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  1. iRacing – 2019 Season 4 Patch 1 Changelog: Dynamic Track For a session with a “Fixed Sky” weather setting, the initialization of the track is now generated with the static specified weather, rather than using a dynamic sky before the start of the event. This should cause the temperature model to be very near equilibrium at the start of the session. – – This fixes an issue where setup builders were having an unpredictable environment at the start of the session. The multi-layer track temperature model has been adjusted to slow down the rate at which heat conducts between the layers. The net result of this is that the track surface reacts slightly faster to changes. The evaporation formula of water from soil has been adjusted so that the track surface will cool quicker but it will lose less water. New Damage Model Updated how cars are removed from the world when towed or disconnected. Now, a car and all of its associated parts will be removed from the world together. This avoids some situations where parts from a wreck are left on the track even though the involved cars have been removed. Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when transitioning between sessions. Fixed an issue when calculating collision forces that could cause instability or crashes in limited circumstances. Fixed an issue where the incorrect amount of damage could be applied when it was being split between two colliding cars. Fixed an issue where damaged parts would continue to collide with cars on pit road. Paint Shop A new sponsor, Sparco, has been added to the Paint Shop! Virtual Reality Optimized the use-case of Virtual Reality (VR) with High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Anti-Aliasing (AA) when all enabled together. – – Eliminated several large render targets and some unnecessary copies and resolves of the rendered scene. The default pixel density settings for VR HMDs has been reduced from 120% or 130% (depending on the HMD model) to 100%. This means, by default, the Simulator will use the resolution recommended from the headset itself, unaltered, instead of scaling it larger. – – The affected settings are: “PixelsPerDisplayPixel” inside the “[Oculus Rift]” section, and “ResolutionScalePct” inside of the “[OpenVR]” section of the RendererDX11.ini file. – – – This change is primarily due to the newer, higher resolution HMD displays, which do not benefit as much from the extra resolution. And, the extra scaling leads to a much larger video memory footprint and fill rate, both of which negatively affect performance, especially when combined with anti-aliasing and/or HDR rendering. – – – The existing settings in the RendererDX11.ini file are not altered by this change, so we recommend that all VR customers should consider reducing these values manually to be to as close to 100% as possible for best performance, or re-run the iRacing auto-config utility, then adjust and carefully readjust as needed. Move where OpenVR and Rift VR runtime blocks the rendering thread so that it happens immediately after present() to reduce the rendering latency and improve pose prediction and frame timing. Fixed a pose prediction issue in the OpenVR support, related to posing prediction timing for the upcoming frame. The OpenVR SDK has been updated from 1.011 to 1.6.10. Broadcasting Interface Fixed an issue where post-processing effects (such as motion blur) were appearing incorrectly while using broadcasting mode. iRacing API Special characters will now be stripped from the YAML CarClassShortName string. Steam API The latest Steam API has been integrated. CARS: Audi R8 LMS GT3 2019 Season 4 GT3 Balance of Power Adjustment: Minimum weight has been increased by 10 kg. Audi RS 3 LMS V7 tire compound has been adjusted slightly. – – Tires should reach peak operating conditions earlier in the run. Differential and rear brake valve adjustments can now be mapped to the steering wheel. Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS Fixed an issue where the cockpit gauges were losing their lightmap when the car was damaged. Dallara IR18 Fixed an issue with the reflective properties of the Advanced Frontal Protection (AFP) device. Season setup for Charlotte Motor Speedway and Kentucky Speedway has been updated. Lucas Oil Off-Road Pro Trucks (Pro 2 Lite) – Engine cooling efficiency has been improved. NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 – 2018 Rear brake light decals have been updated. NASCAR Xfinity Chevrolet Camaro – 2019 Season setups have been updated. NASCAR Xfinity Ford Mustang – 2019 Season setups have been updated. NASCAR Xfinity Toyota Supra Season setups have been updated. Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car (991) In-car engine sounds have been improved. Gear shift and compressor sounds have been improved. Porsche 911 RSR 2019 Season 4 GTE Balance of Power Adjustment: Fuel consumption has been reduced slightly. Radical SR8 Season setup for Silverstone Circuit has been updated. TRACKS: Charlotte Motor Speedway NEW TRACK CONFIG! – – A new track config, Roval, has been added and enabled for use! – – – This track config replaces the original track config named Roval; it has been renamed Roval – 2018. Gain-time checkpoints have been updated to prevent cutting sections of the infield. Flagman animations have been updated. Pavilion building glass color has been adjusted. A new loading screen background has been added. Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya The yellow curbs at Turn 1 and Turn 11 no longer disappear at any rendering distance. Fairbury Speedway Fixed an issue where cars could sometimes get snagged by the wall at Turn 4. Fixed an issue with the visual popping of the start/finish booth.
