it demands some amount of rework to re-assemble related parts around it, and there´s so much the schedule will allow until we get to a stable build for release… The details of what´s going on in all these fronts would be enough to fill two articles and bore many of you to death – the important thing is that we have managed to reach the end of the month just inside our planned milestones so things continue to move decisively towards release at some point late in March. So let´s look into some of the most exciting stuff to come together this past month: User Interface Preview It has been a long time coming but we are finally able to share a glimpse of the AMS2 User Interface – click on the thumbs to preview some of the main game screens: Like all other areas, the UI is being developed with conservative short term goals in mind considering the relatively tight 16-month schedule since we started working with the Madness engine – further & more in-depth developments are planned for post-release, in any case, we believe this to be a solid baseline for what is to follow. Please keep in mind that while the design is fairly definitive, some of what you see in these previews are still to be considered WIP – background images, panel artwork, and texts especially are still mostly placeholders, and elements may still move around a bit. Initial DLC Packs Confirmed – Hockenheim & Silverstone I´m very glad to confirm the classic Hockenheimring – host of the German GP 34 times will again feature in Automobilista 2 as the very first DLC Pack. Just as in AMS1, the Hockenheimring Pack will feature 1977, 1988, 2001 and modern versions of the track along with the most relevant layout variants. This is the only AMS1 DLC that will be re-released again in AMS2 as a DLC – all other AMS1 DLCs will feature as AMS2 base game content on release. Another World Class venue that we are thrilled to confirm for Automobilista 2 is none other than the spiritual home of British motorsports – the historical Silverstone Circuit is inarguably one of the tracks of richest heritage in motorsports, being the host of the very first World Championship GP in 1950 and having hosted 50 of them since and continuing to be one of the major venues for the most important series today. Silverstone has received many reforms over the decades with major changes to the original layout – all of them managed to keep the track´s trademark high-speed nature and each featured their own unique charm one of the many reasons it´s such a great subject for this line of AMS2 DLCs. The Silverstone Pack will feature 1975, 1988, 2001 and modern versions of the track. On top of these two packages – both to be released within the first 6 months of AMS2´s initial release – three more tracks are already confirmed as subjects of similar DLC packages over the following year. We won´t spoil all surprises just yet so feel free to speculate what these maybe. Some may understandably find odd that DLCs are being announced before the game is even released – the reason being that we want to give a better idea of how base game content may differ from the DLCs and why they´ll (hopefully) be worth the asking price. Mainly this is something we owe to the Backers who already committed to the full AMS2 pack before they even knew what they were getting with it – it´s in large part thanks to them that some of these major licenses are already materializing at this stage. This should also be a hint there are some major, not yet announced plans fo AMS2 in terms of content you can look forward to – a lot more of this iceberg than what has appeared over the surface so far. Rest assured however we don´t plan to hold the suspense for much longer – by next month we will confirm the full content list to feature on initial AMS2 release. Similarly to AMS1 we will again have a large content roster ranging from historical tracks and cars to complete modern series, karts, trucks and a whole lot in between – altogether adding to up just under 40 unique venues and classes and over 60 car models – most official, some fictional – with more to come still in time for release and a lot more beyond it. We also hope to outline to some of the main gameplay features (for single and multiplayer) we are working on. Final weeks to join the AMS2 Early Backing Campaign Automobilista 2 is scheduled for launch in March 2020, and for a few more weeks you can still pre-purchase through the Early Support Campaign. – as mentioned above the revenue we raise from the Campaign sales contributes to securing new licenses as well as to the development of the game itself. In addition to a good discount over the complete game package including the various DLCs and Expansion Packs that will be launched in the coming years, Backers also get access to our private forum to influence various development decisions, the opportunity to create their own car paintings and enter in the game as official drivers, and soon also Early Access to the game itself during the final weeks of Beta Testing! You can find more information about the Campaign and how to participate here. By this time next month Backers will already be able to hit the track as Automobilista 2 Beta is scheduled to become available to them on Steam in February 28th. We are pushing hard to deliver a solid and functional build for this Open Beta period, although naturally it shouldn´t be expected to be quite the finished article yet. In many ways, V1.0 will also be a long way from final but rather just a baseline for what will follow – Automobilista 2 is a long-term project with a development plan that already goes well into 2022. Day 1 is just the opening lap of a very long race, and we are eager to get going!
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