  2. Changelog v1.0.9 - ForceFeedbackIntervalSteps now defaults to the highest frequency rate (0) when generated. NOTE: if you already have the value in your controls.json, delete the line or the entire .json for the line to regenerate with the correct value or change the value manually to 0. - Wheel controller is now polled at 333Hz. - AI "take space" behaviour is now less aggressive, requests less distance from the car in front, reacts less abruptly and guarantees higher minimum speed. - Fixed incorrect driver stint times in Championship Endurance races. - Potential fix to startup crash due to failed screen detection. Changelog v.1.0.10 - Fixed default gearshift debouncing calculation being too low - Added gearshift debouncing slider to controls configuration screen - Fixed TrackIR flickering.
  3. andre

    WRC 8

    WRC 8 PC Patch Notes: Bug Fixes Fixed the issue where some pedal devices were not being recognised as additional peripherals. Developer comment: If you have encountered an issue with your inputs, please delete all input presets. Restart the game and return to the input menu to verify that everything is correct. Change the default deadzone of new axis binding. Enhance axis detection and configuration on new axis bindings.
  4. Automobilista Hotfix V1.5.26 Changelog: Fixed a bug that could cause rotation range not being set for older Logitech wheels in some cases; Fixed G27 LEDs not working; Added old method for rotation range adjusting, can be triggered from controller.ini Fixed CTD when going out on track in some cases with direct drive wheel controllers Added Fanatec Podium Direct Drive Preset Snetterton: Revised AIWs; Added garage walls & details; draw distance adjustments; Adjusted pit & start lights; Racing groove & other minor graphical updates Puma Series: Added multiple performances to puma series F-Classic: Fixed mistakenly committed audio experiment SuperV8: Replaced Plasto Racing Team with Scuderia Basilea
  5. rFactor2 European Hill Climb Championship RACE 15 LOCATION (START AREA) Trapani-Sicilia-Italy Monte Eriche PROGRAMMA - TIME TABLE TIME ATHENS GREECE (GMT +2) 30/09/2019 Monday,free practice 20:30 start of qualify 22:30 start of the first car (warm up session) - first stage - second stage (restart warm up session) - third stage (restart warm up session) - end of race
  6. V1.0.8 Changelog General: Fixed “Skip Intro Sequence” setting not working. Added driverStintTimeLeft and driverStintTotalTimeLeft to sharedMemory. Added rainTyres flag to shared memory and digital displays. Fixed sessions in shared memory, added session index. Fixed current lap time in shared memory, added deltaLapTime and estimatedLapTime. Fixed bug with fuelUsed value in shared memory. Fixed tripDistance in shared memory. NOTE: more documentation on shared memory data is available in the following link: https://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/acc-shared-memory-documentation.59965/ Replay version is changed. Fixed MOTEC venue name bug. Exposed forceFeedbackIntervalSteps in the controls.json in documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione/Config to increase Force Feedback frequency (0= 333Hz 1=222Hz 2=111Hz, default is 2). NOTE: high-end wheels will benefit from using a higher frequency, but older wheels should keep setting “2” for compatibility. Gameplay: AI now observes blue flags vs. player and other AI cars. Fixed inconsistent and wrong Career preset values (notably extra-long Qualifying sessions in Endurance races when playing in “Long” mode). Practice sessions are now globally limited to 60 minutes. Added pitlane open/closed logic to stop the AI from entering the pits in the first lap in mixed weather conditions. NOTE: the pitlane now opens when the leader completes the 1st lap. If the player pits before the pitlane is open, there will be no pit crew ready. Championship code structure reviewed. NOTE: pole sitters are going to take 1 point. Possible fix for AI late pit-exit limiter deactivation at Monza. Added cutting warnings in Savegame. Added session fuel consumption to Savegame. Fixed superfluous RaceComm messages when loading a Savegame. Fixed AI running faster for a few minutes after loading a Savegame. NOTE: these fixes will require new game saves to function correctly. Loading older saves will still lack the correct data. Fixed various crashes that could occur when exiting the replay. Added automatic driver swap in the MFD when pitting. NOTE: in Sprint races, the MFD will automatically jump to the next driver when entering the pits, and driver swap will be blanked ut outside of the pit window. Fixed a bug with ghost car after returning to pit. Fixed Helicam remaining enabled on session change. Fixed Silverstone full formation lap bug with AI. Reduced yellow flag relative speed threshold. Fix for a bug with the Ferrari after a garage teleport, where the car would continue a lap down due to a respawn glitch. Fixed fuel time calculation for pitstops based on how much fuel the car already has – previously the refuel time in free refuel mode depended on refuel amount, regardless of how much fuel the car already had. Fixed pitlane entry message for AI (and better pitlane entry for Barcelona). Fixed wrong assists applied when returning from special modes, such as Career. Increased session overtime in Career events from 2 mins to 3 mins. Fixed different professionalism bonus texts in the Career. Completely reworked Custom Championship architecture. Fixed Custom Championship entry generation. Fixed qualifying rule based on number of races in Custom Race Weekend mode. AI flashlights when lapping. New system for safer car location state. AI now slow down to get space in qualifying. AI now uses current delta time to aid in the decision to abort a qualifying lap to take space. Fixed potential crashes during reverse replay. Updated and fixed pit triggers for all tracks. Fixed possible wrong states on consecutive replays of restarted sessions. Fixed yellow flag warning during podium sequence. Fix for Savegame game mode that was saving a different value after a different game load. Audio: Fixed potential crash with audio comms disabled. Tweaked audio behavior for external sound fading (to fix inconsistent audio in F3/F7 cameras). Fixed gear compressor timing for the Porsche 991II GT3 Cup. Added basic car spotter Added new audio warnings for flags Added new audio messages for stint ending and stint over VR/Tracking Fix for the reset view (Ctrl+Space) not working with menus and HUD layers when using the HTC Vive (Steam VR plugin). Enabled trackIR in freecam (F7) and chasecam (F1) views. Fixed inverted axis in TrackIR. UI/HUD: Fixed showroom being zoomed on triple-screen resolutions. NOTE: the new FOV is applied after a game restart. Added Stats page to the Driver profile UI. Added the possibility to enable the spotter in the Audio options. Fixed tyre set selector issues in the pitstop strategy section of the Setup/MFD. Game Mode helper texts revised in the UI. Stabilized realtime leaderboard in the starting phase of the race. MFD: certain elements now allow continuous increase/decrease on button down (fuel, tyre pressures, brake bias). Fixed a condition when the MFD weather forecast wouldn’t update. MFD: driver selector is now locked in pit window modes once the player has completed the mandatory stop. Fixed leaderboard race number on points table page. Added nationality on leaderboard page/points table. Fixed selectors on the leaderboard page. Added personal best lap times to loading screens and Singleplayer Circuit Info. Fixed and tweaked multiple Custom Race Weekend and Custom Championship options in the UI. Added driver stint rule message on the pitstop MFD page. Fixed fuel test slider inconsistencies. Updated Rating Profile Help texts. Removed replay button visibility without recorded time. Added penalty indicator to HUD standings and realtime track position widget (also affects pitmenu standings and broadcast HUD). Numerous text description and navigation-related corrections all across the UI. More obvious indication on the HUD when the driver stint goes into overtime. Graphics: More effective advanced sharpen filter in video settings. Fixed polystyrene distance markers inverted in Brands Hatch. Fixed various visual bugs on the Hungaroring and Brands Hatch. Fixed graphical LOD issue on the Porsche Cup. Various graphical updates on the Audi R8 LMS. Added driverStintTimeLeft and driverStintTotalTimeLeft pages to the Racelogic display. Racelogic pages rearranged (laptime, delta, stint driven, stint time left, total driving time left). Default key to cycle is ALT+D. Tweaked RPM lights layout for the Bentley Continental GT3 2018. Fixed a bug with ligth cones when opponents visibility was used (focused car had front lights off after changing car with Shift+Arrows). More consistent placeholder values on dash displays. Physics: Wet asphalt water film depth now influences aerodynamics. NOTE: you might need to raise your ride height up to 4-5mm to regain the same splitter and diffuser balance and performance on a wet track. General UI setup and MFD tyre pressure logic refactoring. No more automagic for ambient pressures. Whatever the ambient temperature, the slicks are now preheated at 70°C and you can input the pressure you want for that preheated temperature. Preset setups are already adjusted. Old saved setups will start with very low pressures and you generally need to add 4 to 5 psi extra. Simply put a tyre pressure you desire, usually 2psi less than the hot pressure you want, and go. Minimum tyre pressures now at 20.3psi, as per Pirelli document request. Pay attention as the pressure can get lower than that when the tyres get cold without blankets while waiting at the grid start and can easily deflate on kerbs. Fixed MFD pitstops screen tyre pressures. All cars updated preset setups with new tyre pressures. Improved flat tyres grip, you should now be able to return to pits with a flat tyre. Fixed high fuel consumption under pit limiter. Fixed engine consumption in idle. Tyre blankets for slick tyres now at 70°C. Optimum tyre pressure tweaks. Fixed ignition on by default with manual engine start in certain cars. Fixed motion data stopping in the middle of the cooldown lap. Fixed incorrect AI tyre pressures after a pitstop. Honda NSX GT3 fuel consumption tweaks. Mclaren 650S GT3 improved TC logic. Fixes in Lexus RC F GT3 fast damper preset setup. New aggressive Barcelona preset setup for Audi R8 LMS, Mercedes-AMG GT3, Lamborghini Huracán GT3, Bentley Continental GT3 2018, Porsche 991 GT3-R, Ferrari 488 GT3. Multiplayer & Ratings: Increased the minimum pre-race time to 80s for public MP, decreased to min 5s for private MP. Small improvement to the MP formation lap, preventing the ability to outrun the leader with good timing. Servers won’t spam “late” warnings for event resets. Fixed ghost car (disconnected car) during MP replay. RC Rating was rewritten and now works again both in SP and MP. RC will start at 0 while the old Elo value is still remembered. Numerous SA Rating improvements. Most changes raise the requirements to gain Trust, so global SA ratings are expected to drop a few points. Fixed a bug where lifting on straights would generate Trust. SA and RC will change at a slower rate for low AI strength (< 90%), while the balance between Trust and OBWP is untouched. Fixed FP2 and Q2 not displayed in the server list. Enabled collision bag for both MP and SP. SA penalties should only be applied to cars that are “root” contacts, no OBWPs for being caught in a mass accident. Fixed replay autosave in MP when the weekend changes. Server passwords are now stored. Increased low-latency (LAN servers) ping accuracy, possibly removing jittering. The effects will also improve regular Multiplayer netcode prediction, but won’t be as significant. Added DT, 5s, 15s penalties as admin commands. The driver swap info widget is now more compact. Numerous fixes to driver swaps situations. Team names are now visible in MP. Netcode preparation for new pitstop rules, preview instructions will be added in the forum. Server weather configuration now has more weight on the cloud level, configuring high cloud levels drastically improve the chances of rain (when dynamic weather is used). Server weather configuration now uses rain level as a chance for a completely rainy weekend (when dynamic weather is used). Server admins can use both weatherRandomness and rain level to achieve different types of random rain experience. Enabled the collection of new driver statistics. Possible fix for MFD crash in MP when changing pit strategy after a driver swap.
  7. McLaren 720s GT3 - Added window template to workshop item.
  8. Αφήστε για λίγο τα RBR και τα WRC και πάρτε κούτρα το DIRT Rally Ενώ γράφει αυτό εγκατάσταση δεν κάνει. Στο steam διαβάζω οτι έχουν και άλλοι θέμα, και λένε οτι αν πας εδώ και πατήσεις Και βγει αυτό Τότε το καβάτζωσες. Φαντάζομαι οι περισσότεροι το έχετε.
  9. Γατάκια !!! My simracing setup and my simracing wheel collection
  10. andre

    WRC 8

    Πάντως στο DRIVINGITALIA συμφωνούν με τον Φιλόθεο. In other words, not only is this WRC 8 light years away from the previous WRC 7, but it is at least a few steps above DiRT Rally 2.0 and, we can say, it is approaching for certain aspects and in certain circumstances the glorious Richard Burns Rally In conclusion, WRC 8 improves its predecessor in every respect. It's more beautiful to look at, deeper, more fun and definitely simulative.
  11. Επιτέλους !!!. Βρέθηκε μοτέρ για τον πιλότο . @John@John κλέψε λίγο χρόνο από τις πολλές ασχολίες σου και φτιάξε του ένα αμάξι για να πάψει να γκρινιάζει. Δεν μιλάμε για έναν απλό κινητήρα μιλάμε για το μεγαλύτερο μοτέρ στον κόσμο με το όνομα RTA96-C το οποίο κινεί πλοίο. Με 14κλυλινδρο, δίχρονο κινητήρα diesel,common rail, που ζυγίζει πάνω από 2300 τόννους αποδίδει 108.920 ίππους με την μέγιστη ροπή στις 102 στροφές και χρειάζεται σχεδόν τρία λεπτά για κάθε περιστροφή.
  12. Ε, κανε Που να βρεις ώρες αγόρι μου μετά από WRC, ACC , DR2 , PAC MAN κτλ κτλ
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